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William Shatner Net Worth: How William Shatner Achieved a Net Worth of $100 Million?

William Shatner is a Canadian actor, producer, and director who has accumulated a net worth of one hundred million dollars over the course of his career. In Montreal on March 22nd, 1931, Shatner made his entrance into the world. His performance as Captain James T. Kirk in the “Star Trek” franchise is what brought him the most of his fame. In addition, he has had starring roles in television dramas like “TJ Hooker,” “The Practice,” and “Boston Legal.”

On October 12, 2021, the actor who has given Hollywood wonderful movies will fly on a suborbital voyage aboard Blue Origin’s New Shepard spaceship. He will stay in suborbital space for five days. The website TMZ said one month ago that William Shatner was going to embark on Blue Origin’s second crewed spacecraft and that the launch was imminent.

The announcement that William Shatner will travel to space as part of Blue Origin’s mission was met with a widespread negative reaction. Everyone is wondering about William Shatner’s net worth, thus in today’s post, we are going to inform you in depth about the whole net worth of William Shatner, his income source, and his total salary. Everyone is fascinated by William Shatner’s net worth. Now, let’s take a look at his total assets and liabilities.

Early Life

william shatner net worth

William Shatner was born into a Jewish family on March 22, 1931, in the city of Montreal, Quebec, in the country of Canada. His paternal grandfather had changed the family’s surname from Schattner to Shatner in order to give it an anglicized sound. His mother was Ann, and his father’s name was Joseph.

There are two of his sisters. Willingdon Elementary School and West Hill High School were both on Shatner’s educational path, and he is also a graduate of the Montreal Children’s Theatre. He attended McGill University in Montreal, which is located in Canada, and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics there in the year 1952.

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What Is William Shatner’s Net Worth?

William Shatner, who was born in Canada and has a net worth of $100 million, is an actor, author, producer, director, screenwriter, and singer, among other things. His performance as Captain James T. Kirk in the “Star Trek” franchise has brought him the lion’s share of his fame. Shatner has also played key roles in a number of other successful television shows, such as “Boston Legal,” “The Practice,” and “T.J. Hooker.”


william shatner net worth

Following his graduation from college, Shatner found employment as the general manager of a theatre in Montreal. After that, he became an actor at the Canadian National Repertory Theatre, where he received training in the Shakespearean classics. Shatner began his career with the Stratford Shakespeare Festival in 1954, where he performed in a variety of roles. During the same year, Shatner was given the role of Ranger Bob on the Canadian version of “Howdy Doody.” His first role in a feature film was “The Brothers Karamazov,” which he played in 1958. He was cast in the role of “The Glass Eye” in the episode of “Alfred Hitchcock Presents” that he was offered.

The role of Captain James T. Kirk in the television series “Star Trek,” which aired from 1966 to 1969, was Shatner’s first major break in the entertainment industry. Even though it was just in the voice acting capacity, he reprised his role as Captain Kirk in the animated “Star Trek” series in the year 1973.

Following the conclusion of the Star Trek television series in the 1960s, reruns of the show were syndicated, which led to the rise of Captain Kirk as a major figure in popular culture. The actor William Shatner started making appearances at Star Trek events.

Shatner was cast as the lead part in the television series “T. J. Hooker,” which aired from 1982 to 1986. In the 1980s as well, he appeared in five different “Star Trek” films reprising his role as James T. Kirk. During this time, he also started his career as a film and television director. Shatner was the director of a number of episodes of the television show “T. J. Hooker” as well as the feature picture “Star Trek V: The Final Frontier.”

In the year 2000, the film “Miss Congeniality” had Shatner in a supporting role. He played the same character in the sequel “Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous,” which was released in 2004.

Shatner was chosen to play the role of Denny Crane in the concluding season of the legal drama “The Practice,” which was written by David E. Kelley. In the television series “Boston Legal,” Shatner played the part of Crane, and he remained with the show until its cancellation in 2008.

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Personal Life

William Shatner Net Worth

Shatner has gone through the process of marriage multiple times. His first marriage, which took place in August of 1956, was to the Canadian actress Gloria Rand. They gave birth to three daughters: Leslie in 1958, Lisabeth in 1960, and Melanie in 1964. (1964). During the time when he was working on the first “Star Trek” series, Shatner ended his relationship with Rand. In March of 1969, Rand got a divorce from him.

The union between William Shatner and Marcy Lafferty, which began in 1973 and lasted until 1996, was Shatner’s second.

His third wife was Nerine Kidd Shatner, and they had three children together. They tied the knot in 1997. He was 66 years old, while she was only 38. When Shatner arrived home late on the evening of August 9, 1999, he found the death of his wife Nerine at the bottom of their swimming pool. The coroner determined that she had died of unintentional drowning based on the findings of the autopsy, which revealed that she had alcohol and Valium in her system.

Elizabeth Anderson Martin and William Shatner tied the knot in the year 2001. In 2019, Shatner initiated divorce proceedings against Elizabeth.

The honorary degree of Doctor of Letters was bestowed upon him by McGill University in June of 2011. Additionally, in May of 2018, Shatner was presented with an honorary Doctor of Letters degree by the New England Institute of Technology.

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