How to Update Hbomax App on Samsung Tv

How to Update Hbomax App on Samsung Tv: On A Samsung Smart Tv, How Do You Update Hbo Max in Simple Steps?

Are you trying to find a simple solution to the question of How to Update HBO Max on a Samsung Smart Television?

I’m pleased to inform you that you are in the proper location.

I’ve included thorough step-by-step instructions on how to do it yourself in this article.

Many consumers prefer to update programs manually whenever necessary since they loathe when apps update automatically.

You may also turn on automatic updates in the settings if you don’t want to update the apps by hand.

HBO Max Samsung, a new streaming service from Warner Media, debuted in May 2020 and is currently accessible in a small number of international locations. Both English and Spanish are supported by the service.

HBO Max can possibly be downloaded in a matter of seconds.

how to update hbomax app on samsung tv

Samsung’s Smart TV uses the firm’s proprietary operating system rather than a third-party one like Amazon Fire TV, Google TV, Apple tvOS, or Roku OS.

If your smart TV is compatible with HBO Max Samsung, you must download the app directly from Samsung Experience.

This new streaming service offers a variety of original movies and series, among other things, and includes well-known titles like The Big Band Theory and Friends, among others well-known shows.

Hbo Max Quick Glimpse

On May 27, 2020, Warner Media will launch HBO Max Samsung, a brand-new streaming service.

In an effort to entice customers to switch to HBO Max Samsung, which will be charged at the same rate as a basic HBO plan, or $ 14.99 per month, AT&T gave a special discount.

Subscribers will have access to Netflix’s planned streaming service, which will launch in the fall and include fresh episodes of venerable comedies like Friends and The Big Bang Theory as well as original content.

The query “how to update HBO Max on Samsung Smart TV” is a frequent one among Samsung Smart TV subscribers who have signed up for HBO Max.

If you have been considering the same topic, the information that follows will address all of your inquiries.

On a Samsung Smart Tv, how Do You Get Hbo Max Samsung to Work?

You can find a thorough tutorial for setting up the HBO Max app on a Samsung smart TV here.

Only Samsung smart TV models manufactured in 2016 and later are compatible with the upgraded HBO Max app.

Additionally, you can discover more details in the space below if you’re interested in HBO Max Samsung devices from before 2016.
How can I sign into the HBO Max application on my Samsung Smart TV? I have a Samsung Smart TV.

  • Open the Smart Hub, select Apps, and then look for HBO Max.
  • Choose and download HBO Max from the available options.
  • Open HBO Max Samsung after it has been downloaded.
  • Sign in or create an account to begin your subscription.

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How Can I Sign Into the Hbo Max Application on My Samsung Smart Tv? I Have a Samsung Smart Tv.

In order to sign in to your Samsung Smart TV, you’ll need to have either your phone or a computer nearby.

The following is the procedure for logging in:

1. Click on Sign In from the drop-down menu on your television’s HBO Max screen once it has been launched (or try to play a show or movie).

  • Log in to your account Are you unable to access the site?

It’s possible that you’ve already signed in.

To find out which account you’re currently logged into, select your profile icon (a circle with a letter in the upper-left corner), then scroll right and select Sign Out from the menu.

You may find your account email address in this section.

You can switch between accounts by selecting the Sign Out button, and then logging into your other account.

2. You should be able to view a six-character code. Continue to look at this screen while you go get your phone or computer.

3. In the URL bar of your phone or computer’s web browser, type (which leads to and press Enter. This should take you to a screen where you can enter your code.

4. When prompted by your television, enter the code that appears on the screen and then select Next.

5. Sign in using your television or mobile service provider.

6. Select a service provider (to who you subscribe). If you’re using a computer, select View All Providers from the drop-down menu and then choose your provider.

7. Enter the login and password for your provider account, which includes HBO Max, in the appropriate fields below.

8. Is this your first time logging in? Create an account by entering or verifying your name and email address, and then click Create Account.

Is there a user account? See the following section for more information.

9. Once your television has updated (this may take up to 60 seconds), select who will be watching and you are ready to begin streaming.

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How to Set up Hbo Max on A Samsung Smart Tv that Was Manufactured Prior to The 2016 Model Year.

Chromecast: Stream HBO Max to your television from your phone, tablet, or computer with Chromecast.

  • With AirPlay, you can stream HBO Max to any device that supports AirPlay 2.
  • Connect your computer, phone, or tablet to your television via an HDMI connection.

How to Update Hbo Max on A Samsung Smart Tv in 5 Easy Steps?

Customers of Samsung Smart TVs have frequently complained that they are unable to update the HBO Max app on their televisions in a number of circumstances.

All you have to do to rapidly update the AT&T streaming software installed on your Samsung Smart TV to the most recent version of the application is to simply follow the instructions provided below.

 By hitting the Home button on your Samsung Smart TV, you may access the Smart Hub.

2. Once Smart Hub has been launched, simply pick “Applications” from the drop-down menu.

3. Select the “Settings” icon, which may be found in the top right corner of the screen.

4. To update your TV application, go to “Updates” and select it.

5. To complete the process, simply locate and choose HBO Max” from the drop-down menu, followed by “Update.” It will be simple to make changes to your application.

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Instructions on How to Upgrade Hbo Max on Fire Tv / Firestick and Resolve the Error Message “unsupported Version.”

how to update hbomax app on samsung tv

Since the streaming service released a new version of its app today, some HBO Max apps, including sideloaded ones, are no longer functional.

The program is now showing the “Unsupported Version” message in its place, as seen above.

This will save you from having to reinstall the HBO Max app on your Fire TV or Fire TV Stick, even if it is advised to delete and reinstall the official HBO Max Samsung app rather than updating your sideload software.

This is due to the official Amazon Appstore now carrying the HBO Max Samsung app.

  • As a result of the streaming service’s release of a new version of its app, some HBO Max apps, including sideloaded versions, have been declared useless as of today.
  • Rather than this, the program is now displaying the notice “Unsupported Version,” as illustrated in the screenshot above.
  • It is recommended that you deactivate the HBO Max sideload app rather than update your sideload app.

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How About Deleting and Wanted to Reinstall Hbo Max Samsung App

how to update hbomax app on samsung tv

The only other alternative is to totally erase the software from your TV library and reinstall it if the HBO Max app keeps refusing to update to the most recent version despite your attempts to reset your TV and refresh the TV’s firmware.

Pressing the Home or Menu key on your TV remote will launch Smart Hub, which will enable you to remove the HBO Max app from your Samsung TV.

how to update hbomax app on samsung tv

Select the Apps area from the Smart Hub by navigating through it with the navigation keys on the remove.

Select the Settings icon from the upper right corner of the App screen once it has loaded.

how to update hbomax app on samsung tv

You can now see the HBO Max application on this screen. Then, choose the ‘Delete’ option from the drop-down menu using the Down button or Tools button on your remote.

how to update hbomax app on samsung tv

You will now be prompted by your TV to decide whether to remove the app from your home screen. Choose the ‘Delete’ option from the menu bar to finalize the action.

how to update hbomax app on samsung tv

You can reinstall the program after removing it from your TV by choosing the “Apps” tab on the Smart Hub and following the on-screen directions.

how to update hbomax app on samsung tv

Once you’ve reached the Apps screen, click the Search icon in the upper right corner.

The app will soon show up in the search results once you type “HBO Max” into the search field and press the Enter key.

how to update hbomax app on samsung tv

Once you’ve found the HBO Max app, choose it, and then on the subsequent screen, choose “Install” to download it to your television.

You can now use the most recent version of the HBO Max application on your television.