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How To Screenshot On HP? [Quick Guide]

In the field of information technology, HP is among the most recognizable names in the business. One or more of the many HP products that exist may be familiar to you. Nowadays people have spent more and more time using laptops and computers. But there are some the functions like quick screenshots you may not know with. So, how to snap a quick screenshot on an HP computer? Here, we’ll show you four different ways to snap screenshots on HP PCs running Windows 10/8/7 in a hurry.

Part 1. 3 Free Ways to Take a Screenshot on HP Computer

Screenshot on HP with Default PrtSc key

how to screenshot on hp

The HP PCs here only run Windows or Chrome. The PrtSc key on a Windows laptop keyboard is the simplest way to capture a screenshot on an HP computer.

If your HP laptop is running Windows 10 or Windows 8, you can utilize the PrtSc (Print Screen) key on the right corner of the keyboard, near to Delete key. With the PrtSc keyboard, you may snap a full-screen snapshot.


To take a screenshot on an HP laptop, simply hit the PrtSc key if it is located to the right of the f-keys on the same row. If the PrtSc key is located above or below the function keys, you can take a screenshot on an HP by pressing Fn + PrtSc, or by pressing Windows + PrtSc on the numeric keypad.

Screenshot on HP with Sinpping Tool

how to screenshot on hp

If you have an HP computer running Windows 10, Windows 8, or Windows 7, clicking the Start button will bring up a search bar where you can type “Snipping Tool.” You can alternatively hit Windows + R keys to launch the Run window and enter Snipping Tool in the search field.

As you open Snipping Tool on your HP laptop, pick the drop-down button of Mode to choose the kind of snip you desire. Grayscale will fill the entire display once a cut has been made. Afterward, you can take a screenshot on HP.

New can be clicked or Ctrl + N used to immediately begin snipping. Next, use the mouse to draw a box around the target region. A screenshot can then be saved to your HP laptop as a JPG or PNG file.

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Screengrab on HP with Snip & Sketch

how to screenshot on hp

Snip & Sketch is a screenshot tool that can be used on HP computers to capture the entire screen or just a select region. The screenshots are copied to the clipboard where they may be easily pasted into an email or a Word document or saved as JPGs.

Step 1.

You may launch Snip & Sketch with a single click of the

Windows + Shift + S keyboard combo. When you use the crosshair cursor, the screen will gradually fade to white.

Step 2.

The screenshot you take will be copied to your clipboard when you specify the screen region.

Step 3.

To insert the screenshot into an application, open it and use the Ctrl + V keys. Once in the editing program on the HP PC, you can save the screenshot as a JPG or PNG.


Use the PrtScn button to launch screen snipping by going to Settings > Ease of Access > Keyboard > Print Screen shortcut and turning on the Use the PrtScn button to open the screen snipping option.

Part 2. How to Screenshot on HP with Screen Capture Tool

Your HP laptop may have issues with shortcut keys and the Print Screen button at times. The aforementioned standard approaches to image altering have certain restrictions. Take a screenshot quickly without using your HP laptop’s Print Screen button with the help of the professional software Widmore Screen Recorder. It also offers several editing tools for enhancing the captured image in real-time on Windows 10/8/7 computers and Macs. You may easily record any part of your HP computer screen or capture screenshots with this simple utility.

How to Take a Screenshot with Screen Recorder on An HP laptop

how to screenshot on hp

Step 1. Select Screen Capture

Widmore Screen Recorder is a free programme that can be downloaded and used on a computer. To start recording your screen, select Screen Capture from the main menu.

Step 2. Take a screenshot

how to screenshot on hp

You can take a screenshot of just one window or the entire screen on your HP computer by highlighting the area you want to capture with the cursor and clicking it. Rectangular regions can also be selected by dragging the mouse.

Step 3. Edit screenshot

Following selection, you’ll have the option to add a rectangle, arrow, line, text, or paint color to the snapshot. The screenshot can then be saved to your HP PC by clicking the “Save” button.

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Part 3. FAQs of Screenshot on HP Laptop

How do I activate the Print Screen button?

In Windows 10, select Ease of Access from the Settings menu. Go to the left menu and select Keyboard. Then, toggle the switch next to PrtScn to activate the Print Screen shortcut.

Why is Print Screen not working?

It’s possible that an antiquated keyboard driver or OS is to blame for the issue. The OS and keyboard drive can be upgraded. Furthermore, you can verify whether or not the Print Screen key is active on your HP machine.

Where is the Print Screen key on the HP laptop?

On an HP laptop, you’ll find the Print Screen key between the Pause and Delete buttons, just below the Insert key. To capture a screenshot, just press and hold the Fn key and the PrtSc key at the same time.


Specifically, we demonstrated how to take a screenshot on HP notebooks and desktops. On an HP laptop or desktop, you can use the built-in screenshot tool. Using Widmore Screen Recorder, you may annotate your screenshots with text, arrows, and other forms. In addition, it’s a high-quality screen recorder that may capture any region of your machine.

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