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PS4 controller not connecting: 6 Fixes For PS4 Controller not connecting!

The DualShock 4 is a popular choice because it can be set up with or without wires, depending on the player’s preference. There are a number of potential causes for your PS4’s inability to connect. There are a number of potential causes for a PS4 controller not connecting, including a dead battery, faulty firmware, or external interference.

If the controller’s default settings aren’t working, you can always try reconnecting it and setting it to defaults again. Here are some solutions to try if your PS4 controller isn’t establishing a connection, but first, let’s look at why this might be happening.

Why PS4 Controller Won’t Connect

Sync problems are a leading cause of the PlayStation 4 controller not connecting. Occasionally the controller will automatically detach or connect to a different system. Sometimes, the controller failing to reconnect could be because of a bug in the software.

You could also try checking the USB cables and battery. Broken USB ports or cables may be to blame for your PS4 controller not syncing or disconnecting.

Problems with the controller’s connection to the system could arise if you used Bluetooth to make the connection. Possible connection issues between your controller and computer have been attributed to wireless interference.

How To Fix PS4 Controller That Won’t Connect

There could be a number of reasons why your PS4 isn’t connecting, so trying a few of these fixes could be the best way to get it working again.

1. Reset The PS4 Controller

There is a reset option on the PS4 controller that you can use if you are having trouble connecting. If you want to try connecting the controller in the simplest and easiest way possible, this is it.

If you need to reset your PS4 controller, here’s what you need to do.

2. Connect The Controller Via USB

ps4 controller not connecting

If your controller isn’t connecting, either via Bluetooth or a data cable, try the latter. But if you’ve already connected your controller via micro USB, you may want to switch to a different cable.

Try another USB cable or a micro USB connector if you’re still having trouble linking the controller. Most Android smartphones use a cable with a micro USB connector, which is a similar form factor.

Possessing a variety of USB cables allows you to test out the ones that work best for your needs. After connecting a new cable to your console, you should restart it to ensure it is compatible. If this works, your controller will be detected and connected to the console immediately.

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3. Restart Your PS4 Console

Press and hold the power button of your PS4 console. You can also use a paperclip to hold the l2 button.  You can release the button after you hear the second beep.  You can then unplug the power cable.  Plug it back after 2-3 minutes.  After that, you can plug the controller back as well.  Switch on the PS4 and check the controller.

Sometimes there might be issues with your controller and this might lead to corruption in your console as well. This corruption is what leads to a disconnection with the controller. You can restart your PS4 console by following these steps

  • Press and hold the power button of your PS4 console. You can also use a paperclip to hold the l2 button. 
  • You can release the button after you hear the second beep. 
  • You can then unplug the power cable. 
  • Plug it back after 2-3 minutes. 
  • After that, you can plug the controller back as well. 
  • Switch on the PS4 and check the controller. 

4. Check The Battery

If you are using a wireless PS4 controller and you are unable to connect it, you can try checking the battery of the same. Additionally, if your controller has a low battery, the controller might also disconnect time and again.

Sometimes the controller light bar keeps flashing due to a bad battery so changing the same might be a common solution.

You can follow these steps to check the battery and change it as well.

  • Switch on the console after plugging the controller with the help of your USB cable. 
  • Hold the power button on your controller and check the Quick Menu. 
  • You will be able to see the battery icon on the left side of the Quick Menu. 

After you do this, you will also be able to see the battery life in the icon, on the left side. You can then try charging it at least for an hour. After you do this, try pressing the button in order to pair the controller, and then you can unplug the cable as well.

You will have to keep in mind that, if you can’t charge your controller, you might either have to change the USB port or the cable itself. If that is not working for you either, try changing the battery, or charging port.

You might also want to update the console or reset the controller if you are not able to check or charge the battery of your controller.

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5. Bluetooth Interference

If you are using your wireless controller and it keeps getting disconnected, there might be some sort of interference. Bluetooth devices usually should be closed so that there is no interference as such.

If there are several connections, there might be more disturbances. You can try disconnecting other connections that you are currently not using. Additionally, you can stay as close as you can to the console so that there is lesser interference.

Some other devices that result in signal interference and loss may be tablets, laptops, or other smartwatches.

6. Update Controller Drivers On Windows

If you usually play on Windows, you can download or update the Controller driver through the Microsoft store. You will have to download the Microsoft.Net Framework and then install the DS4 Windows as well.

As soon as you do this, the required updates for the controller drivers will also be installed. You can update it either automatically or manually.


PS4 controller might have issues with regard to its connectivity. There are several causes that result in PS4 not getting connected with the system. Sometimes there are firmware issues or even hardware problems.

You can try and check either the updates or the console itself. A majority of the time, restarting or re-connecting the controller will resolve the issue. However, if this does not work then you can try charging the battery or updating the driver as well.

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