T-Mobile Login

T-Mobile Login: Everything You Need to K Now About the T Mobile App!

It is possible to access your gateway using the T-Mobile Internet app. Check out the tutorials for further settings.

About the app:

  • From your smartphone or tablet, you may view and modify gateway settings.
  • Improves the ability to administer a Wi-Fi network.
  • A Wi-Fi connection with the Arcadyan KVD21 Gateway or Nokia 5G21 Gateway is required to gain access to the T-Mobile LTE Wi-Fi Gateway
  • For Android and iOS, you’ll need the T-Mobile Internet app, which you can get in the app store.
  • One device at a time is allowed to use the app.

Log in:

t-mobile login
  • Use Getting Started with T-Mobile Internet to get your home Internet connection for the first time.
  • Ensure that you have a Wi-Fi connection and launch the T-Mobile Internet app.
  • The administrator password must be entered before you can log into the system.
  • Select Already setup. if you do not see a password box. To begin, you’ll need to register.
  • On the back of the device, you will find the default password.
  • Select Forgot password and follow the on-screen instructions if you have forgotten your password.

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Log out

At the bottom of the screen, select More Logout

Gateway Placement Assistant:

The closest tower’s direction is shown by the Gateway Placement Assistant to help you select the optimal position for your gateway (this tool only shares the location of the tower, not the signal strength). To open the Gateway Placement Assistant, use the following command:

  1. Selecting More about the quality of your connection from the Comfort of Your Own Home menu will get the following results.

2. When prompted, click on Use my helper to launch

3. To see where you should set the home gateway, you may either select Play video or Skip video.

4. Choose between Entering the address or Sharing the location.

  • Location sharing must be enabled in the mobile device’s settings before it may be shared.
  • You can manually input an address if you can’t share your location. To proceed, click Confirm location.

5. Using Map View or Camera View, you can see the signal direction when you share a place.

6. The ideal placement for the gateway is determined by the signal direction findings.

  • Using this screen, you can see where the nearest tower is located.
  • The tower rings do not represent the intensity of the transmission.
  • In Map View, you may pick Got it when your camera is within range of a signal.
  • Select Found the location.

Manage Wi-Fi

  • At the bottom of the page, click on the Network tab.
  • Select the network of your choice. Each network has its own set of parameters.
  • Select Save after entering a new Wi-Fi Network Name (SSID) or Password.
  • You’ll have to re-connect to Wi-Fi if you alter the Wi-Fi Network Name or Password you’re presently connected to.
  • Select the symbol that resembles an eye with a line across it to reveal your current Wi-Fi password.

Manage schedule:

  1. Select Devices from the list at the bottom of the screen. The gateway will provide a list of all connected devices.

2. In order to see or modify the following settings, you must first choose a device.

  • A device can be manually switched between connected and disabled by selecting this switch.
  • To turn off a gadget, go to Manage Schedule and set up time slots.
  • To add a new disabled time period, click the Plus symbol on the toolbar.
  • Clear the schedule using Schedule Options, or temporarily deactivate it with STOP FOLLOWING SCHEDULE / SCHEDULE FOLLOWING.
  • Devices cannot be banned after they are scheduled.

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Device & connection info

Connection and usage

  • The app’s Home screen has this information.
  • The state of the connection between your smartphone and the gateway and the Internet is displayed in the top bar of the app.
  • The intensity of your signal will also be shown.

Connected device

  1. Select Devices from the list at the bottom of the screen. The gateway will provide a list of all connected devices.

2. To learn more about a certain device, pick Device Information from the drop-down menu.

  • Connection type (Wi-Fi or Ethernet)
  • IP address
  • MAC address.


Select More Gateway information to view these details:

  • Firmware version
  • IMEI
  • MSDN

Change Gateway Password

  1. At the bottom of the screen, select More > Change your gateway password.
  2. Enter the current and new passwords, re-type the new password, then select Save.

Restart gateway

  1. At the bottom of the screen, select More > Restart your gateway.
  2. Select Restart gateway now and wait for the device to restart.