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Stetson Bennett Girlfriend: Georgia Bulldogs QB is Dating Cameron Liss for Over 1 Year!

Stetson Bennett, a quarterback for the Georgia Bulldogs in American football, was born Stetson Fleming IV Bennett (Dawgs). After the Bulldogs’ game against the Tennessee Volunteers, the 23-year-old is hailed as the “Next Big Thing.” It appears to be the ideal time of year for the Dawgs from the outside.

Despite missing some of its key players, the team is still scoring 38.7 points per game, and Todd Monken, the offensive coordinator, deserves all the credit. The Bulldogs are renowned for their self-control, ability to create manageable situations, and inability to commit turnovers.

Stetson Bennett Girlfriend: Who is the Georgia Bulldogs’ QB Dating?

stetson bennett girlfriend

Stetson Bennett is in a relationship with Cameron Liss. For more than three years, the couple has been dating. Recently, Bulldogs QB uploaded a series of pictures of him and his girlfriend on his Instagram account. The photos were from last year’s Christmas, and the occasion was his girlfriend’s birthday.

In the caption, Stetson Bennett wished his girlfriend; he wrote, “Happy birthday sweetheart! This past year has been a roller coaster for both of us and I thank God that we were by each other’s side through it all. Now let’s go grab some good food and celebrate,” followed by some hashtags.

Dawgs QB uploaded the picture on February 3, 2021, but it has been getting attention recently. The reason: people think Stetson Bennett was cheating on his girlfriend all along. But is it really true?

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Cheating Allegation, Social Media Drama and Ex-Girlfriend Details

Well, as was already noted, popularity brings with it more scrutiny, constant haters, and some who just want to watch the drama. That is what happened with Stetson Bennett; his on-field performance prompted people to search through his social media, and most recently, rumours that the athlete had strayed from his girlfriend were circulating.

A girl remarked, “Stetson Bennett you got some explaining to do,” in reference to the image above. People who believed the 23-year-old quarterback had strayed from his fiancée saw this remark as evidence. A podcast clip and tik tok video added to the rumours, and thousands of people commented on the situation in general.

Even though it’s unclear whether the girl is actually his ex-partner, rumours don’t care. However, we are aware of Stetson Bennett’s brief relationship with Mary Courtney Puryear. They attended high school together and even attended prom together. When the couple went to college, it seems that they split up, and that is where their love ended.

His Instagram page still has images of his ex-girlfriend from 2017. Although they were in love, it was not meant to be, and Stetson now appears happier with Cameron Liss, his new girlfriend.

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After CFB National Championship, What’s Next for Stetson Bennett?

While joining the NFL is the primary objective of the majority of CFB players. If they cannot demonstrate their metal, the majority never succeed, and those who do have a short lifespan. However, players who don’t succeed can still turn around and start a career elsewhere with the help of education and other extracurricular activities. But what happens if you take home the national title? Do you intend to enter the draught or return to college football for one final go-round?

That is the query that Stetson Bennett must answer. Stetson has built up enough money with the victory over Alabama and a solid performance overall in 2021 to be selected in the first three rounds. A paycheck is waiting for Stetson if he wants it, but there are still certain hurdles collegiate players must clear before entering the NFL.

And when questioned about his future plans, Stetson did not even mention the NFL; instead, he was considering playing either for the Bulldogs again or for another team. However, professional football seems to be out of the question. He still wants to play football and maybe become a lawyer someday.

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