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Face Swap App: 10 Best Face Swap Apps for iPhone and Android Devices in 2022!

The latest trend on social media is to post photos with the subject’s face replaced with another. Swapping faces with another subject in a photograph can make for some hilarious results, but only if done correctly. What you need are the top face swap apps for your Android or iOS device. So, without further ado, here are 10 excellent face swap apps to make your photos hilarious in the year 2022.

Best Face Swap Apps in 2022

Do not confuse the Face Swap apps with deep fake apps. Face-swapping apps are mostly used as a joke, but deepfake videos can seriously misrepresent someone. Having said that, let’s get to our list, shall we?

1. Snapchat

When it comes to apps that let you swap faces with friends using filters, Snapchat is by far the most popular option. Snapchat is more than just a face-swapping app; it also has a tonne of other features, tricks, and the recently released Snapchat+ subscription that unlocks even more. And even if you’re not into the platform’s trends, its facial filter options are pretty solid. That’s why it’s one of the most flexible face swap apps out there right now.

face swap app

To use Snapchat’s face swap filter, however, you’ll have to do a bit more research than you would with apps that only offer this feature. If the filter isn’t readily apparent in the camera interface, go to the Explore tab, search for “Face swap,” and add it to Favorites. There are other filters available on the platform, but I guarantee that this one is superior. The Snapchat face swap filter is great because it not only successfully completes its intended function but also allows users to instantly send edited photos to their friends.

2. Cupace

Space is an excellent and simple photo editing app with a wonderful feature called Paste Face that lets you easily copy the face of one person from an image and paste it onto another. Space’s ability to manually extract faces from any image enables this function, which is useful even if you don’t intend to perform a face swap in order to apply the face to an inanimate object.

face swap app

Space makes it simple to extract a person’s face from a photograph, select another photo to paste it onto, and do so with pinpoint accuracy. The app facilitates this by allowing you to zoom into the image for a more precise face cutout. Once the face has been cropped, it is stored in the app and can be reused in other pictures.

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3. B612

face swap app

B612, which started out as a simple photo editor, can now be used to replace faces in both still images and moving footage. The functionality is nearly identical to that of Snapchat. In B612, the Face Swap effect is easily accessible and can be used to quickly and easily switch your face with that of a friend or a celebrity. You can expect satisfactory, if not spectacular, results from B612’s face swap, and you and your friends are guaranteed to have a good time using it. Furthermore, it’s a great tool for editing photos and videos for Instagram Reels.

4. Face Swap Booth

face swap app

Face Swap Booth is the app to download if you want a library of faces you can swap whenever you like. The cool face-swapping app has the option to add faces, either manually or through automatic detection. It’s fun to play around with different people’s faces by switching them around. Additionally, the app allows you to replace your own face with that of a celebrity.

The app also includes other features, such as sophisticated editing tools, humorous masks, and more. The free version of Face Swap Booth has some restrictions, and if you want to save an unlimited number of photos and faces, get rid of the app’s watermark and ads, and more, you’ll need to upgrade to the $2.99 Premium version of the app.

5. Reface

face swap app

Although Reface is technically a deepfake app, you can use it for swapping your face with celebrities on videos and GIFs. Reface, previously known as Doublicat, is one of the viral apps that you can use for creating quirky face swaps and sharing them with your friends.

You can make your own animated GIFs using the numerous GIF and image collections provided by Reface. The app’s creators are constantly working to improve it by adding new features, such as new templates, so users never have to worry about being behind the times.

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6. Face Swap App

face swap app

This product from “Brain Craft Ltd” appears to be ideal for quickly switching between different faces. The ability to automatically detect faces is undoubtedly the best feature, as it will make your job much easier. Moreover, you can edit faces and even flip, rotate, and mirror them if you want more options. Group photos are a little less of a headache than they would be with most face-swapping apps thanks to the added manual control.

Plus, it also offers the option to fine-tune skin color tone which comes into play when adding some glamorous touch to the pics. To top it all off, the app is perfectly synchronized with Facebook, allowing you to quickly and easily switch out your own or your friends’ images and post them to the social media platform.

7. Copy Replace Face

face swap app

Copy Replace Face can be the perfect complement to your artistic vision when you want to switch up the faces in your photos. Obtain the desired freedom to alter the overall look with this app. For instance, you can copy the entire face or select features like the eyes, lips, and nose, which is especially helpful when creating a new and distinctive facial appearance. Furthermore, it also allows you to layer multiple faces on top of each other which can go a long way in giving your pic an altogether different appearance.

8. Photo Face Swap

face swap app

The results of using Photo Face Swap, another app that allows you to swap faces in your pictures, will vary depending on the quality of the original photos, the lighting, and the placement of your face. Though our results were mixed, we still think you should give this a shot because switching faces in the app is so simple. It also has a Face Bomb Effect, which uses a single face to represent everyone in a photo.

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9. MixBooth

face swap app

In your photos, MixBooth does not replace one face with another but rather combines two into one, which is still a lot of fun. Users can upload their own photos as well as those of other people whose faces they would like to combine with, and the app will do the rest. To get a feel for what it would be like to be someone else, you can even combine your face with the faces of random people or famous people.

10.  Swap Faces With Your Friend Using Instagram

If you and a pal are hanging out and you want to do a face swap, Instagram has a tonne of filters you can choose from to make it happen. To use this feature, launch the Instagram camera, select the “Filters” tab, then type “Face Swap” into the search bar. The two of you can then take a video together (or an image) and have your faces swapped using the filter. You can experiment with a pretty entertaining filter. Fun may be had with a larger group of pals with the group face swap filter, which works with a larger number of people.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I change a face on a picture?

You can use one of these face swap apps mentioned above to swap faces for fun.

Q. What app can you use to put your face on celebrities?

You can use apps like Face Swap Live and Face Swap Booth to swap faces with celebrities as they come with preloaded celebrity faces in the app. You can also switch to any celebrity with an image search.

Q. How do you blend two faces together?

You can check out MixBooth to blend or merge two faces together. It is available on both Android and iOS.

Q. Is face swap online safe?

Most popular face swap apps are safe to use. However, I would recommend you to go through the privacy policy of the app you use to know how they handle your data.

Q. How do I replace a face in a video on iPhone?

You can use Face Swap Live to replace the face in videos from your iPhone.

Q. Does TikTok have face swap?

TikTok doesn’t have a face swap at this moment. However, a TikTok user has created a face swap filter called ‘Rellface’ that you can use to face swap on TikTok.

Ready to Have Fun with These Face Swap Apps?

While not all of them are perfect, here are the best Android and iOS applications to use if you want to join in on the face-swapping fun. Try out some of these apps and report back with how amusing the results were. Get a load of this!

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