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Starting at S$9,299 for The Titan Laptop Msi’s 2023 Gaming Lineup Is Packed with Power and Performance!

The RTX 40-series craze has not left MSI unaffected; their range for 2023 will feature an improvement in gaming performance. The company’s most recent lineup of gaming laptops is powered on NVIDIA Ada Lovelace architecture and has GeForce RTX 40-series GPUs and up to 13th Gen Intel Core HX series processors.


The Titan GT77 HX, which retails for S$9,299, is in front of the pack. Like the other Titan GT devices, this premium model has the first 4K/144Hz Mini LED display in the world as well as the exclusive MSI OverBoost Ultra technology, which boosts processor and graphics performance to 250W total full power or supports 5.2GHz frequency.

MSI’s 2023

While the Raider GE series (starting at S$4,499) blends a sleek appearance with powerful performance that makes it ideal for both work and pleasure. The laptops have the same OverBoost Ultra technology and a 16:10 QHD+ 240Hz display in addition to a redesigned chassis and a matrix light bar.


The Stealth series, which features a trilateral Dynaudio 6-speaker sound system, the MSI Vapor Chamber cooling design, and NVIDIA Broadcast support, will be adored by content creators. Users in Singapore will have access to both the 14-inch ($3,399) and 16-inch ($3,849) variants. For 3D makers, an optimized home studio can be made using their suite of 3D creation tools, such as Canvas, Broadcast, and RTX Remix.


The Cyborg 15 ($2,299) is a great entry-level gaming laptop for people searching for a distinctive layout. It is stylish and practical at the same time, with a light body and a modern translucent chassis design. Upgraded graphics cards and processors for more fluid gaming are also being added to the Katana 17 ($2,899) and Pulse 15 ($3,749).

MSI has revamped both the productivity-focused Prestige series and its Creator Z line, which is geared towards content makers and creative professionals, outside of the gaming market. The following is a list of each laptop’s prices:

  • Titan GT77 HX 13VI-052 (S$9,299)
  • Raider GE78 HX 13VH-047 (S$6,599)
  • Raider GE68 HX 13VG-029 (S$4,499)
  • Stealth 16 Studio A13VF-050 (S$3,849)
  • Stealth 14 Studio A13VF-022 (S$3,399)
  • Pulse 15 B13VGK-493 (S$3,749)
  • Katana 17 B13VFK-086 (S$2,899)
  • Cyborg 15 A12VF-021 (S$2,299)
  • Thin GF63 12VE-035 (S$1,699)
  • Creator Z16 HX Studio B13VFTO-041(S$4,799)
  • Creator Z16 HX Studio B13VFTO-04 (S$4,499)
  • Summit E13 FlipEvo A13MT-214 (S$2,749)
  • Summit E13 FlipEvo A13MT-215 (S$2,449)
  • Prestige 13 Evo A13M-048 (S$2,399)
  • Modern 14 C7M-057 (S$1,149)
  • Modern 14 C11M-066 (S$999)

All of the MSI 2023 laptops mentioned above are now participating in an early bird sale. Every purchase made between February 7 and February 15 will result in a S$40 Grab Voucher, and consumers who post a review online after making a purchase between February 7 and February 15 will receive a US$50 Steam Code.

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