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How to Connect Xbox Controller to Xbox? [Complete Guide]

A controller can be paired with an Xbox in either of two ways. The Xbox One and Xbox Series controllers are backward-compatible, allowing you to use them with your previous-generation Xbox console (and vice versa).

Pair a Controller with a USB Cable

how to connect xbox controller to xbox

USB cables make controller pairing the quickest and easiest method. After powering on your console, connect the cable’s controller end to your controller and the console end to a USB-A port. You may activate the controller by holding the Xbox button on the front, and it will connect to the system automatically.

With a charged AA or rechargeable battery installed in the controller, you can ditch the wired connection and play cordlessly. If the controller’s battery is dead or has run out of charge, you can keep it powered via a computer’s USB port.

If you don’t have a long enough USB cable to reach a wall outlet or portable battery, you can still charge your controller by connecting it to any other USB device.

The original Xbox One controller uses a mini-USB cable, however, the newer Series X and Series S controllers use a USB-C cable. Even though a compatible USB cable is included with the Xbox Series X, owners of the Xbox One may need to buy a separate play and charge kit.

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Pair a Controller via Bluetooth

With an active (battery-equipped) controller, Bluetooth pairing is an alternative to using a USB cable if one is unavailable. At the outset, power up your gaming system and give it a few moments to boot up. Then, press and hold the Xbox button on the front of the controller to activate it.

Locate the button on your device that allows you to pair devices. This button may be found on the front of Xbox One Series X and Series S consoles next to the USB-A port.

how to connect xbox controller to xbox

The Xbox button sits on the right side of the Xbox One X and One S.

how to connect xbox controller to xbox

The button may be found on the original Xbox One console’s left side, in the corner near the optical disc port.

how to connect xbox controller to xbox

When you press this button, the Xbox goes into its pairing mode. Now, along the top of your Xbox wireless controller, press and hold the pairing button while connecting to your Xbox.

how to connect xbox controller to xbox

After the button on the Xbox flashes to indicate that it is in pairing mode, the console should be able to pair with another Xbox console that is nearby.

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