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Symbol Instagram Highlight Icons: 20 Best Symbol Instagram Story Highlight Icons For You!

If you choose to include your Instagram stories, they will always appear at the profile’s top. To this end, it can be useful to design and select a unique icon to serve as the cover art for each collection of tales. This ensures that your brand’s highlights are in line with the rest of your marketing materials.

You might buy a premade set of highlighter cover art created by a professional designer to save time and effort while picking out highlighter covers. With these Instagram highlight icons, your profile will look polished and professional at all times.

1. Abstract Woman Instagram Highlight Icons

symbol instagram highlight icons

This set of 20 high-quality, and ready-to-use stories’ covers is a great option if you’re seeking for the best brown Instagram highlight icons for a female brand. If your Instagram profile focuses on fashion, style, or the outdoors, you should definitely give this app a try.

2. Daily Life Instagram Highlight Icons

symbol instagram highlight icons

This collection of the top highlight icons for Instagram stories is ideal if you’re a lifestyle blogger looking to upgrade your profile’s L. This product provides a plethora of options for you to showcase your life and interests to your followers, from the domestic sphere (family, beauty, and cuisine) to the wider world (photography, travel, and work).

3. Wedding Symbol Instagram Highlight Icons

symbol instagram highlight icons

To ensure that the highlights of a wedding look professional in an Instagram story, wedding planners can think about include this product in their arsenal. Popular themes including “wedding proposal,” “wedding decoration,” “wedding invites,” “wedding location,” “wedding cuisine,” and “wedding presents” are represented by the greatest Instagram cover icons.

4. 24 Cartoon Instagram Highlight Icons

symbol instagram highlight icons

These cartoon-themed Instagram cover icons are sure to impress your followers. With these 24 hand-drawn cartoon pictures, you can add some color and personality to your Instagram feed with images of coffee, cameras, butterflies, lipstick, money, shoes, computers, lions, girls, bikes, and more.

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5. Instagram Line Art Highlight Covers

symbol instagram highlight icons

If you want to stand out from the crowd on Instagram, you need to try out this collection of the greatest brown highlight icons. A total of 24 high-resolution female and plant icons created using minimalist line art are included.

6. Instagram Hobby Interest Cover Icons

symbol instagram highlight icons

These Instagram cover icons were created with the demands of bloggers and influencers in mind, making them perfect for anyone who intends to share many tales and organise them into highlights. Make use of them to organise your many pastimes and interests into distinct groups, including cooking, drawing, gardening, hiking, knitting, writing, swimming, and so on.

7. Instagram Golden Brush Cover Icons

symbol instagram highlight icons

Having trouble figuring out which Instagram story highlight symbols are best for beginners and advanced users alike. This package provides you with 32 pre-made JPG covers and 32 editable PSD covers, so you may tailor them to your needs with ease. The golden icons can be used for a variety of contexts and themes.

8. Ocean Series – Instagram Highlight Cover Icons

symbol instagram highlight icons

The Ocean Series is perfect if you want to inform your target audience about your company in a lighthearted and memorable approach. It comes with a plethora of Instagram highlight symbols you can use to promote your business’s online presence and spread the word about its blog, app, location, hours of operation, parking availability, and more.

Undoubtedly, Instagram’s high level of participation among its user base is one of the service’s most appealing features. Thank-you-themed branded gifts are a terrific approach to enhance user attention and interaction in addition to managing your feed and the design of cover icons.

Instagram permits free gifting in the form of “giveaways.” Customers are always appreciative of promotional items like keychains, bottle openers, enamel pins, coasters, pencils, and stickers. That’s how the market for advertising swag was established. Branded merchandise with your logo is a great way to get your message out to your target audience and grow your Instagram following, as well as strengthen relationships with current customers and attract new ones.

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9. Instagram Highlight Cover Icons

symbol instagram highlight icons

You’re running an online shop, but you still haven’t figured out how to use Instagram’s highlight symbols. This cool-looking template is everything your customers need to keep them updated on the latest arrivals, sales, shipping info, customer service responses, payment options, and more.

10. Adorable Symbol Instagram Highlight Icons

symbol instagram highlight icons

You can use the many different types of hand-drawn and outlined Instagram cover icons included in this pack for just about any kind of design. The sweet and cuddly patterns will inject your Instagram feed with a sense of levity and fun.

11. Golden Pink Instagram Highlight Cover Icons

symbol instagram highlight icons

Want to use the same highlight symbols as your favourite fashion and beauty influencers use? Golden pink in colour, these beautifully created covers are ideal for those seeking a more feminine and sophisticated Instagram profile.

12. Homeliving Instagram Cover Icons

symbol instagram highlight icons

For your Instagram stories, this offering includes several pre-made highlight layouts that would be an excellent fit for any home furnishings retailer. Create an elegant and sophisticated Instagram profile with the help of these amazing templates. We urge you to give it a try.

13. Floral Symbol Instagram Highlight Icons

symbol instagram highlight icons

This set of highlight symbol designs for Instagram stories is sure to appeal to any flower-loving users. It has 32 symbols drawn in a rustic style that can be used to decorate your Instagram profile.

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14. Textured Instagram Cover Icons

symbol instagram highlight icons

Trying to add some visual flair to your Instagram account? Take a look at this set, which features 32 textured icons for Instagram story highlights, along with another set of flat white icons and an instructional guide for making the most of the designs.

15. Hand Painted Instagram Highlight Icons

symbol instagram highlight icons

Get a leg up on the competition and boost your marketing budget with this brown Instagram highlight icon set. Included are 72 hand-painted designs that are fully editable in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

16. Instagram Marble Cover Icons

symbol instagram highlight icons

If you want your highlights section to reflect sophistication and class, as do the greatest Instagram cover icons, then you should definitely consider purchasing the item that you see above. There are 32 marble icons included to help your company look more polished.

17. Instagram Beauty Cover Icons

symbol instagram highlight icons

Are you a beauty blogger or influencer looking for the best Instagram highlight icons? We think it would be a waste of time for you to pass up this opportunity to learn more about this remarkable set of Instagram highlight icons, which is the best value for the money.

18. Christmas Symbol Instagram Highlight Icons

symbol instagram highlight icons

This set of Scandinavian symbols would be perfect for any company’s Instagram profile that sells Christmas decorations or supplies. It’s got all the greatest highlight icons for Instagram’s winter holidays and parties.

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19. Floral Instagram Highlight Cover Icons

symbol instagram highlight icons

This set of floral cover icons will give your Instagram highlights a beautiful mid-century aesthetic, sure to leave a lasting impression on your followers. This offer is ideal if you want to get the greatest templates for Instagram story highlight icons.

Free Symbol Instagram Highlight Icons

symbol instagram highlight icons

We’ve got you covered if you want to spice up your Instagram but can’t afford to buy expensive filters or other add-ons. View the top free icon Instagram highlight images that can hold their own against any paid product.

Free Instagram Highlight Cover Icons

With this extensive icon set, you may show patients what kinds of tests you offer, how they can be admitted to the hospital, and even how a medical helicopter can be used.

Instagram Highlight Cover Icons

Having a fashionable Instagram account is now a common practice. We recommend using these visuals to set up a classification system. The following file types can be found in the repository: AI and 1080p1920 PNG images.

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