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How to Recall Email in Outlook? Other Easy Solutions

Perhaps, in a moment of anger, you sent someone a hurtful email. Or perhaps you sent an important company email but neglected to include an attachment that your coworkers would require.

If you’re using Outlook, you’re in luck; there is a way to get it back. That’s because problems like these have a built-in fix in Microsoft’s email client:

The ability to unsend email messages. Your receiver won’t have to see that half-finished, angry, or otherwise unpleasant email you sent them thanks to the recall feature.

If you need to retrieve an old email in Outlook, just follow these simple steps. Below the recall instructions is a tutorial on how to delay your emails in Outlook (to avoid sending out similar emails by accident in the future).

How to Recall an Email in Outlook

Step 1:

To retrieve an old email, go to your Sent Items folder and scan the list; the one you’re looking for should be near the top. Please double-click the email icon to open it completely before proceeding.

Step 2:

To bring up the Message tab, click it on the toolbar. Click the More Move Actions button, represented by a letter and an envelope, in the Move section.

Step 3:

Select the message from the drop-down menu and click the Recall This Message button.

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Step 4:

To get the most out of a ribbon interface using its streamlined mode, try: Go to the Messages menu, click the More Options drop-down arrow, pick Actions, and finally click the Recall This Message button.

how to recall email in outlook

Step 5:

As soon as you click on the link, a new window will open on your screen. Either all unread copies of this message will be deleted, or you can choose to have all unread copies deleted and a new message sent in their stead.

You can choose to have Outlook send you a message when the procedure completes successfully or fails. To proceed, please make your selection(s) and then click OK. If you got rid of the text, good for you! In case you’re looking to swap it out, read on.

how to recall email in outlook

Step 6:

By selecting the Replace option, Outlook will bring up a new window where you may make changes to the original message. As you compose your new email, Outlook recalls your old message and provides a notification (if you choose that option) (if you selected that option). When you’re happy with the edited message, click the Send button.

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Alternatives to Recalling an Email

Solution 1:

Email an apology to the person. It’s the simplest approach, other than verifying to see if emails went to the right persons. If you sent an email to the wrong person or people and it wasn’t very sensational, it’s probably best to just admit your error and apologize than to try to track down the right people and explain what happened. Sincere apologies are often favorably received and can even foster greater levels of trust between parties. Then you can all go on.

Option 2:

Delay your emails, so they don’t send instantly. If you’re constantly reacting to emails, sending private info back and forth, or are just prone to slip-ups, you might want to start postponing your emails. By following these easy steps, you’ll have this functionality applied to all of your Outlook messages.

Step 1: Select File in the upper-left corner of Outlook.

Step 2: Scroll down a bit and click Manage Rules & Alerts.

Step 3: The *Rules and Alerts**window will pop up on your screen. From here, select the *New Rule* option.

how to recall email in outlook

Step 4:

The new window will pop up automatically. Select the box labeled Apply Rule to My Outgoing Messages. This is outlined underneath the Blank Canvas Stipulation. To proceed, please click the Next button.

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Step 5:

Just ignore the rest of the prerequisites and press Next to proceed. A confirmation window will then load. To confirm, please select Yes.

Step 6:

Delay Shipping option will be available. With the choice of Minutes. Click on the A Number Of link. Upon seeing this, a window will open up asking for your desired time frame. Enter the desired time (up to 120 minutes) and confirm with the OK button. When you’re done reading, proceed by selecting the Next button.

If you need to make any adjustments, you can do so in Step 7 by choosing the appropriate adjustments. Then proceed by selecting the Next option.

Step 8:

If the option is available, give your rule a name and then select Turn On This Rule. Press the Finish button when you’re done.

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