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How to Add Widgets: The Easiest Way to Customize Your iPhone Lock Screen Using Widgets!

Apple introduced a major update to the iOS Lock Screen in iOS 16, making it more adaptable than ever and able to show off information-rich widgets. With the upcoming release of iOS 16, this post will show you how to customize your iPhone’s Lock Screen with a few useful widgets.

For a while now, Android phones have had exclusive access to Lock Screen Widgets, so it’s great to know that iOS 16 will bring them to iPhones this autumn. The Lock Screen, which you can personalize with different fonts, colors, and, for the first time, widgets, gives you quick access to information without having to access the iPhone’s Home Screen or Today view.

Above the clock on the Lock Screen, you can place a number of different widgets, such as an additional time zone, an alarm, the next event on your calendar, the current weather, your activity rings, an upcoming reminder, or a stock of your choosing. On the Lock Screen, a widget can be placed next to the date and above the digital clock.

Below the clock, you may set a variety of widgets that provide a wealth of additional information, such as a calendar, fitness tracker, home screen shortcuts, news feed, reminders, stock quotes, and the weather. Below the clock, you have the option of adding up to four square symbol-based widgets, two rectangle widgets with additional information, or a mix of two square widgets and one rectangular widget.

In order to begin customizing your Lock Screen with widgets, simply unlock your iPhone using Face ID or Touch ID, and then long press the Lock Screen to access the Lock Screen gallery. These instructions will help you finish up the remaining steps.

What Do Widgets Do?

The benefits of iPad widgets are hard to ignore. Through the use of widgets, you may quickly access data from your apps. If you have the Weather app installed, for instance, you can use a widget to view the current weather without ever launching the whole program. The News app widget can display the day’s most important headlines on the iPad’s Home Screen, and you can tap on those headlines to get straight to the articles that pique your interest.

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Adding Widgets to Your Lock Screen

  • Tap the frame either above or below the time to bring up the widgets selector.
  • Tap any of the suggested widgets at the top of the widgets selector to add them to the frame.
how to add widgets
  • You can also tap from the column list of apps to choose from a range of widgets available for each app. Swipe to the one you want, then tap it or drag it to the frame to place it where you want.
  • When you’re finished arranging your widgets, tap Done in the top-right corner of the screen.
  • Tap the current Lock Screen in the wallpaper gallery to activate it.
how to add widgets

With the release of iOS 16 and the introduction of Apple’s new WidgetKit API, third-party app developers will be able to make their own widgets for the Lock Screen.

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