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Ruby Rose Controversy: Following the ‘Batwoman’ Controversy and Allegations, Ruby Rose Has Made a Major Career Decision

After hearing the reports about the alleged harassment on the Batwoman set, Ruby Rose has decided to take some time away from the Hollywood scene. According to the Daily Mail, the star of Orange Is the New Black “will escape to her old stomping territory for the summer” in Australia.

The media has been all over Rose since she made allegations of harassment and threats of violence on the Batwoman set.

Rose accused Warner Bros., The CW, Batwoman showrunner Caroline Dries, and production company heads Greg Berlanti and Sarah Schechter of fostering a hostile set in an Instagram story on October 20. Rose stated, “Enough is enough.” I’m going to spill the beans about what went on on-site.

So that what happened to me never occurs to anybody else, I will come for you. Now I have control of my life and the truth. How embarrassing!

Ruby Rose Controversy

I’m not giving up,” she insisted. “I did what I was told to do, and I knew that giving up my legal protections was a prerequisite to staying here.” A crew member “had 3rd degree burns over his whole body,” Rose said, while a PA was “left paraplegic” because of an unsafe environment created by Dries.

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She also claimed that the crew member was hurt because an “accident occurred because our program refused to shut down when everyone else did because of COVID,” suggesting that Dries and The CW disregarded COVID restrictions in order to film the season.

Rose continued by saying Dries “had no heart and wanted us to finish the season during the epidemic and I warned her it was a bad idea… Actually, I got into fights on set, not because I was aggressive, but because I was concerned for my own safety.

Those who have had their hair or makeup done by me can attest to the quality of my work. Rose also claimed that Dougray Scott, a co-star on the show, was inappropriate on set, claiming things like, “He mistreated women and in turn, as the [the] lead of a show, I sent an email out asking for a no yelling policy, they denied.” In response to Rose’s allegations, Warner Bros.

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issued a statement dismissing them as “revisionist history.””Despite the revisionist history that Ruby Rose is now sharing online aimed at the producers, the cast and crew, the network, and the studio, the truth is that Warner Bros.

Television had decided not to exercise its option to engage Ruby for Season 2 of Batwoman based on multiple complaints about workplace behavior that were extensively reviewed and handled privately out of respect for all concerned,” read the statement released by Warner Bros. Television.

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