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Chapter Six: A Christmas to Remember: A Review of Episode Six of Season One of “The Santa Clauses”

The answer will be that the episode delivers if we evaluate The Santa ClausesSeason 1 Episode 6 “Chapter Six: A Christmas To Remember” by whether or not it has a happy conclusion. It exudes happiness, enthusiasm, and the Christmas spirit.

It might left us wondering what the point of the show is, though, because it is the season finale. When The Santa ClausesSeason 1 originally premiered, it appeared that we would wind up with a new Santa to revive a classic.

As “Chapter Six: A Christmas To Remember” progress, we learn that the Santa we meet at the conclusion will have a different outlook and a greater appreciation for his family and elves. Now that we know, we can use Sandra and Cal’s abilities to make Christmas better and spread the spirit of the season. Why wasn’t this used in earlier episodes?

The notion of a new Santa would have been scrapped if this possibility had been investigated sooner. If Scott had relied on this group earlier, he would have understood the errors of his ways earlier (as he refers to his family in the end).

However, this gives the students a chance to learn more about themselves and about life at the North Pole and in the real world. They are able to assist their father when he needs it the most since they are juggling these two realities. Grace fills a similar function to her father, despite the fact that she is devoid of superpowers. She serves as a reminder of what is important and what life is all about.

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Even the best fathers, as Scott puts it, “lost our way.” The guys involved ultimately discovered that being a good father should come before anything else, even how hurried these episodes of The Santa Clauses may have been. That entails Simon taking his daughter back to his house. It has Scott integrating his wife and kids into the preparations for Christmas.

When the foot soldiers show up on The Santa Clauses, there is another nod to the movies, but the best thing their appearance does is demonstrate why Elizabeth Mitchell continues to be the best aspect of the series. Mrs. Claus made it clear from the start of The Santa Clauses Season 1 that she would be the one to watch out for. She demonstrated that she was more than the pop culture images of this woman.

The Santa Clauses Season 1 Episode 6

Whether speaking to her husband, her kids, or the elves she has adopted as members of her family, Carol always knows what to say and when. When required, she won’t hesitate to kick ass since she has the appropriate term (exhibit A being the fallen foot soldiers).

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Scott wouldn’t feel secure enough to reprise his role as Santa without her. He chooses to put on the magic coat and save Christmas because he has her support. If The Santa Clause does one thing during Season 1, it will demonstrate that the true meaning of the holiday season comes from spending time with the people you care about. Something Scott had previously forgotten but now seemed to remember this time.

There is optimism following the conclusion of “A Christmas to Remember” that the next Santa will be a member of the family, something they ought to have explored in earlier episodes. There is a possibility that Cal can continue to improve as Scott trains him to be Santa. For the time being, we may give thanks to The Santa Clauses for bringing back and creating new versions of some of our favorite characters.

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