Teachmint App Download

Teachmint App Download: One Of The Largest Teaching Platforms In The World

A new standard is being set for the rest of the world by India’s widespread use of online education. In spite of this, current online learning platforms fail to meet the needs of students and tutors alike, resulting in ineffective learning. India’s one million private tutors and coaches are trying to take their tutoring online because of a lack of easy and effective tools.

To help tutors digitize their tutoring company, Teachmint has released an app. With Teachmint, you get two-way streaming video as well as an easy tutoring business management process for tracking attendance, creating content, and administering assessments, among other things.

What Is Teachmint App?

Teachmint App Download

With Teachmint, instructors, schools, and coaching institutes in India have access to the largest all-in-one platform for managing online instruction. Online classes can be delivered, digital whiteboards can be used to educate, tests and quizzes can be created, study materials can be exchanged, chats with students can be recorded and attendance can be checked. Unique classroom technology has allowed millions of instructors to establish global classrooms that are ready for the future since its debut. As a SaaS company, Teachmint now serves the demands of education providers across the board, from K-12 schools to colleges, creators, and even ed-techs, thanks to their unique and strong solutions.

Teachers can use it to keep track of their classrooms digitally with its user-friendly interface. In order to ease the burden on teachers, it provides an automated test grading system. This app’s best features are its simplicity and ease of use.

Mihir Gupta, Payoj Jain, Divyansh Bordia, and Anshuman Kumar, all IIT Bombay and IIT Delhi alums, launched Teachmint, a company that aims to help students learn more effectively. As part of India’s Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan, the founders believe that arming tutors with the resources they need to help students and parents achieve their educational goals is a great way to contribute.

To meet the needs of India’s diverse student population, we believe that teachers should be given greater control over online education.” Teachers’ frustrations with internet technologies that aren’t designed for teaching have been emphasized in recent times. Teachmint’s co-founder and CEO, Mihir Gupta, stated in a statement, “We are equipping teachers with the necessary digital tools so that they can run their classes efficiently and reach many more students.”

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Teachmint App Features

You may utilize Teachmint for both synchronous and asynchronous learning using this app, according to the developer. There is no better app for teaching online than Teachmint. Taking a look at the app’s features, let’s take a closer look:

  1. Attendance and grading can be automated.
  2. Recording of a live lesson
  3. A whiteboard that can be used in real-time through the internet
  4. MCQ and online assessments
  5. Sharing of information

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How To Download Teachmint App?

Teachmint App Download

Teachmint App can be downloaded via Google Play Store and Apple Store. It is free to download the application and is available in both stores.

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