Twice Card Status

Twice Card Status: How To Apply for Twic Card Application? Check Twic Card Status?

On weekdays from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. ET, applicants can contact (855) 347-8371 or visit the Universal Enrollment Services website to verify the progress of their enrollments. Please be aware that you will need to input the same contact information (phone or email) supplied at enrolling in order to check your status online.

What Is TWIC Card Status?

twic card status

On Universal Enroll, you can check the status of a Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC). TWIC enrollment does not require a walk-in, and candidates may have their card after processing within three weeks.

TSA and the US Coast Guard jointly founded the TWIC program. It offers assistance to commercial or military seafarers who might need to enter restricted areas of port buildings. A TWIC is required for all Coast Guard and merchant marine personnel. Applicants must provide biographic and biometric information, such as fingerprints, in order to acquire a card. They also need to pass a security assessment test that the TSA administers. 2,999,058 workers were registered in the program as of 2014.

What Is the Twic Card Application?

The Transportation Worker Identification Credentials are known as TWIC. It is intended for employees who require access to maritime buildings and ship decks that are protected by the Maritime Transportation Security Act. Employees of the coast guard, longshoremen, truck drivers, port facility staff, maritime security professionals, and cruise ship crew members use it.

Every time someone requests permission, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is in charge of conducting a security threat assessment or background investigation. Additionally, it offers appropriate credentials to those who meet the requirements for the background check procedure. The TWIC card can be applied for by mariners, US Coast Guard members, or other US citizens and immigrants.

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How to Apply for Twic Card Application?

twic card status

The TWIC application process is given below.

  1. Click on the given application link to fill out the application form.
  2. Add your name, gender, birth date, email, country code, and phone number.
  3. On the next page, add the additional required information and then click on the Submit tab.
  4. The form, once filled, will schedule an appointment.
  5. Further, visit the center, provide the required documents, pay a fee (the new applicant fee is $125 and replacement comes at $60, the reduced application rate is $105.25), and get your card mailed home.

Who Needs a Twic Card?

As was previously noted, a TWIC card is required for entry into any MTSA facility.

So what exactly is a truck driver’s TWIC card?

Everyone who has this card has access to the same advantages and freight opportunities. No matter what your profession, you have the same access to secure facilities once you get a TWIC card.

The following occupations may also require a TWIC card application:

  • Coast guard personnel.
  • Maritime security staff.
  • Cruise ship employees.
  • Customs officials.
  • Merchant mariners.
  • Longshore workers.
  • Port facility employees.
  • Persons requiring unescorted access to MTSA-regulated areas.

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Advantages of A Twic Card

Since accreditation is stressful, let’s check out the potential benefits of having a TWIC card:

  • You can enter ports without security escorts monitoring every move.
  • Your TWIC card will save you time by reducing the number of checks you need to go through when visiting a government port facility.
  • You can travel with your TWIC card since it is a TSA-issued document.
  • Your TWIC card makes you more employable, as big carriers may prefer drivers with a variety of documented credentials.

Without a TWIC ID, you may struggle to transfer your cargo to and from secure ports and other maritime facilities, which will only cost your business or employer money.

How to Get a Twic Card?

You must fulfill all requirements and pass background checks from numerous federal agencies in order to apply for a TWIC card. Let’s go over the specifics for truck drivers who want to request a TWIC card.

Twic Card Requirements:

Every TWIC applicant must meet certain base conditions. Here are the mandatory TWIC card requirements for drivers:

  1. US citizenship. Only US citizens, naturalized aliens, green card holders, and lawful permanent residents can obtain a TWIC card. Non-legal aliens, refugees, and asylum seekers are not eligible for this application.
  2. Maritime professionals. You can’t walk in from anywhere to demand a TWIC accreditation. For the TSA to process your application, you must present documents that show you are a maritime professional or truck driver.
  3. Non-felons. Applicants with criminal records involving violent crimes will find it difficult to pass the background checks or meet TWIC card requirements.

How to Renew a Twic Card?

twic card status

Your card expires after five years, at which point you must reapply and submit the identical paperwork for another background check. However, the TWIC card could be lost or destroyed prior to its expiration, necessitating a replacement.

So let’s examine the specifics of TWIC card renewal.

Check with the TSA to see if you are still qualified for the application before renewing your TWIC card. The TSA can deny you access to your card based on changes to your criminal past because it now uses the FBI’s Next Generation Identification Rap Back for TWIC holders:

  1. Visit the “For Industry” page on the TSA’s official website.
  2. Click on “Replace a Card” on the page.
  3. Enter your information and complete the process.

Important notice: Your legal name must match exactly on all identification documents brought to enrollment for your replacement TWIC card.

How Much Does a Twic Card Cost?

twic card status

During the application process, there is a one-time, flat charge of $125.25 for all new candidates. The card’s five-year validity is covered by this payment. You’ll only have to pay the $105.25 reduced price if you already have a hazardous endorsement or a FAST card.

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How to Check the Status of Twic Card Cancellation?

Your TWIC card may be canceled by the TSA for the reasons that we’ve already explained. Using the Canceled Card List or Visual Canceled Card List, you may now verify the status of TWIC card information.

The Canceled Card List: What Is It?

All TWIC cards that the TSA has canceled are listed in a database called the Canceled Card List. The organization updates this list twice daily, giving port administrations the most recent information on potential security risks. So that you can verify your TWIC card’s status before you leave on a vacation.

You can no longer remove your card once it is on this list. The only solution is to apply for a new card and return the invalid one to the TSA. Your card will also be added to the Canceled Card List if you report it as missing or damaged.