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How to Remove Bookmarks on Mac? (Safari, Chrome, and Firefox)

The accumulation of bookmarks in a computer browser can quickly become overwhelming. Bookmarks were created to make returning to your favorite sites easier, but having too many of them can slow you down. Due to this, it’s possible that certain eliminations will be necessary.

In this article, we’ll teach you how to remove bookmarks from Safari, Chrome, and Firefox on a Mac.

How to Remove Bookmarks in All Browsers on Mac

Almost always, you can access your bookmarked websites on a Mac by selecting View > All Bookmarks from the browser’s menu. You may also use this area to organize your bookmarked pages.

Nevertheless, you’ll likely need to take a few further measures in order to remove bookmarks from your Mac. How to do it in the four most popular browsers on a Mac is detailed below.

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How to Delete Bookmarks in Safari

how to remove bookmarks on mac

Select the bookmark you want to delete by clicking Control-clicking it and choosing Delete from the context menu that appears after clicking the Sidebar button in the top left of the window and selecting Bookmarks.

The saved bookmark will be removed instantly.

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How to Delete Bookmarks in Google Chrome

how to remove bookmarks on mac

If you use Chrome instead of Safari (and you wouldn’t be alone, as Chrome is widely regarded as the best browser on Mac), removing bookmarks is accomplished in much the same way.

If you want to get rid of a bookmark in Google Chrome for Mac, select it, then go to Bookmarks > Bookmark Manager (you can also find this option in the More menu). Navigate to the bookmarked page you wish to remove, click the More button on the right, and then choose Delete from the menu that appears.

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How to Delete Bookmarks in Mozilla Firefox

how to remove bookmarks on mac

It’s simple to remove a bookmark from Mozilla Firefox. In order to delete a bookmarked page, simply open the page in question, click the star icon that appears in the URL bar, and then select Remove Bookmark from the menu that appears.

To use the second method to remove bookmarks from Firefox on a Mac, click the Menu button (three vertical dots) at the top of the browser. Select Bookmarks, then right-click the needed bookmark in the list and select Delete Bookmark from the context menu.

Keep Your Bookmarks Organized with The Bookmark Manager

how to remove bookmarks on mac

Getting the bookmarks on your Mac in order requires more than just getting rid of the ones you don’t need. Use the browser’s bookmark manager to sort similar bookmarks into subfolders.

You can get a window displaying all of your bookmarks from the Bookmarks menu in Safari, Chrome, or Firefox on your Mac. From there, click Edit Bookmarks, Bookmark Organizer, or Manage Bookmarks.

Here you can utilize the available options to organize your bookmarks into subfolders and subgroups, or just rearrange them by dragging and dropping.

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How Do You Delete Multiple Bookmarks at Once on Mac?

Delete numerous bookmarks at once to save time if you have a large number to remove. To do this, launch your favorite browser’s bookmark manager.

Holding Shift when clicking on two bookmarks selects all bookmarks in between while holding Command selects many bookmarks at once regardless of their order. It’s as simple as selecting what you want to get rid of and then pressing the Delete key.

How Do You Recover Deleted Bookmarks on Mac?

Once deleted from a Mac, bookmarks cannot be recovered. If you sync your browser settings across devices, erasing a bookmark on your Mac will have the same effect on all the devices you use.

However, if you immediately hit Command + Z to undo the deletion, the bookmark will likely be restored.

If it’s too late, you’ll have to reload the relevant web page and save it as a new bookmark.

How Do You Delete Favorites in Safari on Mac?

If you’re familiar with Safari, you’ll know that the Favorites bar is essentially just another bookmarking system. Simply open Safari’s bookmark manager and drag and drop bookmarks into or out of the Favorites folder to make changes to the sites saved there.

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