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Yellow Heart on Snapchat? [Complete Info]

When using Snapchat, have you ever been confused by the emoticons that appear next to your friends’ names? Numerous emojis exist, each conveying a unique meaning about your connection to the other person. The #1 best friend spot, represented by the yellow heart emoji, is highly sought after on Snapchat. In other words, you and the user are inseparable, ranking as each other’s best buddies. If you and your partner exchange the most snaps, you both get a heart.

The yellow heart represents the first fourteen days of being someone’s best friend. After 2 weeks of being best friends, the heart turns crimson. Snapchat is widely used among members of Generation Z. If you’re interested in keeping up with Snapchat and the latest emoji interpretations, read on!

How Do You Get the Snapchat Yellow Heart?

To earn a yellow heart from a friend, all you have to do is exchange numerous snaps with them. You need to spend more time doing this with one another than with anyone else. If you or the other user frequently sends Snaps to a large number of people, it may take longer to earn the yellow heart together. Because there will be more people to compete with, gaining a close group of friends will take longer. You can obtain the yellow heart emoji with someone if you snap them frequently enough.

Is It Possible to Share a Snapchat Yellow Heart with More Than One Person?
The answer is no, you can’t share a yellow heart with multiple people. As a result of the effort required to achieve and keep this emoji’s exceptional status, few people ever achieve it. Though other friend emojis like the red and pink hearts are more common, the yellow heart is more accessible. Stop snapping at the person you don’t want to be best friends with as much and start snap chatting the one you do.

Why Is the Snapchat Yellow Heart Significant?

A Snapchat yellow heart is significant since it can only be sent to another user. The only way to achieve best friend status with someone, as shown by the yellow heart, is if you are both each other’s top snap target. Gaining access to more advanced friendship emojis like the red or pink heart requires first obtaining the yellow heart. Discover who your Snapchat bestie is and how close you are with them.

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Snapchat Emoji Meanings

yellow heart on snapchat

Next to the user’s name, emojis will appear. Snapchat emoji meanings reveal information about the user’s relationship status. It’s crucial to understand how Snapchat functions and the rise of influencer marketing on the app if you want to be effective at Snapchat marketing. So, here’s a cheat sheet for understanding the Snapchat emojis.

Heart Emojis

  • Congratulations! (Yellow Heart) If you’re best friends with someone on Snapchat, it’s because you’ve both mutually accepted this designation. In the same way, you are a close confidant to them. You and this person have the highest mutual snap count. It’s commonly referred to as the “best friends” emoji.
  • Following the yellow heart comes the red heart, the highest possible heart level. In other words, you’ve been best friends with this individual for two weeks and have kept up the friendship. Red hearts on Snapchat disappear after two months if the two people are no longer best friends. The emoji representing a red heart is also known as the “best friend” emoji.
  • The highest level of friendship on Snapchat is represented by a pink heart. These lovebirds represent the two months you’ve spent hanging out as close friends. This one is difficult to keep up with and is indicative of a serious dedication to Snapchat. The pink heart is the highest level of friendship, thus receiving it is a huge deal. That emoji is also known as the “super BFF” emoji.

Face Emojis

  • This frowny face emoji means you and your best buddy are each other’s best friends. This means you and your partner share a favorite target.
  • A smiley face indicates that you and the person you are speaking with on Snapchat are good friends. Even if they may not be your best friend number one, you still consider them to be among your closest companions.
  • When the sunglasses face emoji appears next to a friend’s name, it implies that you and that person are best friends. Not necessarily your best buddy, but someone with whom you share frequent snap conversations. This is common among those who share common interests and social circles.

Miscellaneous Emojis

  • A baby face indicates that the user is new to you and will go away after a few days, just like a real baby. On Snapchat, this means you have made a new friend.
  • Fire – The phrase “snap streak” is well-known even among those who have never used Snapchat. Snapchatters can use this emoji to see how many days they’ve been in a row with another user. Snap streaks and flames are deleted after 24 hours if neither you nor the other person sends a snap. If you wish to continue the streak after this happens, you’ll have to start over from the beginning or contact Snapchat’s support team.
  • The hourglass icon indicates that your current snap streak with a specific person is about to run out. If you find this next to one of your current snap streaks, you had better start snapping. You can send a snap by setting the timer.
  • When you and another user have maintained a continuous streak of snaps for 100 days, the corresponding emoji will be a fire emoji. Just for that one day, you can use that emoji.
  • When you see a birthday cake icon next to a user’s name, it’s their special day! Snapchat does this so the user’s friends can wish them a happy birthday and use the app.
  • The zodiac sign emoji is displayed underneath a user’s profile, rather than next to their name. The precise one is determined by whether or not the user has entered their birthday into the program. In addition to providing the user’s zodiac sign, it also includes some supplementary data.

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Why Does Snapchat Have so Many Emoji Meanings?

yellow heart on snapchat

Snapchat’s emoticons serve to classify and symbolize the connections between its users. The addition of these emojis has been shown to enhance Snapchat usage and the number of messages sent per user. It’s akin to a tier system in which users progress from a yellow heart to a red heart to a pink heart on Snapchat. These emojis can serve as a shared motivation for your friendship group.

The fire emoji is a popular Snapchat emoticon that symbolizes the “snap streak” and urges users to keep sending each other snaps. After three days of speaking with a certain user on Snapchat, a “snap streak” will be displayed, depicted by a fire emoji and the number of days the two users have been snapping with each other. The other emojis reveal information such as whether or not you share the best buddy or how often you both snap their buddies. Relationships, mutual friends, and Snapchatting history can all be deduced from a user’s emojis.

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When Did Snapchat Introduce the Emoji Functions?

The emojis were introduced by Snapchat in April of 2015. Before, everyone could see who your three closest pals were. The emojis’ original meanings have since been revised. In 2014, Snapchat added the filter, which quickly became a fan favorite. When you select a user, the most snapped users are displayed. Emojis are different since they are only seen by the people who are involved in the conversation. Comparatively, the emojis and their meanings provide a lot more information than the preceding list of best pals.

Snap Inc. removed the ability to view users’ “best friends” lists publicly due to privacy concerns. As a result, several persons had to deal with uncomfortable situations due to the lists being publicly viewable and uneditable. That’s why emoticons and secret best buddy lists were invented. You can now have up to eight select people on your “best friends” list, and this list is only visible to you. These privacy issues have decreased because emojis now only provide information about friendships to the persons involved.

How to Customize Your Friend Emojis

Did you know you can alter the predetermined settings if you so choose? You can customize the meaning of emojis to make them more meaningful to you. Snapchat allows you to replace the default yellow heart icon with a balloon if you want to show your closest friend in a more lighthearted way.

Customization Instructions for iOS/iPhones:

  • Go to my profile
  • Click on the settings icon in the top right corner
  • Scroll down to additional services
  • Click Manage
  • Select friend emojis
  • Customize your emojis with whatever you wish

Customization Instructions for Android:

  • Go to my profile
  • Click on the settings icon
  • Select customize emojis
  • Customize your friend emojis

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