Bombitup App Download

Bombitup App Download: How to Use the Bombitup App?

The size of the BOMBitUP app is 12.5 MB, and its current version number is 4.4. This is the most recent and updated size of the app. SMS bomb is another name for this programme. You can get access to a lot of stuff via this app. We will now talk in detail about all of these issues.

First of all, you need to be aware of the bombitup software, which allows you to block any irritable messages from friends, relatives, and other advertisement companies. Additionally, you can aggravate them all in return by sending them all bulk mails.

But keep in mind that you need to take care of it when employing this bombitup online. Because it offers you a limited number of free and bulk texts when you utilis it for no charge. However, if you pay for it on a monthly or annual basis, it will display and give you unlimited messages. You could like

The finest SMS prank software is bombitup, so download it to fool your buddies. We will discuss the features and provide a direct download link for the most recent version of the bombitup app on Technol.

One of the top SMS bomber apps available online is Bombitup. Bombitup is fully free and functional without registration, and it sends hundreds of spam messages to the intended recipients. This program makes sending messages anonymous, which has led to an increase in bombitup admirers and its 1 million download milestone.

Steps to Enable the Download Application from Unknown Resources

  • Go to Settings > security.
bombitup app download
  • You’ll see the switch to enable/disable application installation from unknown resources.
bombitup app download
  • If it is disabled tap to enable it otherwise leave it.

How to Download Bombitup

Last updateJanuary- 7 – 2019

Click the below button to start your download of the bombitup latest version. After downloading install it on your phone.

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How to Use the Bombitup App

bombitup app download

Open this app and tap the three dots on the top left corner.

Navigate to the SMS blast.

Select your country and type the number or pick the number from the contacts.

bombitup app download

Type the number of spam messages to be sent and tap bomb it to start the SMS bomb on your friend or relatives’ phones.

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Features of Bombitup

  • SMS blast (Send unlimited prank messages).
  • Call blast (Call anonymously).
  • Custom SMS.
  • Email blast (send unlimited prank emails).
  • Protection (prevents from this app).

How to Protect Your Number from This Sms Blast

Sometimes your friends take this as an advantage and send unlimited SMS to you every time. These messages can disturb you if your friends doing often so you must protect your number.

  • Open bombitup app and tap the three dots on the left corner.
  • Click protection list.
  • Type your name and phone number and tap protect me button.

What’s New on This Update

  • Added call blast again.
  • More bugs fixed.

Use It Never Misuse It

Well, we reached a decision. We appreciate the programmers that created this software. Inform your friends and family about the SMS bomb app by sharing this apk. Use this software without fail. Keep checking back for our next article.

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FAQ about Bombitup

1. Does Bombitup contains malware?

No. We are providing the virus-free app.

2. Can I find the sender of spam messages?

No, there is no option to see the sender. The sender doing the prank job anonymously.

3. What is the maximum number of messages that can be sent by bombitup?


4. Can I protect myself from these generated spam messages?

There is an option available to protect your number from unlimited spam messages.