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Leafedout: How Leafed out App Can Benefit Your Business or Network

LeafedOut software is neither a Weedmaps nor Leafly clone.

LeafedOut prioritizes users. This corporation prioritizes peer-to-peer and business-to-business communication. LeafedOut encourages profile creation, unlike Leafly and Weedmaps. This software is the first cannabis p2p networking site.

The app’s founder says LeafedOut’s main purpose is to support cannabis entrepreneurs. They also want these people to regard themselves as law-abiding notwithstanding the marijuana market turmoil.

Big players can use the program even if it targets little players. LeafedOut promotes cannabis activism. LinkedIn founder invested heavily in marijuana community networking services. He sees this enterprise as both business and service.

LeafedOut boasts quick, anonymous, free, safe, and real-time services that work on any device. Free signup. User data is optional.

The real-time map and previewing neighbouring users’ profiles are available without signing up. The company values direct contact and eliminating middlemen.

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To utilize messaging and see full profiles, users must sign up. Signing up is anonymous and free.

The site has thousands of fans. User-friendly platform.

Just search “cannabis near me” in the browser or app. The map-based search engine returns user profiles. These profiles are mainly locals. Users can message.

LeafedOut discourages users from posting contact information on their profiles. User contact information must be approved before posting.

They encourage users to report spammers and those who promote illegal content.

LeafedOut stresses they are not liable for life’s events. The corporation can only warn people to read reviews.

The company emphasizes networking. They emphasize that their transactions are fee-free. Thus, the LeafedOut app is lawful. LeafedOut doesn’t sell anything, hence the lawsuit doesn’t apply. They only network.

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