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Nene Leakes Before and After: Transformation Journey of American Actress, Latest Updates!

NeNe Leakes has a history of creating news. She’s become reality TV royalty since her 2008 debut on Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Because of her “outspoken, no-nonsense style,” as Bravo puts it, the TV personality has also worked as an actress (you may recall her time on Glee), an author, and an entrepreneur. While her honest approach has earned her a devoted following, it has also sparked numerous feuds and made numerous headlines, such as the time she got into a physical brawl with a cameraman during Season 10 or shaded all of her co-stars in a single Instagram post during Season 12.

But it’s not simply her remarks that have gotten people’s attention. Since 2010, Leakes’ appearance has gotten a lot of attention (and even more criticism) due to her modifications. She’s always been outspoken and a big believer in telling the truth, and she hasn’t hinted that she’s had a slew of operations and treatments. Let’s take a deeper look at NeNe Leakes’ makeover.

NeNe Leakes got three surgeries at once:

nene leakes before and after

NeNe Leakes chose to have not one, not two, but three operations performed at the same time in 2010. She admits to getting a nose procedure to make her nostrils smaller, a breast lift and augmentation to decrease her implants from a DD to a D, and waist liposuction while chatting with People. “I’m really comfortable and confident in myself — I just needed a tune-up,” the reality TV star said of the operations, which were performed at the same time that April. “I still wanted to appear like NeNe, the black lady that I am, but a better version,” Leakes stated.

Regrettably, it appears that the improvement was not subtle enough. The “blogosphere was already abuzz” with reports of plastic procedures months before she acknowledged it, according to Essence, and it wasn’t a good buzz. According to Hollywood Life, Leakes received “a lot of negative criticism” because reviewers thought her new style was too “plastic,” as she described.

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She did her nose… again:

NeNe Leakes had her nose re-done six years after her first surgery. During a 2016 interview on Watch What Happens Life, she told presenter Andy Cohen that she had opted to go under the knife again just two weeks previously to remedy specific issues that her initial surgery had not addressed.

“Yes, I got my nose done again,” she revealed (via The Daily Dish), adding that the follow-up surgery was for a “legitimate medical reason.” “My cartilage was growing in my nose, and my tip was touching the top of my lip,” she added. The Bravo star went on to say, “The first time around, I didn’t undergo a full rhinoplasty. No, the first time I did it, I merely had my nostrils taken in on the side, and the second time, I had more cartilage moved around in my nose.”

“It was because I didn’t love my nose, and I wanted to do something about it to make it more beautiful for myself,” Leakes said in the end. “I got my nose done, first and foremost, because I can and will, and I will get it done again if I want to, OK?” she says, as if she needed to excuse herself. Hey, NeNe, you do you!

She’s open (and proud) about her transformation:

nene leakes before and after

While many celebrities try to minimize or dismiss accusations of plastic surgery, NeNe Leakes is an open book. She’s proud of her decisions, and she’s not ashamed to talk about them on her show, on social media, and elsewhere. However, when people accused her of having more surgery than she admitted to, the reality star went on a rant.

It all started when Leakes posted a new cosmetics and hair look on Instagram in July 2018, and one of her followers wrote, “You have a plastic-like appearance. No more plastic surgery, please ” (via the Atlanta Black Star). The issue was that Leakes didn’t appear to have had any additional plastic surgery and didn’t want to be labeled a liar. She clapped back, enraged “You’re a crazed bch! Every day, I go to work! When will I be able to have surgery?” Leakes went on to say, “I’m the kind of bch that will tell you exactly what I’ve done and when it happened! Stop with the nonsense!” However, Leakes didn’t stop there, saying, “Get the FK off my page monster and get you some surgery with yo busted a.”

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NeNe Leakes has got her eye on more plastic surgery:

If there’s one thing NeNe Leakes isn’t concerned about, it’s her detractors. Despite the criticism she’s received for completing so much work, she said on The Wendy Williams Show in September 2019 that she’s willing to do more.

Leakes didn’t miss a beat when Williams inquired if there were any more operations she’d like to try “Yes, absolutely! Several stuff!” “I would do my boobs again, like keep my implants and shift my tissue around,” she said while breaking down her wish list. She’d also “tweak [her] nose a little bit more.” While she refused to have a facelift (“I feel like it’s too much”) or Botox (“[I won’t do it] because I’m an actress, so I have to be able to move [my face] around”), the reality star considered butt implants before deciding against them: “No, I don’t like that.” I’ve got hips, and I’m afraid I’d end up looking like a wide truck.”

Leakes ended by urging the audience to embrace surgery, saying to them, “Please go get treatment if you need a nip and tuck.

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