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FMwhatsapp Download: FM Whats App Apk Download Latest Version for Android Device!

Having additional options and features in apps is essential in today’s world. As a result, we despise programs that promise but do not provide the functionality we require. Consider WhatsApp; it’s the best Android messaging software, but more and more people are switching to modded versions. Why? For the simple reason that there are more options and customizations available in modded versions of the app, such as FMWhatsApp and GBWhatsApp.

And if you’ve used WhatsApp Messenger before, you know that you can’t send extremely large files or message to more than five people simultaneously. Download FMWhatsApp to get rid of WhatsApp Messenger’s limitations and enjoy all of its capabilities. First, let me give you a little more background, and then I’ll provide you a link to download FMWhatsApp v9.35.

What is FMWhatsApp?

fmwhatsapp download

As one of the best WhatsApp add-ons available, it was created by the renowned Fouad MODS team. FMWhatsApp is an alternative messaging app that adds extra capabilities on top of WhatsApp’s standard chat functionality. Signing up for FMWhatsApp with your existing WhatsApp mobile number grants you access to all of the app’s additional features. You may rest assured that no one in your contact list will ever learn that you’re using a WhatsApp tweak.

Furthermore, if you value your privacy, it is strongly recommended that you switch to FMWhatsApp. You’ll have access to a plethora of options, such as “Freeze Last Seen,” “Add Restrictions to Calling,” “Hide View Status,” and many more. The article will continue on to detail all of its security options.

In addition to its security characteristics, it allows you to bypass any restrictions on file sharing while communicating with your friends and transfer any size file without worrying about anyone seeing it. In WhatsApp, the maximum file size for a video is 16 megabytes. Video files larger than 700Mb can be uploaded to FMWhatsApp, which is fantastic. FMWhatsApp will have no usage limits and is completely hassle-free to use.

Download FMWhatsApp v9.35 Latest for Android 2022

fmwhatsapp download

You can rest assured that your experience downloading FMWhatsApp v9.35 from us will be smooth and hassle-free. But fret not, for herein lies an immediate download link for FMWhatsApp. All it takes is a single tap on your mobile device to start the download. Furthermore, if a new version of FMWhatsApp is released, we promptly update the URLs. So, this is the best place to come for the most recent revision.

FMWhatsApp File Details

Size52.2 MB
Package Namecom.fmwhatsapp
Android requires5.1 or above
DeveloperFouad MODS
Updated on11 August 2022

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How to Download FMWhatsApp v9.35 on Android Phone

The steps below will show you how to install FMWhatsApp v9.35 on your Android device.

1st Step – First, Click on the above download button of FMWhatsApp.

2nd Step – Tap on the Download button to receive the download request on your browser.

3rd Step – Wait for a few seconds to let Google Drive send the FMWhatsApp file and then accept the download request.

4th Step – Wait for the FMWhatsApp file to get successfully downloaded on your phone.

The procedure for installing FMWhatsApp v9.35 on an Android device is as follows. If you follow the instructions above to the letter, you will be able to obtain the download. Now that you have the file, I will explain how to set it up.

How to Install FMWhatsApp v9.35 on Android Phone

FMWhatsApp may be installed quickly and easily on any Android device that meets the app’s minimum hardware and software requirements. Let me start by explaining what you’ll need to have before installing FMWhatsApp, and then I’ll give you a hand with the setup and initialization.

FMWhatsApp Requirement

Android5.1 or above
RAM1 GB or more
Storage800 Mb or more
Processor1.4GHz, Dual-core

You can download and use FMWhatsApp v9.35 on your phone if it meets these requirements. Let me walk you through the steps of downloading and launching FMWhatsApp right now.

FMWhatsApp Installation Steps

1st Step – Firstly, make sure that Google Play Protect is disabled because it may block the FMWhatsApp installation.

fmwhatsapp download

2nd Step – Go to the Android Settings>Security>Turn on Unknown sources. By doing that, you will get allowed to install any application manually on your phone.

fmwhatsapp download

3rd Step – Now, open the browser and go to the download section. Tap on the downloaded FMWhatsApp APK to open the installer.

4th Step – Hit the Install button to start installing FMWhatsApp on your Android phone.

fmwhatsapp download

5th Step – Wait for it to get completely installed and then press the Done button to exit the installer. Don’t press the open button directly from the installer.

fmwhatsapp download

6th Step – Now you have successfully installed the FMWhatsApp on your Android.

If you follow the instructions above, you should have no trouble getting FMWhatsApp installed on your phone. However, there is an issue with the process: Play Protect will not allow the installation to proceed because of the app’s alterations.

You have to turn off FMWhatsApp on your phone before you can use it. Assuming you have successfully installed FMWhatsApp on your mobile device, I shall proceed to instruct you on how to use it.

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How to Get Started with FMWhatsApp v9.35 on Phone

The FMWhatsApp v9.35 installation process is incomplete without a primer on how to use the software. I’ll explain how to join FMWhatsApp and start using it right now on your mobile device.

1st Step – Launch FMWhatsApp App from your phone’s app drawer.

fmwhatsapp download

2nd Step – Allow all the permissions like Storage, Contact, Phone, Messages, etc.

fmwhatsapp download

3rd Step – Press on Agree and Continue.

fmwhatsapp download

4th Step – Enter your Mobile Number which you want to use for the FMWhatsApp account. You can use the same mobile number that you were using for WhatsApp.

fmwhatsapp download

5th Step –To confirm your mobile phone number by OTP, click Next and then OK. Your cell number will be confirmed instantly if it matches the one stored on your phone. If you don’t get the OTP, you’ll have to manually verify your mobile number.

fmwhatsapp download

6th Step – After that, fill in your profile details such as Name, Profile picture, etc. You can also do it later from the profile settings of FMWhatsApp.

fmwhatsapp download

7th Step – After completing your profile information, clicking the next button will take you to the FMWhatsApp v9.35 Changelog. If you want to know what’s new in the most recent build, you can find out by reading that. Then, after reviewing the changes, click the OK button to exit the window.

8th Step –

FMWhatsApp is now available for your use.

This concludes the installation and setup instructions for FMWhatsApp 9.35. The latest version of FMWhatsApp, 9.35, includes a plethora of modifications and new features that will likely impress you. Let me show you the updated changelog to explain all the improvements and additions.

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FMWhatsApp v9.35 Features

FMWhatsApp v9.35, like many other MOD Apps, boasts a number of features that are welcome additions for any user. When you discover all of this app’s amazing capabilities, you might find yourself preferring it to WhatsApp. It comes with a plethora of options in areas including Tools, Personalization, and Privacy. So, without further ado, allow me to detail each of its salient qualities.

Privacy Features

In large part, FMWhatsApp’s popularity can be attributed to the app’s secure communication options. I’ve already mentioned how FMWhatsApp’s Privacy settings are above average for messaging apps. Come, I’ll show you how secure it is in every way

Freeze Last Seen

fmwhatsapp download

Many WhatsApp users prefer to keep their last saw secret for reasons of privacy and security. Unfortunately, there is currently no option in WhatsApp Messenger that would allow them to do so. Developer Fouad MODS has developed a much-requested feature for FMWhatsApp, allowing users to temporarily pause their last seen. When enabled in FMWhatsApp’s personal settings, the last seen will remain frozen. And until you turn this function off, everyone on WhatsApp will only see your last known online status.

Anti-Delete Status

As soon as you turn on this function, you’ll be able to view the status updates and stories that your contacts have removed. The Anti-Delete Status function prevents your contacts from erasing your status on your behalf. You can also use this function to observe the stupid status that the user just added and then quickly removed. If you’re the type of person who wants to know the backstory of why someone removed their status immediately after posting it, this function is for you.

Anti-Delete Status

When we forward a message or media file that was first sent to us in WhatsApp to another person, the original sender’s name and the word Forwarded are appended to the message or file. This proves that the messages were copied or distributed. The sender did not actually send it. The Disable Forwarded function allows you to prevent forwarded messages and files from being marked as such. When this setting is enabled, forwarded messages and files will not include the standard “forwarded” label.

Call Settings

This fantastic function gives you command over WhatsApp calls, which is especially useful if you have a regular WhatsApp caller that is constantly a pain. WhatsApp allows you to manually restrict who can contact you. Under the call settings menu, you can make your choice from among five basic options.

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Hide View Status

This is yet another fantastic Private mode that will let you check in on your connections without them knowing. That person’s added or changed status can be viewed, downloaded, and shared with others, all without their knowledge. In most cases, the person whose status you are viewing will be able to tell that you have viewed it. However, if you enable Hide View Status in FMWhatsApp’s Privacy settings, the status’s owner will not be able to identify you.

Anti-Delete Messages

fmwhatsapp download

If you turn on Anti-Delete Messages, you’ll have quick access to all of your contacts erased messages. If you’ve ever used WhatsApp Messenger, you may have wondered why the sender of a message suddenly deleted it. We’ve all been there, at least once. You’re in charge now, so have at it. Simply turn on this option, and even if the sender later deletes a message or media file, you will be able to access it because of this privacy setting.

Show Blue Ticks After Reply

This function is great for people who are always on the go and rarely have time to respond to their contacts on WhatsApp. For the simple reason that the person sending you the message won’t be hurt if you receive it but don’t respond right away. Of course, we despise the folks who read our messages but don’t respond right away. And then we start to have bad feelings about it. There’s no denying that people are this way, but you can pull a fast one on them by doing something deceptive.

Usually, the recipient’s acknowledgment of receiving the message is indicated by a blue tick. However, if you toggle the setting to “Show Blue Ticks After Reply,” the Blue Tick will not appear until you respond to the message. In this method, the other person may see that you’ve responded quickly to their message.

Airplane Mode

It’s a brand-new addition that took the place of Do Not Disturb mode. Yes, FMWhatsApp v9.35 now has an Airplane mode that operates similarly to flight mode on Android. The previous DND setting wasn’t entirely effective for its intended purpose. According to a tweet sent by the creator of WhatsApp MOD, they have been working on this new feature for the past two months. And it’s released with the latest version where it’s fully functional. There is no doubt that the Airplane mode accomplishes its tasks far quicker than the DND mode did.

Security Features

FMWhatsApp also includes a slew of fantastic security measures to keep your account information and chats private. That’s why practically everyone who uses WhatsApp will benefit greatly from its safety options. Come with me as I go through each of FMWhatsApp’s safety features.

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WhatsApp Lock

fmwhatsapp download

This is a password protection system for apps. Simply put, WhatsApp Lock allows you to set a password that must be entered before the FMWhatsApp may be opened. When you first launch FMWhatsApp, a security lock will appear if you’ve set a password that requires you to enter a pattern or a code. WhatsApp Lock’s password may be easily reset in case you forget it after setting it up. To do so, however, the user must know the solution to the recovery question they choose when setting up the lock.

Hide Chat & Lock it

FMWhatsApp allows users to password-protect their conversations in the Hide Chats section. Many teens may appreciate the ability to keep their private conversations from their partners. When we use WhatsApp to communicate with somebody we want to keep a secret, we often worry that someone else might overhear our conversations. Anyone who gains access to your phone with WhatsApp installed can read your discussions because the software lacks any sort of encryption.

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