Madonna Criticizes Supreme Court's Roe V. Wade Decision, Saying She's "Scared For All Women"

Madonna Criticizes Supreme Court’s Roe V. Wade Decision, Saying She’s “Scared For All Women”

When Roe V Wade was overturned by the Supreme Court, Madonna took to her Instagram page and expressed her displeasure with the decision.

Iconic singer Madonna expressed her thoughts on the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v Wade on Instagram. The “Like a Prayer” singer, who had just finished a Pride Month performance at Terminal 5 in New York City, expressed her shock and disbelief in a statement.

Madonna: A New Look

Madonna Criticizes Supreme Court's Roe V. Wade Decision, Saying She's "Scared For All Women"

Madonna, the 63-year-old singer was photographed at Terminal 5 wearing a lacy black bodice, fishnets, and a black striped jacket. She also had long, fluttery eyelids and a slew of silver bulky necklaces on her neck. This time around, she wore a silver chain-adorned corset with long mesh sleeves. Her progressive message tied to the text was the most important part of the post, not the sultry images she shared on Instagram

On my way to work, I was horrified to hear that Roe V Wade had been struck down and that legislation had determined that women no longer had the right to control their bodies. According to the singer’s heartfelt statement, “This decision has thrown me and every other woman in this country into great

Supreme Court Has Ruled that The Constitutional Protections for Women Are No Longer Valid:

Madonna Criticizes Supreme Court's Roe V. Wade Decision, Saying She's "Scared For All Women"

misery.” With today’s decision, the Supreme Court has ruled that the constitutional protections for women are no longer valid.” She said, “In fact, we have fewer rights than a gun.” Her rage, however, did not end there. “I’m afraid for the safety of my children. All women in the United States are on my mind. “I’m terrified,” I admit.

As a result of her article, she was able to unite and inspire a large number of individuals around the country. Because he knew we could handle it, I suppose God placed this burden on our shoulders at this time. Tough enough to CONTROL THE POSSESSION! able to triumph over all odds, As a result, we’ll win! Abortion rights will be protected under federal law! Is everyone ready to go to war, ladies? She ended her speech with a hopeful remark. A number of celebrities, including Julia Fox and Project Runway judge Zac Posen, showed their support for Madonna’s pro-choice stance by leaving heart emoji comments on the singer’s Instagram post.

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