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Review of “Big Bang Theories,” Episode 8 of Season 1 of “So Help Me, Todd”

It’s difficult to ignore how extensively So Help Me Todd has focused on the dysfunctional mother-son relationship. The drawback is that other characters don’t get as much screen time. Thankfully, Season 1 Episode 8 of Big Bang Theories, which finally offers Lyle a plot of his own, marks the beginning of my evaluation of the show.

at least partially his own. His niece Angie, who is charged with eco-terrorism after a lab she was protesting at explodes, is mostly responsible. Charges rise along with the drama as one of the victims of the explosion dies.

Much of the tragic event does make things more serious, but the show still comes off as more of a comedy than a drama, especially when you see Todd and Lyle argue like brothers, the latter of whom is even more irritated with our title character than his already irritated real mother.

Even to say that they are gradually warming up to one another could be too extreme. However, it’s admirable to see how sincerely Todd will fight for someone Lyle cares about, even if it’s largely motivated by enthusiasm about a challenging case and the opportunity to watch over his coworker.

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I really like Angie and hope we’ll get to see her again, especially in light of how much backstory for both her and her uncle is shown to us in the course of just 60 minutes. Only in the last episode did we find out that Lyle had a sister; now this.

Much like her son, Margaret is equally committed to the family’s goals—possibly even more so. The detective work is given more time in this case, but she is a fierce courtroom defender of Angie, particularly when the stakes are high It’s far less entertaining when she gives a statement to some protesters that rapidly devolves into a tirade about social media and then Todd’s particular actions. It just has a strange, uneasy vibe, especially when you’re in front of a crowd.

So, Help Me Todd Season 18 Episode

Fortunately, it’s a lot more entertaining to watch her in her role as a sort of kingpin, dispatching her devoted detectives into the field to find two strong candidates for being the real culprit. Todd and Lyle appropriately turn even this into a contest.

In the end, we discover that the real bomber used his own twin brother as a pretext. Yes, it is an actual evil twin narrative twist, and to be fair, it is executed as realistically as a device that seems to only be used in fiction can be. At least Lyle hitting the murderer as he runs is a great moment.

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There are a few minor subplots, including Todd’s unsuccessful attempts to smuggle a luxury office chair and his even clumsier attempts to get his PI license early. The now-famous verse serves as a reminder that this individual is still a work in progress. He does, however, at least get his own (broken) chair now.

This serves as a reminder that Todd’s position is only temporary and that it is a replacement for someone who is on maternity leave. This should at the very least be mentioned at some point, possibly in a scene when Todd is threatened with being fired. But it’s as possible that we won’t hear anything more about it, so hope for continuity.

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