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Who Is Tyler James Williams’s Girlfriend: A Look Into the Actor’s Dating History!

The American actor and rapper Tyler James Williams has a net worth of $5 million.

Star of the comedy “Everybody Hates Chris,” Tyler James Williams became a household name. He has since maintained a hectic acting schedule, appearing in a number of films and TV series.

His career trajectory has been noteworthy, but it is his personal life that has recently captured the attention of his admirers.

Since the beginning of his career, rumors have circulated about him with several well-known actresses. Yet, whenever his personal life makes news, it quickly fades out of the spotlight.

Therefore, the public seems to be in the dark regarding Tyler James Williams’ personal history and his current partner.

Tyler James Biography

On October 9, 1992, in Westchester County, New York, ylеr аmе Wllаm entered the world. He has reared a New York City kid in the borough of Yonkers.

The eldest of three children, he is the product of a union between LeRoy Williams, a former police sergeant, and teacher, and Angela Williams, a singer, and composer. Williams had two younger brothers, ylеn sасоb Wllаm and yrеl sасkоn Wllаm.

Both of Tyler’s brothers have followed in his musical and acting footsteps. When his younger brother Yrеl was cast in the Disney Channel series Lаb Rаt, where he portrayed the part of аmе hllр, Yrеl became a household name.

Similarly, his younger brother Sylen became well-known in the TV business because to his role as the family’s cousin Jamal on the show Instant Mom.

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Does Tyler James Williams Have A Girlfriend?

Given that Tyler James Williams has not been seen with any women recently, we may assume that he is single. And neither he nor any of his known ancestors ever tied the knot.

Williams has never tied the knot, but he has had his fair share of high-profile romances that were covered in the papers. His relationship with celebrities like Keke Palmer was the subject of unsubstantiated claims.

Who Were Tyler James Williams’ Previous Girlfriends?

Although it is unknown at this time if Tyler James Williams is now in a relationship, there is some information available about the women who have previously been in his life.

Anastasia Baranova, a Russian-American model and actress, was the final known love of his life. Earlier, he developed a crush on singer Karina Pasian. Both relationships’ timelines, though, are murky at best.

Anastasia Baranova

Williams and model Anastasia Baranova allegedly began their romance around the time when suspicions began to circulate about them in 2015. Despite this, for a long time, neither one of them did anything to dispel the dating rumors or hint at the beginning of a romance.

In 2017, though, they altered that by posting a series of Instagram images together. Their relationship blossomed for a time, but when their followers saw them deleting images of one other from social media, they knew it was over.

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Karina Pasian

Tyler James Williams had a history with Karina Pasian before he began dating Baranova. It’s unknown when the pair first started dating, but they apparently broke up around 2015.

The “Solitaire” singer and Williams were never seen together in public, and Williams never acknowledged their relationship. Nonetheless, they went to a number of functions together during their dating years. The star of “Abbot Elementary” was also featured in 2014’s “Solitaire” music video.

The celebrity occasionally used social media to express his feelings for his partner. William allegedly tagged Pasian in a tweet from 2013 in which he bragged about how much better his “girlfriend’s” singing was than Pasian’s.

Were Keke Palmer and Tyler James Williams Ever a Couple?

tyler james williams girlfriend

Keke Palmer, an actress, and television personality is another well-known person who has been caught up in Williams’ tangled love life. There were rumors that the two dated while they were young and just starting out in their respective fields.

After around eighteen months of dating, the 29-year-old and the “Akeelah And The Bee” actress reportedly broke up in 2008. They succeeded in their endeavors and ultimately became well-known figures in their fields.

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What Is Williams’ Preference for Women?

It appears that since his breakup with Baranova, Williams has withdrawn from the dating scene. Still, the media has speculated about his sexual life and tastes.

Actor Andrew Lincoln of “The Walking Dead” received criticism in 2018 after a tweet purportedly from him containing anti-black women comments went viral. The slurring message made it seem like the legend favored “other side” ladies over “self-entitled black women.”

But Williams was having none of it. He quickly rushed to Twitter to discredit the message and expose the imposter. Further, he elaborated

Once the celebrity addressed the racial inconsistencies in the message, he calmed the fears of his legions of admirers. Williams might have joined the ranks of celebrities canceled due to dubious, discriminatory statements made on social media regarding race, sexual orientation, and other sensitive matters, but he cleared the air just in time.

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