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Instander: How To Download Official APK Android?

Instagram, being one of the most popular social media platforms, provides me with a great deal of digital amusement. Here, I get the authentic, interesting stuff I seek directly from my favourite celebs and influencers. Likewise, by reading the accounts of my friends and followers, I am able to relive some of the most memorable times in my own life.

While Instagram is a popular social media platform, it shares some similarities with others in that it is missing some minor user-experience features. As a result, developers have come up with their own satisfactory versions of these applications, with Instander APK standing out as the most promising Instagram replacement.

What Is Instander APK?


Have you heard that you need a downloader in order to save a video or photo from Instagram? What about the fact that you can’t “ghost” your presence on other people’s stories and posts and remain mysterious? Or how tedious and time-consuming it is to go through the hoops necessary to obtain a verification badge, which in turn requires you to take a tour of your digital footprint across the Network. In any case, these are just a few of the problems that the original Instagram app’s users frequently encounter.

The Instamod known as Instander APK was created for Android smartphones so that Instagram users may gain access to these additional functionalities. As an alternative to the official Instagram app, this one lets you log in to your account directly from its interface. The official app’s premium features provide the pinnacle of social interaction in exchange.

The creator, thedise (Dmitry Gavrilov), aimed to make this as secure as possible, creating an app that ensures users have a fantastic browsing experience without worrying about being blacklisted for using modifications.

Version Info

Size54 MB
Updated onAugust 2022

How to Download Instander Apk


The current version of Instagram is always available on the Google Play store, but if you want to obtain it from us, you can also acquire the instander apk here. To begin, get the instance apk from wherever you like, but remember to delete the original Instagram app before setting up this tweak. When you’ve obtained the apk file from this website, install it. Click the green download icon on our download page. Now, please be patient while it downloads. Open the file in your computer’s file manager. You may install instander by looking for its.apk file and then clicking on it.

You need to adjust your security settings to permit installations from unknown sources. Turn your attention once again to the apk’s original storage place. Select “Install” to begin setting up your device. After the software has been properly installed, you can begin using it.

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Features of Instander APK

Follow Celebrities and Influencers

Those interested in keeping up with the latest from their favourite public figures can do so by following their profiles on this app. Anyone who regularly posts content is worth keeping up with. If you come across such profiles and would like to interact with them, you can do so by clicking the “follow” option; I will then begin following them. By doing so, you’ll get access to all of their most recent posts in your feed, including videos, images, and stories.

Become a Creator

The nicest part about this software is that you can make it as well. Following the norms and regulations of the platform, you can take on whatever role you choose as an influencer, blogger, or creator. You can cash in on the sponsored partnerships just like all the other creators with a sizable fan base.

Get Verified Badge

Obtaining Instander‘s “verified” profile badge is a breeze. You don’t have to wait till you reach a specific number of followers to show your thanks to the creator of this app by making a donation. In exchange, the app’s creator will add a verification badge to your profile, allowing you to brag about being a real person when using Instander.

Ghost Mode


This software has a ghost mode where you can browse profiles and read bios without revealing your true identity. Not being exposed to the lives of others whose stories you’d like not hear can be quite a challenge. Turn on ghost mode and take it gently for this purpose. You can also read anyone’s stories without risk of being discovered. It’s the main attraction of the Instander app and the reason why so many people use it.

Download Photos and Videos


The ability to save Instagram videos and photographs was a frequently requested feature. The Instander app now offers this benefit. Simply navigate to the profile of the user you wish to download from, locate the post you wish to save, and then click the download button. In this method, you won’t have any trouble downloading their films or saving their photos.

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Make Close Friends


If you simply want a select few individuals to read your posts instead of everyone, you can make a list of your close friends on our site. Save a list of your closest friends and they will be the only ones who can view your stories when you post them, even if you have a lot of followers.

Enable or Disable Message Replies


Turning on/off the ability for readers to respond to your tales via message is completely optional. You can turn off message replies if you don’t want to be bothered by replies from your admirers and followers. Doing this so no one can bother you is a great way to maintain your sanity.

Save Stories in Archive


The archive folder is where you should put your finished stories if you want to preserve them safe for the foreseeable future. This is a fantastic feature to have if you value your stories and don’t want to lose them, or if you just don’t have the storage capacity for them.

Share Posts and Stories


Content authors with regular profiles have the option of sharing the works of other content providers. You can now tag other users and share their articles or stories directly on your narrative.

Search Button

Of course, this app’s search bar is varied, so it’s easy for users to meet new people by simply typing a name into the bar. If you know a famous person, an artist, or a friend who might be an Instander, you can type their name here. This is a great method to meet new people and broaden your social circle.

No Advertisements

Instand is an ad-free zone. The adverts that pop up or play automatically are quite frustrating. They’re both a pain, so use Instander to get rid of them both and browse Instagram in peace.

Free Downloading

Free downloads of the app and any posts you like are available. There are zero costs involved, and no subscriptions are necessary. This app has no hidden fees, so feel free to use it whatever you choose.

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How to Use Instander Apk

Instand apk is a breeze to use. The brand new instander apk is available for no cost and includes many useful improvements. You can only access your account after first logging in. When you click the top three parallel bars on your profile page, you’ll be taken to the bystander mode. Adjustable parameters mean you can customise your experience exactly how you want it. There are a number of additional functions in this programme, such as the ability to block ads and the sharing of media files.

Is This Safe or Not?

The InStander apk is a trustworthy programme. You can link your Instagram account to this modified apk. We’ll keep you away from the rumours surrounding this software. The updated functionality and user-friendliness of the programme are at your fingertips.


The instander apk for Android phones allows you to share your thoughts and stay in touch with your pals. The most popular social media site has some cool new features you should try out. Any and all information associated with your account is subject to your discretion. We basically gave them all the details they needed to know about the bystander. This section is reserved for a comment session, so if you have any issues or concerns, please feel free to voice them here. You can count on us to be here whenever you need us. Our site’s primary function is to supply you with a wealth of information about the programme.

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