Teleworking: how do you keep a remote team motivated

Teleworking: how do you keep a remote team motivated?

Over the last few years, teleworking has become increasingly popular. Indeed, many people are now teleworking, even before the days of confinement. What’s more, 61% of teleworkers are managers. Although teleworking is becoming increasingly popular, it can have its limitations, particularly where motivation is concerned. So it’s important to put in place good practices to keep teams motivated. In this article, we’ll be sharing our advice on how to keep employees who work remotely motivated.

Optimise communication between employees

Good communication is important when teleworking to maintain group cohesion and productivity. By optimising communication, you can clarify objectives, responsibilities and performance. It will also enable you to keep your staff informed and show your appreciation to motivate them. What’s more, it encourages collaborative working and mutual support, which strengthens the group and keeps employees happy.

Setting up a reward system to thank them

If you want to maintain and boost the motivation of your associates, there’s nothing better than setting up a reward system to thank them and celebrate success. For example, you could give a personalised glass trophy to the best employees to express your appreciation. You can also offer bonuses and other benefits.


Offer career development opportunities

It’s also essential to offer your employees opportunities for career development in order to motivate them. Teleworking should not be a barrier to career development. To help your employees progress professionally, you can use various means (training, interviews, skills development, etc.).

Training your teams to telework

We recommend that you train your teams well for teleworking through learning sessions and advise them so that they are properly prepared. In this way, they will be able to cope with the stress and potential difficulties associated with teleworking, such as isolation. So it’s vital to support employees.

Maintain team cohesion with fun activities

Another way of motivating your employees is to set up a variety of fun activities, a kind of remote team building. For example, you can organise social activities and other events such as :

  • Games.
  • Online workshops.
  • Challenges, etc.

These entertaining activities will help to strengthen the bonds between employees and break the work routine.

Adopt a benevolent management style

Finally, you should know that it is essential to adopt a benevolent management style to motivate your employees. Managers have a vital role to play in motivating remote teams. You therefore need to adapt your communication, basing it on trust, respect and benevolence. What’s more, it’s essential to listen to teleworkers and be responsive to their needs. Show positivity and encouragement to motivate the group.