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Sam Morril Girlfriend: Was Taylor Tomlinson Engaged with Sam Morril?

Sam Morril is an American writer, stand-up comedian, and actor. He started as an intern on “The Colbert Report,” then made it to “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.”

Simply put, this was a result of his efforts and his uncanny ability to make everyone around him laugh. Also, he received several Emmy Award nominations.

Morris has also made guest appearances in a number of critically acclaimed productions, including Billions and Stuck on A.

Family and Early Life

sam morril girlfriend

Sam Morril” was born and raised in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City. Then he moved to New York City and spent his formative years there. His mom, Marilyn Greenberg, was a painter, and his dad was an actor.

His mother’s marriage to another man when he was just seven years old cast a dark cloud over an otherwise happy upbringing. Sam’s stepfather was the source of his last name. He is of Ashkenazi Jewish descent. He’s been dating Taylor Tomlinson and the two have recently moved in together in Los Angeles.

Sam Morril graduated from high school in the Big Apple. The specifics of his educational upbringing are currently unknown, but he apparently enrolled in college and graduated with a degree.

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Who Is Sam Morril Dating?

sam morril girlfriend

Taylor Tomlinson and Sam Morril are a happy couple. Tomlinson is also well-known for her comedic work; her series “Quarter Life Crisis” is quite popular. The duo frequently posts TikTok videos and adorable Instagram photos of themselves together.

Sam’s ex-girlfriend was the comedian Beth Stelling. Unfortunately, they broke up just a few months into their relationship.

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Are Taylor Tomlinson And Sam Morril Still Together?

sam morril girlfriend

Taylor Tomlinson was a guest on Late Night with Seth Meyers in August 2021, when she discussed her stand-up career and relationships with Meyers. Although she did not directly address Sam Morril, her story seemed to imply that the two were still dating.

“My partner is a native New Yorker and was practically reared in Manhattan,” Tomlinson said. In addition, he has never learned to drive because he was raised in New York. He has a driver’s license and the ability to drive, but he refuses to because “I’m a New Yorker!”

In his 2018 stand-up routine, Morril made jokes about how he doesn’t want children. With a playful, “I like babies,” he taunted. What’s even more wonderful than a baby, though? Not having a f***ing baby!” Tomlinson also disclosed the nature of their discussions on starting a family and raising children during her chat with Seth Meyers.

If I have children, I’ll have to bring up Sam’s rules, which means I probably won’t. I said, “[No, because] I’m going to love my kids,” Tomlinson joked. It appears that Tomlinson and Morril’s relationship is still going strong, regardless of whether or not they decide to start a family.

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Was Taylor Tomlinson Engaged with Sam Morril?

sam morril girlfriend

During his March 2020 visit as a guest comic on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Taylor Tomlinson talked about being engaged for a short while. Her monologue started off promisingly enough: “I’ve had a fantastic year… I got engaged,” but ended tragically: “Thank you, it did not work out!”

Since she began uploading the videos of her and Sam Morril in quarantine together in the same month, it’s highly unlikely that he was the intended subject. This couple’s lockdown vlog quickly became an internet sensation.

Morris gave an early explanation of the motivation behind the decision to begin making the videos during the lockdown. Well, we lost control of our careers about a week ago—not only our careers but our entire lives. However, he added, “it’s nice to be creative together.”

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