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Spotify Premium Duo: What Do You Get from Spotify Premium Duo?

For households with more than one member, Spotify now offers a special subscription called Spotify Premium Duo. The duo is targeted at couples, although any two people sharing a household (including roommates or siblings) can sign up.

Each person can get their own Premium account for just $12.99 a month. If you compare it to the $14.99 family plan or the $9.99 each, you can see that you’ll be saving a total of $7.00 per month.

What Do You Get from Spotify Premium Duo?

spotify premium duo

With Spotify Premium Duo, two people may enjoy the benefits of Spotify Premium without sharing a subscription. You don’t need to create a new Premium account if you already have one for yourself. Every song, playlist, and suggestion you’ve ever made is still yours to keep.

An additional playlist, the Duo Mix, has also been unveiled by Duo. It’s a playlist made up of both of their favorite songs. When using Spotify, you can adjust the mood of the playlist by toggling between two different modes.

How Does Spotify Verify Who’s Eligible?

To qualify for Spotify Premium Duo, both users must share the same residence. Address information is required during the registration process for Duo. The second individual who joins with your referral link must use your exact same address.

It’s not entirely apparent how Spotify makes sure users are truly at the address they provide. Spotify formerly employed random GPS checks, but the business has since abandoned the practice out of concern for users’ privacy.

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In the terms and conditions, Spotify says:

  • To qualify for the Premium Duo Subscription, both the primary and secondary family members on the account must share the same primary residence.
  • You must validate your residential address when you activate your Premium Duo Subscription account, as stated in clause B. below.
  • We may periodically request re-verification of your residence to ensure you still qualify based on our criteria.

Consequently, Spotify may at some point in the future ask you to verify your address again. It has been theorized that Spotify, at least occasionally, verifies that two accounts are logging in from the same Wi-Fi address, though this has not been confirmed by the company.

In the event that Spotify deems you ineligible for Duo, you will be removed from the service immediately. These provisions are taken directly from the terms of service:

Although we don’t recommend it, this means that you and someone who doesn’t share your address may sign up for Duo and get away with it — so long as you both remember to use the same address when requested.

Spotify could amend its terms of service at any point to require more severe verification, in which case you would need to revert to one of the standard Premium subscription tiers.

Is Spotify Premium Duo Right for You?

Is Spotify Premium Duo Right for You?

We highly recommend Spotify Premium to anyone who listens to a lot of music on a regular basis. There are a few factors that will determine if Duo is the ideal option for you and a friend, family member, or partner:

Spotify Premium Duo vs. Apple Music

For whatever reason, Apple Music doesn’t have a Duo plan. Family Package, which includes up to six identities and costs $14.99 per month, comes in a close second, with two normal accounts costing $9.99 per month each.

Keeping Apple Music if your loved ones also use it or you simply adore it is a safe bet. Nonetheless, it does not offer any savings compared to Duo.

Spotify Premium Duo vs. Spotify Premium Individual

The duo is a fantastic Spotify subscription plan for couples or roommates who want to share the service and save money. The only slight drawback is that only one person may pay, so you’ll have to figure out how to divide the bill among yourselves.

Taking a chance on Duo is still a decent deal if you don’t share your living space with anyone but still want to try it out. You could perhaps be expelled at a later time.

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Spotify Premium Duo vs Spotify Premium Family

For $14.99, you can upgrade to Spotify Premium Family and get six user accounts, a Family Mix playlist, the ability to ban explicit music, and the Spotify Kids app.

Spotify is a better value if more than two people in your household use it, and you can save a lot more money if there are more than four of you living under the same roof. But if you’re a pair, Duo is the superior option.

Spotify Premium Duo vs Spotify Premium Student

A student subscription to Spotify is the greatest value. Access to both the commercial-supported version of Hulu and Showtime, plus ad-free streaming, is yours for just $4.99 a month with a Premium subscription. This is a fantastic deal, but there is a catch: you have to prove every year that you are still a student in order to keep receiving the discount and bonuses. The Student plan is a better option than Duo if either of you qualifies for it.

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Signing Up for Spotify Premium Duo

spotify premium duo

If you and a friend, relative, or significant other think Spotify would be a good fit, you can create a Spotify account together on the Spotify website. In order to use Spotify, you must either enter your current login information or sign up for a new account and give your address. After doing so, you will be given a referral link to provide to your friend so they can join you. They must also enter the exact same street address.

Keep in mind that there is no way to request a refund for any unused portion of a paid Spotify Premium subscription. Waiting until your membership is near to renewing is recommended if you still have a few weeks remaining on your current plan.

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