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Micro SD Card Switch: Best SD cards For You To Buy In August 2022

There are a lot of microSD cards out there, so picking the best one can be difficult. However, we have hand-picked the best microSD flash memory cards that can be used in smartphones, cameras, drones, and even gaming consoles like the Nintendo Switch.

The storage capacity of numerous gadgets can be simply expanded with the help of microSD cards. Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as cramming a bunch of gigabytes onto a tiny memory card.

A high transfer rate is another must-have for the best microSD cards. When copying large files to and from the card, these are a must-have. This is especially true when capturing footage at Ultra HD (4K) quality. You’ll need lots of storage space because your gadget will be writing a lot of data.

Mobile phones, cameras, and computers all make use of the tiny memory cards. It’s for this reason that you should shop about for the most cost-effective and long-lasting microSD card you can find.

The adapter that comes with many of the microSD cards we’ve featured in this article means you can use them in devices that normally only accept conventional SD memory cards.

Based on cost, durability, and ease of use, these microSD cards are our top picks.

1. Samsung Evo Plus microSD card

micro sd card switch

From the outside, the Samsung Evo Plus microSD card seems like the “ultimate” storage solution. It’s an appealing choice because of the inexpensive price and the extremely fast read and write speeds. Though we don’t anticipate extreme performance from these cards, we were disappointed to see that the card’s maximum write speed was just 58.5MB/s, much behind the 100MB/s claim. Also, at 76.1MB/s, the read speed is a little below the advertised maximum. This card may not be the fastest, but for its low price, it should easily keep up with anything you throw at it. Its effectiveness at such a low cost pleasantly pleased us.

2. Samsung Pro Endurance microSD card

micro sd card switch

The Pro Endurance is one of the more expensive microSD cards on this list, so its stated 30MB/s write speed may seem a little slow compared to the speeds offered by other cards in the same price bracket. Our tests revealed that the card’s actual read rates were only 74.4MB/s, which is far less than the manufacturer’s stated 100MB/s. Writing data, however, was when the card truly shone, with speeds of 45.6MB/s, 15MB/s faster than advertised. The card’s true strength, however, lies in the stability and consistency it provides. This card is excellent if you need to record 4K video on your drone or aua tomobile dash cam.

3. SanDisk Extreme Plus microSD card

micro sd card switch

This microSD card comes close to the advertised read speed of 95MB/s and the write speed of 90MB/s from SanDisk. As a result, it is a fast card, and with smaller files, it becomes even faster, making it ideal for use in action cams, drones, or burst photography. This microSD card is a bit more expensive than average, but it’s well worth it if you require a high-quality storage solution.

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4. Lexar Play microSD card

micro sd card switch

Though it is one of the most economically priced microSD cards in this guide, the Lexar Play shocked us with its testing results, which showed a strong 75MB/s write performance and 83.1MB/s read speed. The latter fell short of its claimed 150MB/s read capabilities but surpassed its 30MB/s write speeds, making it the fastest card in our roundup despite its lower price tag. The Lexar Play is an excellent choice if you need a microSD card for your drone or other media device with a large storage capacity (up to 1TB) or if you require several good cards.

5. Lexar 1066x microSD card

micro sd card switch

We had high hopes for the Lexar 1066x microSD card because of its high pricing. Even though we were unable to replicate the manufacturer’s stated read/write rates of 160MB/s and 120MB/s, it was encouraging to note that the write speed (71.2MB/s) was nearly as high as the read speed (76.8MB/s). In our testing, we found the 1066x line to be the most reliable and fastest throughout the course of several years of use, and we highly recommend it.

6. SanDisk Ultra microSD

micro sd card switch

The most recent edition of the SanDisk Ultra microSD, which offers capacities up to 400GB, is a fantastic MicroSD card for those who have a great need for a lot of space. That should provide more than enough space for your high-resolution movie and photo collections. The write times are decent, albeit not the quickest we’ve seen. It could be a problem if you film in 4K, but the extra space you acquire at the expense of speed makes it worthwhile for many people.

7. Kingston microSD Action Camera

micro sd card switch

You should search for a microSD card that can record data quickly and is resistant to spills, shocks, and water if you plan on using it in an activity camera like the Go Pro. The Kingston microSD Action Camera is perfect for this purpose because it was made with action cameras in mind. This implies that it is built to last and boasts fast reading and writing rates to boot. If you only want to use it in a smartphone, one of the other microSD cards on our list would be more appropriate.

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8. Integral 512GB microSDXC Class 10 Memory Card

If you take a lot of high-resolution photos or want to take advantage of modern smartphones’ support for microSD cards up to 2TB in size, then the Integral 512GB microSDXC Class 10 Memory Card is an excellent option. It provides a massive 512GB of storage space, which is more than enough for most people. You can find variants with less storage if you don’t need as much, but if you need to keep plenty of files, this is the microSD card for you.

How to choose your microSD memory card

1. It’s not worth your time to hunt for memory cards with capacities lower than 4GB because the extra money you’d spend for twice or four times as much storage would be negligible.

2. Second, remember to factor in the cost of shipping when calculating total costs; for cheap drives in particular, the shipping fees might add up to more than the purchase price.

3. ensure your device is SDXC compatible if you intend to use high-capacity cards (32GB or more).

4. Consider purchasing a micro USB card reader like the Leef Access if you intend to transfer data to and from mobile devices (tablets or smartphones).

5. Don’t buy memory cards from people that have little feedback on auction platforms, as these drives may turn out to be phony. The following suppliers have been used and trusted by us.

6.SD cards with capacities of 128GB and more tend to be less expensive than their 64GB counterparts because most customers are content with the maximum storage capacity offered by their portable devices. In most cases, a microSD card plus adapter will be cheaper than an SD card of comparable capacity.

7. In particular, keep in mind that all stated capacities are likely to be significantly overstated when the data is structured.

8. It is common practice to categorize SD cards into classes, each of which provides a rough sense of the baseline performance to be expected from the card in question. If you buy a Class 4 card, you can count on receiving at least 4MBps of throughput, while a Class 10 card should achieve a throughput of more than 10MBps.

9. In a similar vein, several retailers advertise their transfer rates in terms of a “x” rating, where “x” is a multiple of 150 kilobits per second (the read speed of a standard CDROM drive). It is reasonable to anticipate speeds greater than 14MBps from a 100x card.

10. Do not purchase microSD cards for the sole purpose of storing data. To store data, memory sticks are preferable since they are less expensive and more durable.

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What Are the Largest Memory Cards in The World?

Here is a rundown of the largest memory cards now available; between four SD and four microSD, there are a total of eight cards that can store 1 terabyte of data. As of this writing, the following are the highest capacity microSD and SD cards:

Other reliable memory card manufacturers include Samsung, HP, Team group, Micro Center, Netac, and Patriot, all of which provide 512GB microSD and/or SD cards but have not yet announced intentions to sell 1TB variants.

It is important to note that, unfortunately, many of counterfeit 1TB and 2TB memory cards can be purchased at bargain prices on open marketplaces like eBay and Amazon. Naturally, we warn against buying them, as they are nothing more than a massive con.

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