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Instagram Aesthetic DP: Tips for Picking the Best Instagram Profile Pic!

The old adage goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” and your Instagram profile photo is no exception.

Because your profile photo is often a visitor’s first impression of you, you should choose it carefully.

Get set to steal the show! Here are five suggestions to help you select the best photo for your Instagram profile.

Tip #1: Use a Headshot or Brand Logo

instagram aesthetic dp

The profile image is the most memorable part of your social media presence.

If you’re running a business centered on a name or line of products, you’ll want to make sure that Instagram users who stumble onto your page learn about you immediately.

Consider your company’s logo or a high-quality photo of your signature product.

However, you may want to utilize a headshot if you are an influencer, creator, or provide a personal service (such as a photographer or life coach).

Why? The “you” in your brand is the most important thing, so it makes sense to introduce yourself immediately away.

On Instagram, a simple headshot or logo can go a long way toward making your business more easily recognizable to your followers.

Clarity is essential, much like in a diamond. For best results, select a high-resolution photograph with good clarity.

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Tip #2: Crop the Perfect Size

Space for your profile image is limited.

Instagram profile pictures need to be circular, so square or 1:1 ratio pictures work best.

They only have a 110-by-110-pixel screen, therefore it’s crucial to maximize their potential.

Instant recognition of a brand is hindered by a photo that is blurry, poorly lit, or poorly composed.

So, if you’re an artist or the public face of a company, trim your beard.

The same guidelines should be followed if you use a trademarked logo or product. To avoid looking like Fish Wife, stick to the middle and only utilize high-quality images.

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Tip #3: Incorporate an Eye-Catching Pop of Color

instagram aesthetic dp

Colors can be used to indicate intentions, set moods, and more.

To attract more attention to your profile and increase your chances of getting a click, you should use an icon with a splash of color that stands out from the others.

This may be accomplished with the use of a piece of clothing, a background, a physical item, or written words.

The appropriate color choice will also make your profile picture stand out among the rest of the crowd.

Chris Corsini, an American Sign Language (ASL) to English (English) interpreter and tarot card reader, has an impressive profile photo in which the neon orange color plays a prominent

Try out different color combinations to see what works best, but be sure to maintain your account’s general style.

Tip #4: Favor Good Lighting

Subtle changes to the lighting can have a significant impact on the overall quality of your profile picture.

Do not apply if your images are blurry or grainy.

When taking a profile picture, it’s best to do so in a well-lit, naturally-occurring environment (during the daytime, if possible) and to stay away from areas with strong shadows.

However, if access to natural light is limited, don’t worry.

Many video producers prefer using artificial lighting, such as a ring lamp because it allows for consistent and well-balanced illumination.

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Tip #5: Use Contrast to Stand Out

instagram aesthetic dp

Although it’s acceptable to utilize a white background, introducing jarring color contrasts can make users pause in their tracks.

Here, have a look at contrast aficionado Samantha Duenas‘s profile picture:

The complementary hues in her headshot really pop.

To add some visual interest to your brand’s portrait or logo, try experimenting with contrasting colors and textures.

The key is to make a statement (with color or a focal wall) without distracting from the main subject.

You (or your logo) should be the focus of your profile image, not the setting.

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Finally, the end!

Having a stellar profile image on Instagram is the first step in launching a successful business. What comes next? Optimizing your Instagram bio link with a unique landing page!

You may extend your brand’s reach and interest in your most recent campaigns, blog posts, products, and more by using Linkin. bio by Later to make a fully-customizable mini-website for your link in bio.

Whether you’re an influencer, creator, or business, a strong profile photo and an on-brand link on a bio landing page will boost your brand’s recognition, inspire new followers, and bring in more hits.

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