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How to Track Your Air Pods in Any Situation.!

Here’s how to track down your AirPods whether they’re online or offline, and whether or not you own an iPhone.

If you own a set of AirPods, you’ve certainly stood in the middle of a room or the middle of the street, befuddled, trying to find your headphones.

Losing your AirPods may be a financial setback as well as an emotional one.

If you don’t want your AirPods to become part of that statistic, read up on these ingenious techniques to find them in any situation. Included is a bonus tip that will ensure your AirPods are never lost again.

How to Set up The “Find My” App

how to track airpods

When you launch Find My on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac, your AirPods should appear under the Devices menu. Select one to see an interactive map showing its precise position. If your AirPods have run out of juice or become disconnected, their last known position will be displayed. If you have an iCloud account, you may access the same space online.

If your AirPods have gone missing from the map, you may be alerted when they rejoin by using the Notify When Found toggle option in the Notifications section. There’s no guarantee they’ll turn up again, but at least you won’t have to check to Find My every ten minutes to see whether your missing belongings have shown up.

Whatever generation of AirPods you have, you will have access to the Directions button. Despite its lack of precision, this will lead you to the last known position of your Bluetooth earphones. The functionality of the original AirPods, however, stops there.

You’ll also see a button labeled “Directions” if you’re looking for your AirPods 3rd Gen, AirPods Pro, or AirPods Max.  Ultra Wideband (UWB) chips are included in these gadgets, allowing for more accurate location tracking when used in conjunction with an iPhone equipped with UWB (so the iPhone 11 and later).

In the Find My app, the Find button will be active if both your iPhone and AirPods support ultra-wide-band (UWB) signals. In the same way that you may try to locate an airbag, it will help you find your AirPods with greater precision. Follow the on-screen prompts to locate your missing electronics (if you need to, you can switch between the left and the right AirPod).

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What if Your Lost Air Pods Aren’t Near Your Phone?

how to track airpods

That’s helpful if you misplaced your AirPods in the immediate area, but what if they wandered off? Like with AirTags, Apple uses every iPhone in the globe to look for the signals that your AirPods are sending out (anonymously and securely).

To locate your AirPods, go to Find Me and choose them. Then, select Mark As Lost from the Device Details tab’s Actions menu.

If you pick Continue when someone discovers your AirPods, they will be able to read your contact information. Their reported location will be sent to your smartphone via text message. While in lost mode, your AirPods are associated with your Apple ID, which stops anybody else from using them.

Additionally, we should highlight a few other features. You may also use the AirPods’ sound feature to locate them by going to the Find My app and tapping the device, then tapping the Play Sound option. You’ll see this choice on the Find screen when employing UWB to look for a misplaced device.

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How to Never Lose Your Air Pods Again

how to track airpods

Amazingly, misplaced AirPods may be located using a smartphone app. Although tracking them down is tempting, it’s not the greatest option. To do so, open Find Me and choose the Notify When Left Behind option.

What this does is precisely what you’d expect: it alerts your iPhone whenever one of your AirPods disconnects from your device. Using airbags, may be done again if necessary.

Thanks to the integration of these technologies, misplacing your AirPods should become increasingly difficult in the future. You may stop the Find My app from tracking your AirPods by tapping the Remove This Device option at the very bottom of the AirPods item. In other words, you won’t be able to locate them or see them on the map.

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