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How Long Does the Hourglass Last on Snapchat 2022: What Does Snapchat’s Hourglass Mean?

In fact, some of Snapchat’s random icons are so strange that it’s challenging to understand their purpose. But if you’re a serious Snapchat user, you should be aware of the meaning behind these icons. They contribute to communicating crucial information about your Snapchat usage, and particularly, your Snapstreak.

One such symbol that provides details about your Snapchat usage is the hourglass. Here is all the information you require regarding the Hourglass icon, including its duration and the reason for its initial appearance.

What Does the Hourglass Icon Mean on Snapchat?

how long does the hourglass last on Snapchat 2022:

A countdown timer resembles the hourglass icon. This indicator was added by Snapchat to alert users when their Snapstreak with another user is about to expire and to prompt them to take action so that the streak continues. It simply serves as a signal that your performance is slipping and that you need to boost your Snapchat game in order to get the lit/fire icon, which signifies that you’re on your Snapstreak, to replace the hourglass indicator once more. Remember that a Snapstreak is determined by the number of snaps you send, not by any kind of textual exchange.

Just when both of your Snapstreaks are ready to finish, an icon appears next to both your profile and the profile icon of the contact you’ve been exchanging Snaps with.

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How Long Does the Hourglass Last on Snapchat?

Unless you want a Snapstreak relationship with another user to cease, the display of the Hourglass icon is unquestionably a bad thing. There have been discussions about the duration of the icon and, consequently, your window of chance to extend a Snapstreak. The Hourglass icon is said to persist between four and seven hours, contrary to some earlier Reddit discussions that claim the streak lasts for two to three hours. The timing of the hourglass icon and the duration of its stay are both somewhat mysterious.

Because no two Snapstreaks are the same, it’s possible that the hourglass icon is whimsical in both its form and timeframe. When a Snapstreak has been active for several weeks, Snapchat may display an hourglass with a larger window than usual, whereas streaks that have just been active for a few days may display an hourglass with a much smaller window. Your Snapstreak’s duration determines the window of opportunity.

How to Avoid the Hourglass Icon on Your Snapchat?

Every Snapstreak is computed during a 24-hour period. This means that in order to avoid the Hourglass indicator, at least one Snap (not a chat) must be sent between you and another user from both ends inside the 24-hour window. The terrible hourglass icon will appear at the tail end of the 24-hour span, the lit/fire icon will vanish, and your countdown will start if no Snaps are traded. Here are some tips to help you stay away from the Hourglass icon on Snapchat.

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Snap for Snap’s Sake

Take a blank or blacked-out shot to at least keep the hourglass icon at bay if sustaining your Snap streak is more essential than the type of Snap you’re sending. To avoid surprising the other party with the pointless snap, make sure to let them know that you are doing this.

What to Do if The Hourglass Icon Appears Despite Maintaining a Snapstreak?

There have been a few instances where the lit/fire icon may first display and then disappear, casting doubt on the user’s sincerity in keeping their Snapstreak. It’s preferable in this situation to get in touch with Snapchat support and let them know about the issue. The hourglass icon will vanish and the Snapstreak icon will reappear next to your profile after the Snapchat support staff has resolved your problem.

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