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Rick Ness Girlfriend : Are Rick And Leese Marie Still Together?

Anyone familiar with the American reality series Gold Rush will undoubtedly be curious about the lady companion of Rick Ness, Parker Schnabel’s trusted right-hand man. Everyone knew Rick Ness had what it took to succeed on his own, long before he even joined Parker’s staff.

Reportedly, after divorcing Jen, Rick Ness began seeing Leese Marie. Numerous questions have been raised by the viewing public concerning the actor’s background and personal history.

That’s because, ever since he launched his mining company in Season 9 of Gold Rush, Ness hasn’t stopped moving forward. Even while we know a great deal about the TV actress, there is still a lot we don’t know about her. His love life, as well as the depths of his personality and his ability to flourish and succeed independently, remain mysteries.

Rick Ness’s Girlfriend: Who Is Leese Marie?

rick ness girlfriend

The internet has been abuzz with speculation about Rick Ness’s partner for quite some time. Unlike Ness, who has never addressed the speculation around his personal life, Rick has publicly verified his connection with Leese Marie by publishing a photo of the two of them and referring to Marie as his girlfriend.

They (Rick Ness and Marie) were the subject of online mockery due to their appearance. The couple, however, handled the situation gracefully and did not engage the troll in conversation. They didn’t let the trolls’ party ruin their pride, though.

Multiple sources identify Jen Ness as Rick Ness‘ ex-wife, while others claim she is or was married to Rick’s twin brother Randy. However, not all of the facts are out in the open.

There is no other information available on Leese Marie other than that she is probably in her mid-to-late-30s or early-40s.

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Some online sources say her birthday is October 25; however, they provide no supporting evidence and offer no additional information. So, if you’ve been curious about Rick Ness’s rumored girlfriend Leese Marie, you’ll have to hold on a bit longer.

Moreover, Marie’s place of birth and nationality are unknown. Rick Ness and others think she actually hails from Milwaukee, though.

Rick Ness Girlfriend

As August came to a close, Rick took to Facebook to express his gratitude to Marie for spending time with him in the Yukon. He then proceeded to show a picture of the two of them while saying, “This mining season in The Yukon is the nicest by a mile due to this woman right here.”

While in his final days of sluicing in the Yukon, Rick posted on Facebook that he was eager to get back to Leese Marie. About a month ago, she moved back in with them. A Milwaukee address is listed for Leese Marie, thus it seems likely that she and her boyfriend have recently moved in together.

On July 20, 2021, Ness and his dog Ruby were spotted in front of an off-road buggy. Rick’s repeated social media posts about his off-roading adventures are evidence of his dedication to the hobby. As a result, it’s possible that the couple frequently engages in off-roading.

Leese Marie appears to have no public social media presence, making her even more reclusive than Rick but also keeping her mystery and her fans’ desire to learn more about her alive and well.

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Are Rick Ness and Leese Marie Still Together?

rick ness girlfriend

One of Rick Ness’s co-stars, Ann Charton, was rumored to be a former love interest of his. Throughout the Gold Rush, she worked as a gold room operator.

But all of those rumors are untrue. Just because Rick and Ann stayed close friends on-screen has led people to conclude that they are romantically linked off-screen.

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By publishing many photographs with his lovely girlfriend, Leese Marie, on social media, he debunked the charges of his enemies. Both of them first kept it discreet and out of the public spotlight. On November 16, 2020, they went public with their relationship.

Rick Ness Girlfriend

So, the precise timing of their love involvement is obscured. The pair has been the target of internet body shaming, but they have consistently refused to engage with their harassers.

They have moved in together in Milwaukee. Moreover, they have a dog named Ruby. Indeed, Rick Ness and Leese Marie are still a couple. Off-roading is a popular activity among them.

His cherished Leese Marie celebrates her birthday on October 25. Her fiance, Rick Ness, is only two years younger than her (1973 vs. 1977). From the looks of her photos, she is a dedicated fitness enthusiast.

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Leese Marie’s appearance in Season 12 of Gold Rush is likely news to you. She seems awkward and inexperienced on camera.

With Rick’s help, we’re confident she’ll make it the first time. She prefers to keep a lower profile than Rick. He has also protected her privacy by sharing fewer photos of the two of them than other couples. However, their bond only grows stronger with time. We have faith that Rick Ness and Leese Marie’s love will only become stronger as time goes on.

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