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Instagram Web: How To Post Photos and Videos from Instagram Web Version on Desktop?

Back in its early days, Instagram could only be accessed via a mobile device. Due to the popularity of Instagram, it is now possible to access the app’s content through Instagram Web, which can be accessed from any computer.

How to access Instagram Website

instagram web

The first thing you need to do is go to Instagram.com on your web browser.

A login or registration page will load instantly. Once inside, the layout mirrors that of the app on your phone.

How Instagram Website works

After signing into Instagram from a computer, you’ll find that it’s quite identical to the smartphone app.

Photos are displayed big in the center of the screen.

  •  There are slight differences like icons that appear at the bottom in the mobile version, they are displayed at the top right corner of the web browser.
  •  Stories are shown on the right side when they are normally displayed at the top of the phone.
  • You can like a photo or comment the same way you do it on the phone using the icons that appear under the content:
  •  Clicking the heart icon or twice on the image
instagram web

Differences Between the Instagram Website and The Mobile App

Instagram allows you to access your account from a desktop computer, but there are some restrictions on what you can do once you’re there.

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What You Can’t Do from Instagram on The Web

Although Instagram on a computer looks fairly similar to the mobile version, there are a few key differences that we’ll go over below…

You can’t upload stories

Instagram does not support computer-based story uploads at this time. One can either view one’s own stuff or that of others.

Use shopping on Instagram

As a result, Instagram won’t show you the products you’ve tagged on your photos. This also means that the shopping bag icon will be hidden.

What You Can Do from Instagram Web

Except then, you’re free to use your account for anything you like, such as browsing content, engaging in tabloid-style chat, watching videos, etc. However, there’s one item that can only be done on a computer and not with the mobile app… Do you see it?

Upload images or videos to the feed

You can’t create Stories just yet, but you can post photos and videos to your feed from your desktop computer with Instagram.

It’s simple: just hit the “+” button in the upper right corner. You can upload content from your computer by dragging and dropping it into the appropriate area, and then go through the same steps you would take to upload it from your mobile device, including adding a description, tags, and alt text for the visually impaired.

Pause videos

One of the most noticeable variations between the two is this. Videos can be paused on Instagram by clicking the play button again.

Clicking the video in the mobile app, however, will allow us to toggle the sound on and off.

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How to Turn on The Dark Mode on Instagram Web

instagram web

Instagram now offers a dark style for its online client for those who prefer it to the light theme found in the mobile app. When you leave a PC page or perform an update, the background color reverts to its original light hue, in contrast to the mobile version, which stays dark unless you manually modify it.

If you want a dark theme on Instagram Web, just type “? Theme = dark” after “.com/” or append the bar to the end of the address. You may access these features from your profile or Instagram’s main page.

Instagram, then, is obviously meant to be used primarily by mobile users. When using Instagram’s web client, you may explore public profiles from across the world without signing up for an account or even being logged in.

There’s no time like the present to check out Instagram’s web interface for yourself if you haven’t already. Just do it! You might find it really helpful.

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