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Shawn Mendes Girlfriend: A Complete Timeline of Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes’s Relationship!

Singer, songwriter, and model Shawn Mendes have a $40 million fortune. In 2013, he first found success by posting cover versions of songs to the Vine app for mobile devices. Since then, he’s risen to the ranks of the world’s most famous (and richest) musicians. Shawn has released several albums to widespread praise and recognition throughout the world, earning him several Grammy nods in the process.

Before becoming one of pop music’s most talked-about couples, Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes were excellent friends. July 2019 saw the beginning of a period of increased tension between the partners, but by November 2021, Shawnmila had come to an end.

Just what went down, and how did we end up in this situation? This is a comprehensive chronology of the history of Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes’s romance.

Shawn Mendes Biography

On August 8, 1998, in Pickering, Ontario, Canada, the world was introduced to Shawn Peter Raul Mendes. His English mother Karen and Portuguese dad Manuel made him a really international family. He’s close with his little sister, Aaliyah. At Pine Ridge Secondary School, where Mendes played ice hockey, and soccer, and was a member of the glee club, he graduated in June of 2016.

July 2014

While performing as support acts on Austin Mahone’s tour, Cabello (in her capacity as a member of Fifth Harmony) and Mendes cross paths. The group of vocalists talked to V Magazine about that era. During the Austin Mahone tour, Cabello recalled, “I remember thinking we met, and I remember wanting to hang out with you, but you were always on the tour bus, just studying guitar.” “Yeah, that was me,” Mendes said. Not a soul did I converse with. Just you and I exchanged words this whole time. You were the only one on the whole trip who would actually talk to me. Actually, I believe there is a picture of the two of us from the day we met if we look in our direct messages or anything like that.

And here I was thinking you were completely crazy.” When no one was looking, I’d be safely ensconced on my bus. When I looked out the window, you’d be performing cartwheels and leaping on your scooter like it was nothing. In my mind, I would be thinking, This woman is really bonkers. Please, shut the window, and let’s get some sleep.

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November 2015

shawn mendes girlfriend

After the release of their duet “I Know What You Did Last Summer,” relationshirumorsrs began to circulate between Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes. Mendes told Rolling Stone that they composed the song while on the 1989 tour supporting Taylor Swift. To paraphrase, “I took out my guitar, and we were just fooling about, not seriously considering making a song.”

December 2018

When Cabello posted a photo of herself and Mendes sitting on the floor, guitars in hand, fans were thrilled about the possibility of a collaboration between the two artists. A combination of “Canadian wrath” and “Latin sass,” she captioned the photo.

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June 2019

Lyrics like “You claim we’re just friends / But friends don’t know the way you taste. / ‘Cause you know it’s been a long time coming / Don’t you let me fall” from their new song “Senorita” and the accompanying music video spark fresh romance rumors between the two.

July 2019

As Mendes and Cabello are seen holding hands in West Hollywood, the public display of affection (PSA) begins. On July 4th, they celebrated together as well. TMZ snapped a photo of them making up in San Francisco. The two were staring intensely at one another. A witness said, “Shawn and Camila were sharing pancakes,” which was reported by Us Weekly.

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August 2019

shawn mendes girlfriend

At Mendes’s 21st birthday party, a guest films Mendes and Cabello making out and shares it on Instagram. She also told him she loved him on Instagram. A birthday greeting to a lovely human: “I adore you!!!!

In a second interview that same month, Cabello discusses romance and songwriting without mentioning Mendes by name. There are “unlimited depths and layers and angles” to love, she explained. I gave myself completely to love and let my guard down. The current tense was used throughout.

November 2019

On November 11, they openly demonstrate their passion for one another while sitting courtside at an NBA game between the Los Angeles Clippers and the Toronto Raptors.

The lady next to them had the best reaction ever.

Cabello, who can’t stop gushing about her guy, gave an interview to Rolling Stone on November 18. However, she does concede that the beginning of their epic relationship was a little bit uncomfortable.

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December 2020

As Mendes explains, his and Cabello’s friendship turned passionate over the course of a few text messages.

I suppose I was just bothering her along about how I felt about her for a long time,” he claimed in an interview with Sirius XM. “I was in Canada, maybe Calgary or Edmonton, having dinner with two friends when she texted me, “Okay, OK. You’re quite cool, and I appreciate that. Sure, anything. In other words, this is a phenomenon. And I have this, I took a snapshot of the text messages.

November 2021

shawn mendes girlfriend

As expected, the couple has made their split public. A joint statement they released said, “Hey people, we’ve chosen to stop our romantic relationship, but our love for one another as humans is greater than ever,” with E! News reporting that the message was taken directly from their lips. We began our relationship as best friends, and that’s how it will always remain. Thank you very much for all of your early and ongoing support.

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March 2022

Cabello is talking about her ex in several ways, even though they’ve been separated for almost three months. On March 4, the musician dropped a new single titled “Bam Bam,” which features many lyrical references to Mendes.

On the same day, an interview with Mendes was published in which he said that their split was brought on by his changing priorities. “My objectives have shifted and my emphasis has evolved throughout my life,” Cabello told Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1’s New Music Daily. “I don’t feel like my concentration was on, How can I be a well-rounded person, throughout those years that we were dating or even when composing this record or even today, I think. And I wasn’t even thinking about my career.

And that was the same during the time we were together,” she said. My only concern was finding a way to achieve personal fulfillment and have a fulfilling romantic connection. Many sessions of treatment were being conducted on me at the time. My attention has moved elsewhere.

And even now when I’m in marketing mode, there’s no sense in going through the motions if I’m not enjoying myself. With age, I’ve come to realize that certain things are more important than others. For both of us, I think. We’re definitely getting the hang of being healthy grownups now that we got started when we were so young. And it may mean putting your career second on the list of priorities. And it’s fine with me if it stays that way.”

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