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How to Delete a Reddit Account: [Complete Guide]

It’s no secret that Reddit is a major player when it comes to the realm of social media. With its many communities, or “subreddits,” users may discuss topics of interest and publish their own content as well as comment on that posted by others.

Though Reddit boasts over 430 million MAU as of February 2021, many users are considering leaving the site. In such a case, please continue reading.

Reddit is a great way to meet new people, but it also takes time and creates more digital clutter. Additionally, there have been previous data privacy concerns with the site. Users have always been dissatisfied with social sites like Reddit for sharing their data with third parties. While GDPR compliance can aid in closing these voids, many businesses are still not yet up to par.

Have you heard that your Reddit profile contains a setting to disable information sharing? Since this is not something that Reddit actively promotes, probably not.

If you have serious concerns about the security of your personal information on Reddit, you may be thinking about leaving the site.

How to Delete a Reddit Account

With all of that out of the way, here’s how you delete your Reddit account:

With a Reddit Premium Subscription

If you are a Reddit Premium member, simply deactivating your account will not cancel your subscription, so make sure to follow these steps first.

  • If you purchased a subscription using an Apple ID, go to the Manage Subscriptions section of the Apple App Store, select Reddit Premium from the list of subscriptions and cancel it. Or, you can do this from your device’s Account Settings.
  • If you purchased the subscription using Google Play, go to the Subscriptions section of Google Play and select Reddit Premium from the list of subscriptions to cancel it.
  • If you purchased your subscription with Paypal, log in to your Paypal account and go to the Payments section. Under Payment Settings, select, Preapproved Payments. Select Reddit Premium from the list of subscriptions and cancel it.
  • For a subscription purchased using a credit card, log in to reddit.com and cancel your subscription from the Reddit Premium section of User Settings.

On Desktop

In order to successfully deactivate your Reddit account from your desktop, please take into mind the following:

Removal of Previous Comments and Posts
You may be wondering, “If I deactivate my Reddit account, will all of my posts and comments also be deleted?” after making the decision to do so. And, actually, no. Though your profile name will now read [Deleted], whatever material you’ve uploaded will remain viewable on Reddit. Before you cancel your account, it’s best practise to remove all of your previous posts and comments.

That has to be done individually for each comment and post.

  • Log in to your account.
how to delete reddit account
  • Click on Posts at the top of the page, next to Overview.
  • Click on the three dots that you see below your post to open the overflow menu, in which you will see the Delete option.
  • Click on it to remove the post. Do the same for any comments.

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Deleting Your Reddit Account

  • Navigate to the top right of your screen and locate User Settings below Profile.
  • Click on User Settings and scroll down the screen to find the Deactivate Account option, shown in red.
  • Select the Account Deactivation button. If you choose to deactivate your account, Reddit will present a window asking you to explain why. Kindly enter your login details. Make sure you click the box that says “I realize that deactivated accounts are not recoverable.” At this point, the Deactivate button can be used to continue.

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  • You will see another popup asking you to confirm if you want to deactivate the account. Click on Deactivate to complete the deletion.
  • If your account was created by using your Google account or Apple ID, navigate to the Connected Accounts section and click disconnect next to the Google account or Apple ID that you signed up from.

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On Mobile Device

  • Log in to your Reddit account.
  • Tap on the icon in the top left of your screen to view your profile.
  • Click on Settings. Scroll down and click on Help FAQ.
  • You will see the Reddit Help screen with a search input box. Type in “Deactivate” and you will see the article “How do I deactivate my account?” at the top of the search results.
  • Click on the article title hyperlink to view it.
  • Click on the link given in the article; you will see the deactivation screen, which is pretty much the same as on a PC.
  • In order to deactivate your account, please provide a detailed explanation and provide your login credentials. If you want to confirm that you understand that deleted accounts are permanently gone, select this box. To continue, hit the “deactivate account” button.
  • As a double check, Reddit will provide you with a confirmation prompt before completing the deactivation. To permanently remove your account, select “Deactivate.”

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If you’re quitting Reddit for reasons related to data privacy, you should use the same caution when using other social networking platforms. Identity theft and burglaries can result from carelessly divulged personal information such as age, location, and holiday plans.

Read the sites’ privacy regulations before posting anything and think twice before letting the world know personal details about you. Don’t give social networking sites permission to track your whereabouts, and make sure your posts are only visible to those you know and trust.

Is there anything else you ran across when trying to cancel your Reddit account that we didn’t cover here? Please share your thoughts in the section below.

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