Apex Legends Mobile Download

Apex Legends Mobile Download: How To Download and Install Apex Legends Mobile?

An eagerly anticipated battle royale mobile game, Apex Legends Mobile, premiered today after a week-long delay. As part of the Limited Regional Launch, the game was initially only made available in a few countries. Before a larger global release later this year, the game’s creator, Respawn, plans to test the in-game systems (including gameplay mechanics, legends, and weaponry), features, and more. The regional test has begun and will continue throughout the spring for Android and iOS users. Apex Legends Mobile is now available for download and plays in all 10 eligible countries, as described in this article, so go ahead and get started! (listed below). Apex Legends Mobile may now be installed in any nation right now, thanks to our new instructions.

Install Apex Legends Mobile on Android And iOS (2022)

Before we discover how to download Apex Mobile, check out the list of countries where the game is available and the minimal hardware requirements needed to run it on iPhones and Androids.. To clear up any lingering questions you may have regarding Apex Mobile, check out some of the most frequently asked questions.

Apex Legends Mobile Is Officially Available in These Countries

Apex Legends Mobile Download

Apex Legends Mobile is currently available in the following countries. We’ll take care of you. Battle Royale is now available in ten countries around the world. The full list of nations participating in the Apex Legends Mobile Limited Regional launch can be found here:

  • Argentina
  • Peru
  • Mexico
  • Indonesia
  • Colombia
  • Singapore
  • Malaysia
  • Philippines
  • Australia
  • New Zealand

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System Requirements to Play Apex Legends Mobile (Android, iOS)

You may be wondering if your iPhone or Android smartphone is capable of running Apex Legends Mobile. The official system requirements for both platforms have been released by Respawn’s developers. Here are Apex Mobile’s minimal hardware requirements:

For Android:

  • Supports phones from Xiaomi, Vivo, Oppo, Huawei, Motorola, Samsung, and Lenovo
  • Android 8.1
  • Open GL 3.0 or higher
  • 3GB free storage space
  • At least 3 GB RAM

For iOS:

  • iPhone 6S or later
  • OS version: 10.0 or later
  • CPU: Apple A9 and above
  • 3GB free storage space
  • At least 2GB RAM

Apex Legends Mobile is currently in development and is being tuned to function on a range of devices, according to an official blog post from the developers. During this limited regional test, which runs until May 3, the game will not run on Android smartphones with less than 3GB of RAM or iPhones with less than 2GB of RAM.

In the meantime, here is a guide on how to get Apex Legends Mobile for Android and iOS:

Download Apex Legends Mobile on Android

In Supported Countries

Apex Legends Mobile Download

To play Apex Legends Mobile, you don’t need to do anything if you live in one of the supported soft launch countries and have pre-registered to experience the game. The “Install” button may be found on the Google Play Store page for the game (Free). For a chance to play as one of your favorite Apex Legends Mobile heroes, click here and get the app.

Furthermore, if you pre-registered on your Android device and selected the “Install when available” option, the game will be downloaded instantly once it goes live in your country. The Apex Legends Mobile download link for Android is above, so you can start playing right away.

In Unsupported Countries

If you live outside of the supported regions, such as the United States, the United Kingdom, or India, you will not be able to download Apex Legends Mobile from the Play Store. A workaround is required to play the game.

In order to use this workaround, you must change your Play Store country. Afterward, you can easily install Apex Legends on your Android device. We won’t go into detail about the process here because we’ve previously covered it in a previous tutorial. To get the game from a different country’s Play Store and start playing right away, check out our guide on “how to pre-register for Apex Legends Mobile”. Now that the game has gone live, you’re more likely to encounter a “Install” button than a “Pre-register” button.

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Install Apex Legends Mobile on Your iPhone

Apex Legends Mobile Download

In Supported Countries

Apex Legends Mobile has been released for iPhone as part of the Limited Regional launch, even though the announcement of the soft launch stated that iOS players would have to wait to play the game. To download Apex Legends Mobile (Free) to your iPhone, you may visit the official Apple iOS App Store listing for the game.

Installing Apex Legends Mobile for iOS is as simple as visiting the iOS App Store download link and following the on-screen instructions to get started.

In Unsupported Countries

If you want to play Apex Legends Mobile on iOS outside of the 10 countries that are eligible, you will need to apply the same workaround for Android as well. If you want to use geo-restricted apps on your iPhone, you’ll have to alter your device’s region. If you’d want to change your iOS device’s region, follow the guidelines in our guide here. Please follow this tutorial if you encounter difficulties while changing your App Store region on iOS.

Install Apex Legends Mobile from the App Store once you’ve changed your region to one of the qualifying soft launch nations. Be aware that switching regions on a given device is limited to once every 90 days if you’ve used certain iTunes features, so make sure to do this with an additional Apple ID.

When playing Apex Legends Mobile on an Android or iOS device from an unsupported country, make sure you have the VPN service activated at all times.