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Quiverquant: Is This Research Platform Worth Using?

Quiver Quantitative, a stock research platform, offers traders and investors a unique market perspective. This website provides stock data for Congress members, Wall Street Bets hot stocks, and government contract recipients. Quiver Quantitative offers methods and stock chart portfolios through TradingView. Quiver Quantitative review: learn more about this stock research platform.

About Quiver Quantitative

Quiver Quantitative (Quiver Quant) is a free stock research platform that uses publicly available data to give traders and investors a fresh market viewpoint. The platform shows Congress members’ trading, Wall Street Bets’ popular stocks, and government contract recipients.

Is this platform worthwhile? We’ll examine Quiver Quantitative’s offerings in our evaluation.

Quiver Quantitative Pricing Options

Quiver Quantitative provides free data, but to discover which stocks are in each strategy, you must pay $30 per month or $300 per year. Daily pre-market email reports cost $20 per month from Quiver Quantitative. Both services have a one-month trial on the site.

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Quiver Quantitative Features


Quiver Quant’s strategies matter most. These portfolios use odd datasets like Congress members’ stock purchases or Wikipedia’s most searched companies. Quiver Quantitative has suggestions for Nancy Pelosi and the Senate Homeland Security Committee. Quiver Quantitative uses only public documents and datasets.

Best techniques yield over 70% annually. Since 2010, the S&P 500 has returned 13% annually.

Each strategy lists its stocks and performance. Quiver Quantitative alerts send daily pre-market emails about strategy position changes.

Data Feeds

Quiver Quantitative’s data feeds give traders and investors trade ideas. One feed provides US House representative trading performance and Congressional representative trading activity over time. Another checks CNBC host stock suggestions. CNBC’s top stocks to buy or sell and each host’s weekly and quarterly performance are available.

Additional data feeds reveal corporate lobbying activities, Reddit’s Wall Street Bets and Twitter’s most discussed stocks, and corporations’ mobile app star ratings over time.

Quiver Quant tracks insider trading, institutional holdings, and other financial filings. The display also shows stocks with Estimize earnings estimates significantly above or below the Wall Street consensus estimate for future earnings reports.

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Stock Research

Quiver Quantitative also allows stock research. Stock pages contain a TradingView price chart and Quiver Quantitative dashboards.

You may see institutional investor, insider, and congressional stock position changes. You can also view the stock’s Wall Street Bets mentions, government contracts, and lobbying activity. A Quiver Quantitative subscription lets you see which strategies a stock is in.


Quiver Quantitative lacks customization. No watchlists, company activity notifications, or dashboard customization. The data feeds are straightforward to find on the platform.

Customization and Layout

Quiver Quantitative takes a unique approach to stock research. Quiver Quantitative analyses sentiment, momentum, and insider activity using publicly available datasets, unlike Zacks Premium or Validea, which focus on financials or technical indicators. Quiver Quantitative offers rare statistics like Wikipedia searches, CNBC recommendations, and mobile app reviews.

Many Quiver Quantitative techniques have outperformed the market. Although Capitol Trades and Senate Stock Watcher provide free Congressional trading data, this is especially true for techniques focusing on it.

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What Type of Trader is Quiver Quantitative Best For?

Quiver Quantitative is great for traders and investors who want to analyze stocks using non-traditional datasets. The platform’s data may reveal whether consumers enjoy a company, whether lobbying is increasing or decreasing, and whether insiders, institutions, and Congress members like a stock. Quiver Quantitative data feeds and strategies can create stock ideas.

Free data streams are plenty for most investors. Quiver Quantitative’s techniques are intriguing, but they’re expensive and don’t explain why Congressmen search for or trade stocks.


  • Offers unique, alternative stock datasets
  • Many strategies have beaten the S&P 500
  • Most data feeds are available for free
  • One-month free trial for paid services


  • Very few customization options
  • Access to strategies is pricey

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