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Turn Off Google Assistant: How To Turn Off Google Assistant with Just a Few Taps!

How to disable Google Assistant varies per device. These measures may potentially evolve as Google releases new versions of its software.

If you want to disable Google Assistant globally, there’s a single straightforward method to do it. Initiate communication with Google Assistant by saying “Hey Google” or “OK Google” or by using another input method. In order to stop Google Assistant while it’s operating, just say “How to turn off Google Assistant.”

Google Assistant will explain how to disable it and provide a screen button to do so (for example, “Assistant settings”). Use this to easily access the right settings page and turn off Google Assistant on any gadget.

How to Turn Off Google Assistant on Your Android Phone

turn off google assistant

You may disable Google Assistant in a number of ways on your Android phone. While we’ve used a device running standard Android to illustrate the process, keep in mind that your mileage may vary depending on how much your Android phone’s maker has tweaked the operating system. If you have the Google Assistant app on your phone, turning it off is simple.

Launch Google Assistant by touching the icon with three parallel lines in the app’s bottom right corner. Alternately, you can access the three-lined icon by pressing and holding the home button on your Android handset.

Select General from the profile menu that appears when you hit the gear symbol in the upper right corner. The preferences menu for Google Assistant will load. Turning off Google’s voice assistant is as simple as tapping the button next to it.

There’s also the option to disable Google Assistant in your Android device’s settings menu. To access Google Assistant’s basic configuration options, go to Settings > Google > Settings for Google apps > Search, Assistant & Voice > Google Assistant > General. If you don’t want to use Google Assistant, you may disable it with the toggle button that’s right next to it.

The Google app on an Android device also serves as a gateway to the Assistant’s configuration options. The profile symbol may be found in the upper-right-hand corner of the Google app’s main screen. To disable Google Assistant, go to its settings page, then tap the button labeled “Google Assistant” in the “General” section.

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How to Turn Off Google Assistant On iPhone

turn off google assistant

Since Google Assistant isn’t preinstalled on iOS devices, disabling it is as simple as removing the app. To uninstall Google Assistant, simply tap and hold its icon, choose to Remove an app from the menu that appears, and then tap Delete. Similar to how you can uninstall Google Assistant by uninstalling the Google Home and Google applications, you can do the same thing.

If that sounds too drastic, you can keep using these Google apps without the voice assistant feature on your Apple iPhone. If you don’t want these Google apps to have access to your microphone, you can change that setting on your iPhone’s privacy settings page.

This can be done in Settings > Privacy > Microphone on an iPhone or iPad. Turn off your phone’s microphone and remove Google’s apps. Google Assistant app users need not worry; the virtual assistant will still respond to textual requests. Turning off the microphone will only prevent Google Assistant from picking up your voice requests.

How to Turn Off Google Assistant on Google Home

turn off google assistant

On Google Home and other smart home devices, including the Google Nest Wifi, you can turn off Google Assistant. We started by outlining the simplest of these options for you. Simply tell your smart speaker to disable Google Assistant using the “Hey Google” or “OK Google” voice command.

Most Google Home and Amazon Echo smart speakers, as well as some others, include a physical microphone mute switch. Inactivating the smart speaker’s microphone in this way will also turn off Google Assistant.

Asking your Google Home smart speaker to mute or disable the microphone will have the same effect.

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How To Turn Off Google Assistant on Chromebook

turn off google assistant

Click the time in the Chromebook’s lower right corner to disable Google Assistant.

Try Alternatives to Google Assistant

If you’re facing minor issues with Google Assistant, you can usually find a workaround by using the troubleshooting tools built into OK Google and Hey Google. If you find yourself unhappy with Google Assistant, know that there are many worthy substitutes beyond the likes of Siri and Alexa that you can try.

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