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Imm3rsive is the best platform for readers to contribute their articles and blog posts.

To contribute the greatest articles to our site, we are always looking for passionate industry experts. All areas of innovation are covered by Imm3rsive. We are confident that readers looking to gain more in-depth knowledge about the world of innovation will find our blog to be a reliable source of information and helpful tips. We accept a variety of visitor content related to technology, gadgets, apps, celebrities’ lifestyle, Entertainment news, Dating, and many more!

Topics We Cover

Your commitment should achieve the outcomes indicated with the execution of a digital marketing strategy, such as insights, tools, channels, KPIs, customer journey mapping, marketing personas, etc. We mostly cover the following topics:

  • Technology News & Updates
  • Digital Trends
  • Information Technology (IT)
  • Data Science & Machine learning
  • Digital Marketing
  • Cloud Computing
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI), Automotives, etc.
  • Software Programming & Instructions
  • Blockchain, Cybersecurity, Cryptocurrency & Ethical Hacking
  • Analytics and Growth Hacking
  • WordPress Themes & Plugins
  • Apps Reviews
  • Business News & Updates
  • Blogging Tips & Tricks
  • SEO, Technical SEO, & SEO Audit Tools
  • Entertainment, lifestyle, Family
  • Social Media Marketing, Online Marketing Tools

Guideline For a Guest Post

To get your articles distributed at Imm3rsive, you need to follow the underneath rules totally.

  • The material or article you are sending us must be completely unique and brand-new.
  • The article must be wholly original with no distribution elsewhere on the web.
  • You are not permitted to use or republish an article once it has been published on our website.
  • Articles should not be subject to copyright. It shouldn’t be rewritten for showy purposes.
  • Avoid including more than 1-2 links in the article.
  • The article may still be revised, updated, or removed if necessary to comply with the requirement.
  • For visitor post-accommodation, we don’t pay the author anything.
  • For Imm3rsive, your content needs to be exceptionally well-written and free of grammar mistakes.
  • Make sure the piece is significant and instructional, and that it adheres to the theme.
  • If you’re providing information designs, you should provide a 250–350 word introduction that speaks to the data visualizations.
  • You can include the necessary images to make your points more effective. Make sure to provide the rights to use and the copyright.
  • You can send your articles in Google Docs or in Word format.
  • The entirety of the content published at Imm3rsive can be shared on our social media pages, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, and others.

Submission procedure

  1. When we agree, we’ll tell you to write an article about it. Once you’ve done so, you’ll need to email the entire article as an attachment to Imm3rsiveteam@gmail.com.
  2. Our editorial staff will suggest important revisions if we don’t think your initial draught is strong enough.
  3. Once you’ve completed making the changes, we’ll review the piece once again and decide whether to accept it as is or provide the necessary corrections once more.
  4. The cycle will continue until we decide whether your article is appropriate for our website.
  5. We will send you a confirmation email once your item is posted on our website and complies with all of our standards.