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Mx Player Pro: How To Download Mx Player Pro for Free?

The vast majority of free media players consist entirely of advertisements. When you stream videos, annoying commercials will play automatically. Commercials are hidden in the pro version of MX Player. The MX Player software, in its ad-free edition, is a robust media player that outperforms every built-in alternative. However, there is a cost associated with using the Pro version.

The MX Player Pro APK can be downloaded via the link I’ve provided in this post. The full version of this program is available for free download on this page. Keep reading to learn where to get the APK file for MX Player Pro.

What is MX Player Pro

mx player pro

There is no better third-party video player for Android than MX Player. You may not have known, though, that setting up MX Player Pro on your gadget is similarly simple. The vast majority of Android users rely on it, and it continues to outperform competitors like VLC Player, Lime Player, and Wuffy Player.

There has never been a better media player than MX Player. Whether you’re watching movies on your phone or on your computer, you need a video player with top-notch functionality and picture quality. Most of us enjoy watching movies and shows on our android devices, but the default players aren’t always ideal. This is because the in-built players aren’t as well made as the dedicated media apk MX Player.

All of your device’s media can be played directly using MX Player. The term “external media player” describes these gadgets. There are a lot of other media player apps out there, so why do people keep coming back to MX Player and MX Player Pro? This is due to its comprehensive features and user-friendly design, both of which guarantee flawless playback of your video.

MX Player Pro APK – Price & Features

Getting this software from the Play Store will cost you a few dollars. The App has a one-time fee of $5.49 (about 370/- in India). It seems like it’s not the freeway. However, I will provide a means through which you can obtain this program at no cost. You can upgrade to MX Player APK Pro from the newest regular version.

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Features of MX Player Pro

  • MX Player Pro is an ad-free version. With this version, you will not get any ads during the video stream. 
  • This is the first Indian app that has multi-core decoding.
  • MX Player supports all types of video formats. You need to download MX Player AIO ZIP codec files. 
  • You can always watch movies with subtitles in MX Player with the subtitle gestures feature. 
  • It is a complete player with tons of features.

Download MX Player Pro APK

Click the link below to download MX Player Pro, or keep reading for detailed instructions on how to do so. If you’re using an Android device powered by Intel x86, you’ll want to grab the X86 version.

NameMXPlayer Pro v1.46.10
File Size28.53 MB
RequiresAndroid 6.0 and up
DeveloperMX Media (formerly J2 Interactive)

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How to Download MX Player Pro For Free

Step 1:

To get the APK immediately, click the download icon up top. To determine which APK to download, you can first see if it’s compatible with your smart device.

Step 2:

Transfer the MX Player Pro APK file from your computer to your Android smartphone via Wi-Fi, a wired USB cable, or any other method you like.

Step 3:

Get your gadget out and go into its configuration menu right now. Under “Personal,” select “Security.”

Step 4:

The next screen requires you to scroll down in order to see if Unknown sources are enabled. Switching can be viewed in Device management. If it’s off, a simple tap will turn it on again.

Step 5:

Your mobile device can now run APK files downloaded from external sources. To view the destination folder, open your computer’s file explorer.

Step 6:

After opening the file, you’ll need to press the screen three or four times to begin the installation process. Yes, that’s the last word. When the installation is complete, MX Player Pro will appear as a new icon on your phone’s home screen; tap that to launch the app.

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