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Tractor Game: 8 Best Tractor Games for Android and IPhone to Play Right Now!

Driving through the countryside, we notice things like farms and tractor farms. Even I have often imagined what it would be like to sit behind the wheel of one of those massive tractors. In addition to towing heavy equipment and plowing fields, tractors can also be used to transport goods to stores and markets. Since we don’t live on a farm or have any experience with tractors, we thought it would be fun to compile a list of the greatest tractor games for mobile devices.

These games put your driving talents to use in a variety of contexts, such as helping a farmer tend to his crops or transporting items to their final destination. Although these games are most popular with younger audiences, everyone can join in on the fun.

Best Tractor Games To Try Out

1. Heavy Tractor Trolley Driver Simulator Game

tractor game

Take your time as you wind your way through the winding roads and steep inclines of the uneven terrain to get the cargo where it needs to go. You get to steer and operate a tractor in this game. To pick up and drop off loads at their respective locations, you must follow the arrows and pass through the red area marked on the road.

Simply navigate down the slope without losing control of the tractor. Getting through a level is as easy as following the game’s in-game instructions and objectives. It will have a break on the right side of the screen with forward and reverse arrows.

You can operate the tractor using arrow keys, the steering wheel, or the motion of your device. It also lets you adjust the camera’s position, which I find useless because it doesn’t offer a particularly nice perspective.

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2. Modern Tractor Transport Driving Simulation

tractor game

This is another driving simulator, this time with a farm tractor. The goal is the same as in the last game. You’ll be able to put your driving skills to the test not only on roads with some undulation but also on roads with some pitch. Use your tractor driving talents to transport farm goods to consumers or raw materials to manufacturers.

The two games are remarkably similar, with only a few minor differences. Choose from three different tractors to play with in this game. Besides that, this game has superior camera angles to the one we just discussed. In addition, a map of your destination will appear on the screen for your perusal. The load must remain on the tractor’s trolley at all times; if it falls off, the game is over.

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3. Tractor Hero

tractor game

An additional tractor game similar to Go Tractor, but with better visuals and more difficult levels. In this game, your objective is to deliver various fresh produce to their designated locations as quickly as possible. Any dropped items will result in a failed quest.

The game features a variety of trucks and drivers from which to choose. You can use the coins you collect to purchase access to new tractors. It’s a good idea to keep an eye on the achievements and complete them to get bonus currency. What’s even better is that it’s accessible on both Android and iOS.

4. Tractor Drive 3D: Offroad Sim Farming Game

tractor game

Playing one of the top 3D tractor driving games will have you ready to plough fields and tend to crops. This game casts you in the role of a farmer, tasked with tending to your property with the help of your trusty tractors. There are four tractors in your shed, and you can pick one at random. Tractors that are locked can be unlocked by watching a short advertisement video.

Going forward, you’ll have a certain amount of time to finish each subsequent assignment before having to restart from the beginning. Like the aforementioned games, you can choose between using the arrow keys, tilt, or the steering wheel to drive the vehicle. The ability to toggle the tractor’s engine on and off is a nice touch that I appreciate in this game. Excellent visuals and fluidity in 3D are to be expected.

5. Chained Tractor Bus Simulator

tractor game

This is a great tractor game in which you have to drive a bunch of tractors with buses attached to them to different locations within a limited amount of time. If the job is done in the allotted time, you will be paid in coins. You can use the coins you earn to upgrade to better tractors in the game.

The game’s graphics are great, and the controls are responsive. As you advance through the stages, the challenge will increase. You will be tested on your ability to keep your tractor and the bus attached to it under control as you navigate obstacles, inclines, and steep mountain roads. You can put your skills to the test on the hilly roads in all kinds of weather.

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6. Tractor Mania From Emerald Games

tractor game

Tractor Mania challenges you to navigate your tractor around a variety of obstacles, including other vehicles on the road. You have a limited amount of time to gather as many stars as possible before being shattered. When an obstacle is detected, the vehicle will automatically accelerate; all you have to do is angle your phone to steer the truck away from danger.

From the looks of it, this Android game is much like the classic NES racer Road Fighter, except better. There’s also a speed button to give the tractor a little extra oomph. The youngsters will have a blast with this straightforward and basic game.

7. Go, Tractor!

tractor game

You’ve probably heard of, or even played, the game Hill Climbing; this is exactly the same concept, just with a tractor instead of a car. To win, you must complete all levels using the tractor with the trolley attachment. It’s up to you to safely transport the various loads on the trolley without setting anyone back.

Get to the end of the level as quickly as possible without having any of your loads break, and you’ll gain stars and advance to the next one. As you complete more and more missions, you will unlock and use one of five unique tractors.

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8. Tractor Mania From Gametornado

tractor game

There hasn’t been the same Tractor craze that was described earlier. Games like Go Tractor and Tractor Hero are the inspiration for this one. You’ll need to navigate your truck across a variety of landscapes to get the goods where they need to go. In this case, the load in the back of your car is of a different variety. There may be instances when you need to pull a chained car or a trolly behind your tractor.

You’ll get the chance to play on multiple levels, each of which features unique landscapes. When you complete a stage, the next one will become available. More money can be made by accumulating stars and then spending them on faster, healthier, and more durable trucks.

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