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Textnow Apk Download: What Is Textnow Apk?How to Install It?

The majority of us prefer to spend our free time chatting with our friends and loved ones. There are several options available to us for how to accomplish it. However, texting can only be done if we have enough data, thus we must pay for it. However, messaging apps can only be utilized with mobile data or Wi-Fi connections. We are able to phone and message our loved ones for free thanks to TextNow APK.

By completing simple activities on the app, we can call our friends’ phones and earn credits. We gain from the credits, but we can also take pleasure in completing the assignments.

We will talk about Textnow APK, its features, and the methods for downloading this software in this article.

What Is TextNow APK?

textnow apk download

One of the top free text and call apps for iPad, iPhone, and Android smartphones is TextNow, which is operated by Enflick. It stands out because it does have a number of incredible qualities. Free calls, photo messaging, voicemails, and SMS messaging are all included in its plan. Although there are some advertisements, you can pay a little price to turn them off.

TextNow APK makes it simpler and easier to communicate with friends and family. Its objective is to enable text messaging without the requirement of an SMS plan. Your friends’ phone numbers are converted into email addresses using TextNow APK. Additionally, displays its user interface to rival the built-in Messages app. It is bragging about its capabilities, which include the ability to select warning tones, change the color scheme, and customize backdrop images, to mention a few.

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Description Of TextNow APK

  • It can now be used without Wi-Fi.
  • You can get unlimited calling and texting in the US with the help of Nationwide Sprint Network for free.
  • By clicking on “Free Coverage” found in the app menu, you can get phone service without the phone bill.
  • Exclusive phone number
  • You can have a local US or Canada phone number. This is the phone number that you can give your friends to call.
  • Unlimited text and picture messaging
  • You can send text and picture messages to the US and Canada as many as you want for free.
  • Unlimited calls to US and Canada
  • You can make unlimited phone calls to any phone number in the US and Canada for free.
  • Cheap and free international calls

Today, TextNow provides affordable international calling to more than 230 nations. With costs now starting at less than $0.01 per minute, you can stay connected for longer. To use for messaging and calling, you can contribute money or earn free money. By completing offers on your account, you can achieve this goal and use the money you earn to place low-cost international calls.

Here is our post on what an APK is to assist you if you want to learn more about them.

Features Of TextNow APK

  • Make calls with your virtual phone number provided by TextNow
  • Receive voice calls
  • You can choose your phone number when you sign up.
  • You can send SMS to phone numbers and other people using the app.
  • Enables image-based messaging by sending and receiving the full picture.
  • You can also save pictures.
  • You can transcript your voicemail and make voicemail greetings.
  • Lots of emojis, stickers, and GIFs
  • Customizable text alert tones, ringtones and vibrations, and notification sounds
  • Customizable backgrounds that give tons of wallpaper and color schemes to choose from
  • The quick response function enables quick replies to easily respond to friends.
  • You can add your personalized signature to your messages.
  • Send messages from your PC.
  • Earn credits to be used in calling by completing partnered offers or purchasing minute packs
  • Video messaging enables you to send videos to your friends and family
  • It has a Caller ID
  • Uses PassCode and keeps your messages under lock and key
  • You can use Google SmartLock, so there’s no need to remember your password.
  • Call forwarding and conference calling
  • You can assign each of your contacts their ringtone and background.
  • The home screen widget can launch TextNow for you to compose a new message or quickly make a call.
  • Through a unified inbox, you can send and receive SMS and GIFs directly via TextNow.
  • You can access only one number on multiple devices
  • You can send messages and make calls on your computer or tablet and then access them from your phone while you are on the go.
  • Enable you to text from your computer. All messages are flawlessly synchronized with your mobile device.
  • Ability to turn your Wi-Fi-enabled tablets into a phone.
  • It offers elastic calling that protects you from dropped calls. Elastic calling is TextNow’s unique ability to make our calls and choose the best possible route to improve the quality of each call.
  • You can customize the look and feel of the app.
  • Ability to use your picture as wallpaper.

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How to Download and Install Text Now Apk

textnow apk download
  1. First, you need to download the latest version of TextNow APK from its official website.
  2. Go to Android “Security Settings.”
  3. Enable the “Unknown Sources” option.
  4. After that, open your downloaded APK file and then click “Install.”
  5. Wait for the installation to complete. A success message will be shown.
  6. After the completion of the installation,
  7. You can now launch the app.

How To Use The TextNow APK

You must first create a TextNow account. Your email address and area code are required in order to create an account. You can now log in to the app and begin making free phone calls after registering up. The free phone number you supplied in your account will be used. Click on the dial pad icon, which is to the left of the new message symbol, to open the dial pad. However, if you want to call another TextNow user, you can type his username instead of his phone number and call him for free.

Keep in mind that you can accumulate credits to use for international calls. You must navigate to the app’s credits area. For you to gain credits for your account, find the tasks and finish them.

Settings Options Of TextNow On PC

textnow apk download

There are various areas and things you can do in each part in the “Settings” settings.


You can access your phone number, change the name listed on your account, change the email address linked to your account, and resend email confirmation in this section.


This is where you can update and change your password.


This section allows you to configure your desktop alerts so that a sound will be played whenever a text or desktop message arrives. Additionally, you may configure the app to email you whenever you receive an SMS.


In this section, you can add a signature to your messages.


You can select to route missed calls through the app to voicemail in this section. You may also see the phone numbers you blacklisted.

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TextNow APK: Pros And Cons


  • Online call and text for free
  • Fast wireless connection
  • Make calls anywhere in the world
  • Reasonable price for international calls
  • Flexible plans
  • Compatible with many smartphones
  • Multiple platforms
  • Assigns random phone numbers
  • Rated for everyone
  • Simple and clean user interface
  • Can sync with your Google account
  • Can be used over Wi-Fi
  • No contract
  • No need to change SIM cards


  • Frequent call drops
  • Poor call quality at times
  • With ads
  • Loads slowly
  • Sometimes lags
  • Worldwide phone service is not available
  • Needs to provide various pieces of information upon activation
  • Long set-up