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Manhwaland: How to download the Manhwaland game?

Downloading Manhwaland? Stop looking! Start here.
Manhwaland. New Android game Manhwaland. Manhwadang develops it. Manhwadang created additional successful Android games. Manhwadang’s third game.

Application namemanhwaland
Junior Backend Developer (Intern)manhwaland
versionv1.2 For android
Quoi de neufBug fixed, User-friendly interface, Speed ​​improved.

About Manhwaland:

“ManhwaLand is another amazing journey of the small child, who has been transported away into Manhua (Chinese cartoon). He discovers this fascinating universe in his library. Screencap:

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What is Manhwaland Apk?

Manhwadang’s free Android adventure game Manhwaland is enjoyable. Nextalerts.com offers this top Android game. We’ll show you how to get Manhwaland Apk with Nextalerts screenshots, game info, reviews, and more. Manhwaland Apk download

Game Info:

Help the small hero escape the new ManhwaLand’s traps and barriers. Many entertaining costumes and superpowers will help you overcome the adventure’s problems. Play and enjoy this classic platform game!


Adventure screenshots Manhwaland, a new android, offers numerous experiences in this game. You must help the youngster escape his imaginary world by avoiding traps and obstacles. Thus, if you like Manhwaland, you can download and play more popular android games like “Talking Tom,” “Crazy Dentist,” and others from Nextalerts Games android area. Click the name below to try our new Manhwaland-like game: – Download games here.

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  • Manhwaland has simple controls that allow you to play this game very quickly.
  • There are 40 levels in Manhwadaland which you must complete one by one.
  • You can collect coins, buy costumes for your character and have more fun using them.
  • The game is very fluid, and you have the impression of playing an arcade game.
  • It is free to download.
  • It has adorable characters.
  • This game also contains in-app purchases, which allow you to buy costumes, tools, etc., using real money.
  • Its graphics are poor and sound effects are not available.
  • Manhwaland is very addictive.
  • It is a free game for android.

How to Download Manhwaland Game?

Text alerts offer a free download of this game.
Open the downloaded file and click Install.
Manhwaland appears on your right after installation.


Manhwaland Manhwadang’s free Android game Manhwaland. In this android game, you must help the youngster escape his imaginary world by avoiding traps and blocks. Download Manhwaland from the link below. Manhwaland FAQs follow. Manhwaland issues? Leave a remark below!


This Manhwaland game guide is complete. This article covers everything about Manhwaland. Post Manhwaland questions below!


Q1) What kinds of Android devices are supported by Manhwaland?

A1) Manhwaland can be played on Android tablets and devices from Android version 4.0.3.

Q2) How many levels does Manhwaland have?

A2) There are 40 levels in Manhwaland game, which you have to complete one by one.

Q3) Do I have to pay anything to play Manhwaland?

A3) No, Manhwaland is a free android game, and you don’t need to pay anything for this fun android game.

Q4) How big is Manhwaland Apk?

A4) The size of Manhwaland Apk is 39MB.

Q5) What is the genre of Manhwaland?

A5) This is a free android adventure game.

Q6) How to install Manhwaland?

A6) To download and install Manhwaland on your Android device, you need to click on the Manhwaland download button given at the end of this article.

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