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Miss USA Controversy: New Miss USA Crowned Amid Donald Trump Controversy!

Despite weeks of turmoil caused by pageant co-owner Donald Trump, Oklahoma’s Olivia Jordan has crowned Miss USA on Sunday.

The 26-year-old victor was followed by the 22-year-old Texan Yliana Guerra and the 20-year-old Rhode Islander Anea Garcia. Next up was Miss Maryland, Mame Adjei, 23, and then Miss Nevada, Brittany McGown, 25 (second and third runners-up, respectively).

Trump, co-owner of the pageant and real estate magnate, made disparaging remarks about Mexican immigrants during his announcement that he was running for president. This caused a domino effect of negative publicity for all of his commercial endeavors, including the beauty contest. Sunday, he was absent.

Once the pageant got rolling in Baton Rouge, several of the big names in the entertainment industry who had been scheduled to perform, judge, or host bowed out.

The show must go on, so the pageant’s organizers scrambled to fill the void. Reelz TV, a satellite and cable network, stepped in to air the concert, guaranteeing viewers that Trump would not profit from its broadcast. In addition, the panel of judges included previous Miss USA and Miss Universe, winners.

Contestants at the contest showed off their best evening clothes, bikinis, and interview skills. Early in the week, the preliminary competition took place, and on Sunday night’s broadcast, the field of remaining women was gradually limited.

All five remaining ladies were from different states: Oklahoma, Texas, Rhode Island, Maryland, and Nevada.

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Tulsa, Oklahoma’s Jordan runs her own business as a personal trainer and group exercise instructor. She obtained a Bachelor of Science in Health Science from Boston University. Her most recent film appearance was in the worldwide comedy sequel Hot Tub Time Machine 2.

At a press conference on Sunday, Paula Shugart, director of the Miss Universe Organization, expressed gratitude to Reelz’s CEO and the returning pageant winners for their assistance.

“Everyone, you have my undying affection. We wouldn’t be here without you, “on Sunday during a press conference, she addressed the female reporters.

Shugart remarked, “You have to disregard everything going on around you,” referring to the hardships the final Miss USA candidate has faced over the past few weeks.

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Stan Hubbard claimed that the arrangement between the pageant and Reelz was limited for Sunday night when asked about the future of their partnership.

The judges expressed their enthusiasm for the group and claimed to understand the members’ experiences.

All 50 states and DC were represented by 51 women.

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