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How to Turn Off Sticky Keys?[Complete Guide]

Sticky Keys is a handy accessibility feature that enables you to use keyboard shortcuts by hitting one key at a time as opposed to pressing all of the keys simultaneously. There are a few different methods by which you can disable the feature once you have finished using it.

Turn Off Sticky Keys with a Keyboard Shortcut

Sticky Keys can be deactivated in the most expedient manner by using a keyboard shortcut. This keyboard shortcut differs from the majority of keyboard shortcuts in that it allows you to utilize a number of other key combinations in addition to the standard ones.

One option is to use the shift key five times in quick succession. Sticky Keys can also be activated for the first time in this fashion. It also renders it inoperable.

You can also accomplish this by simultaneously pressing two of the following keys: Ctrl, Alt, Shift, or the Windows Key. Any combination of these keys should function if you press them, assuming that the option in the Settings menu to do so is enabled (It is enabled by default.).

how to turn off sticky keys

If it isn’t working, try searching for “Ease of Access” in the box provided by Windows. In the list of results from your search, select “Ease of Access Keyboard Settings.”

how to turn off sticky keys

The window for configuring the Keyboard will appear. Make sure that the checkbox that is located next to “Turn off Sticky Keys when two keys are pressed at the same time” is selected inside the group that is titled “Use Sticky Keys.”

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Turn Off Sticky Keys from the Settings Menu

how to turn off sticky keys

You can disable Sticky Keys by going into the Settings menu and selecting the option to do so. In the Windows Search box, first type “Ease of Access,” and then navigate to the “Ease of Access Keyboard Settings” link in the list of returned results.

how to turn off sticky keys

The Keyboard Settings window will show up at this point. Set the slider for the “Press one key at a time for keyboard shortcuts” option in the “Use Sticky Keys” group to the “Off” setting by toggling the switch there.

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Turn Off Sticky Keys from the Control Panel

how to turn off sticky keys

Sticky Keys can also be disabled via the Control Panel on most computers. When the Sticky Keys feature is activated, a notification icon will show up in the system tray. Perform a double click on the Sticky Keys symbol (the large white rectangle with three smaller rectangles underneath).

how to turn off sticky keys

This will access the settings page in the Control Panel titled “Set Up Sticky Keys.” You should be able to find the option to “Turn On Sticky Keys” near the very top of this page. To disable this feature, you need to uncheck the box that’s next to it.

how to turn off sticky keys

The next step is to select “Apply” from the menu that appears in the lower-right-hand corner of the window.

how to turn off sticky keys

You might decide that Sticky Keys isn’t really for you after using it for a while, but the pop-up might still display if you press Shift five times, which might be distracting if you’re trying to play a game at the time. Don’t worry about it, though. You also have the ability to stop the Sticky Keys notification from showing up!

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