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How to Delete All Emails on Gmail? [Complete Info]

Whether your Gmail account is overflowing with emails or you simply want to purge it, knowing how to delete them all can give you a fresh start. Even so, free webmail services aren’t as restrictive as they used to be. There are a variety of reasons why decluttering your email is still beneficial.

Your email inbox may be overflowing, or you may have archived all of your emails offline and are looking to free up some space on the internet. It doesn’t matter why you’re starting over on Gmail; it’s an easy process. In this article, we explain how to erase all of your Gmail emails.

1. Select the Category of The Email You Want to Delete

how to delete all emails on gmail

Email in Gmail is divided into three sections: Primary, Social, and Promotions.

To make things simpler, I’ll walk through the “Promotions” section of my Gmail inbox to show you how to delete all of the emails in that folder. To clear a tab, simply click on the one you wish to remove.

2. Press the Tick Box to Select All

A little checkbox is prominently displayed above the search bar and tab selection. If you check this box, then all of the emails on the page will be selected for forwarding. To get rid of everything, we’ll go on to the following stage if you’ve got more than 50 emails on your list.

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3. Add in The Emails Not Displayed on The Page

how to delete all emails on gmail

Everything on the page (apart from inbox advertisements) will be selected when you tick the box, however, an easily overlooked text will appear above the tabs: It’s a list of all 50 conversations on this page. X talks under the Promotions section should be selected. When you click the second sentence, everything in the category will be highlighted and ready to be deleted.

4. Hit the Delete Button

The garbage can-shaped icon is the fourth from the bottom, just below the search box. Decide how many emails you want to remove before you see the pop-up asking whether you’re sure you want to do it.

5. Await Confirmation

how to delete all emails on gmail

As a result, this process may take some time if you have several emails to deal with Even though I only had 3,404 items to purge, it took about 15 seconds.

A tiny confirmation pop-up appears in the lower left-hand corner once the process is complete. Be aware that while it initially appeared that nothing had been removed, a fast refresh revealed that everything had really been destroyed.

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6. Empty the Trash and Repeat the Process for Other Tabs

Erased emails will remain in your trash folder for 30 days until they are officially deleted by Google, so this is an optional step.

Alternatively, you can go to the Trash folder and manually empty it. Then repeat steps 2-6 for the Primary and Social tabs, and your Gmail inbox will be bare.

To learn more about additional Gmail features, such as how to use Gmail’s scheduling feature or how to update your Gmail password, continue reading this tutorial.


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