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Noah Centineo Girlfriend: Current Relationship & Dating History!

It’s safe to say that the American heartthrob gained a large fan base because of his dashing good looks, toned body, and engaging demeanor on and off the film. Many of his new fans were won over by his performance in Netflix’s To All the Boys adaption, as well as the chemistry he had on screen with Lana Condor.

Several prestigious prizes attest to Noah’s promise as an actor: the MTV Movie & TV Awards, the Teen Choice Awards, and the People’s Choice Awards.

Who Is Noah Centineo’s Girlfriend?

She is Stassie Karanikolaou, his current girlfriend. In 2020, Karanikolaou and Centineo were spotted at a Halloween party, confirming their relationship status to the public.

This followed extensive flirtation between the two on Instagram.

Instagram posts at the time suggest they secretly wed in Las Vegas, although this has never been proven.

They appear to be going strong even after all this time.

There is a possibility that she is still Noah Centineo’s girlfriend despite the fact that neither of them has shared a photo of them together in quite some time.

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Noah Centineo’s Highly Publicized Relationship with Alexis Ren

In 2019, Noah Centineo and Alexis Ren were introduced to each other through a common acquaintance. The musician Shiloh Dynasty is largely responsible for the rekindling of their passion for one another. In 2020, Noah revealed to Harper’s Bazaar that Alexis was the first person to express her admiration for the singer, and from that point on, Noah was completely smitten.

I wasn’t seeking a relationship, he said candidly throughout the interview. But,” he joked, “I have to see this through.

As for how long Noah has been in a relationship, he said it was the longest with Alexis. He admitted that not only does he appreciate monogamy, but that his fiancée is “extremely good at monogamy.”

It’s an unusual method to express your love for your partner, but I guess it’s fine.

One-night stands are something Noah strongly disapproves of, saying that “ninety percent of the time, they’re not good.” This outlook, however, likely stems from his urge to “search for codependents.”

The Sierra Burgess Is a Loser actor admitted that in his previous relationships, he was “very neurotic and obsessive,” giving “24/7, all in.”

With his usual beaming confidence, Noah introduced his girlfriend to the rest of the cast and crew. In 2019, Alexis was photographed in Vancouver, the site of filming for the second To All the Boys film. And a week later, they were caught making out in a Florida airport.

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No longer needing to keep their romance under wraps, Noah and Alexis stepped out on the red carpet (or was it blue?) at UNICEF’s Masquerade Ball in October 2019. Some others thought they looked awkward and uneasy, although it was likely just staged fright before their first public appearance together.

After Noah had knee surgery, Alexis was there for him every step of the way. The actor shared multiple videos on his Instagram account depicting his difficulties in the shower. Alexis was waiting ready to help him with anything he required.

Noah, for his part, did not stop gushing about his girlfriend even after several months had passed. He claimed that Alexis “loves each other” and was the one who kept him grounded despite his enormous fame.

After dating for nearly a year, Noah made it Instagram official by posting a photo of them together during their trip to South Africa a month earlier.

The couple’s affection seemed to fade fast, though. The breakup between Noah and Alexis was verified in April 2020 by the same source. This was confirmed when Noah deleted their selfie together and they stopped following one another on social media.

Many of their admirers felt bad blood existed between the two parties even though neither party ever explained the cause of the breakup.

Really, you’ve decided to stop following your ex’s account? Neither party is on good terms.

Noah Centineo and Angeline Appel’s Sizzling Love Story

History contradicts Noah’s claim from a 2020 interview that his relationship with Alexis Ren was his longest. As of 2018, Noah’s two-year relationship with Disney star Angeline Appel ended.

Although Noah was a star on Fosters and Angeline was in Lab Rats: Elite Forces, the two were able to find time to date. The pair also made no bones about using their social media platforms to promote their romance with public displays of affection and sweet banter.

A tweet from Noah said, “If our relationship ends..it’ll be because of you…”

Dumping me as a partner. Since I take too much time to defecate. He also mentioned Angeline’s broadwaybarbiee handle on Twitter.

Not to be taken seriously, but the couple has posted multiple sensual photos of their romance online. Pictures of Noah lounging on the pool with Angeline nuzzling his neck from behind were among them.

Fans also went crazy over a photo of the couple kissing on the staircase of the building hosting Jack Griffo’s birthday party.

It appears that the couple’s relationship ended sometime in 2018. This mystery has never been solved. Noah did the same thing once he and Alexis Ren broke up, erasing all evidence of his time spent with Angeline.

Noah Centineo’s Bisexual Rumors and the List of His Brief Relationships in the Past

There were rumors in 2013 that Noah was seeing Kelli Berglund, another star of Lab Rats before he started dating Angeline Appel. It would be rude of us to inquire as to whether or not Kelli and Angeline had any social discomfort, but we just have to know!

In 2015, he was also romantically involved with singer Lauren Kolodin; after breaking up, Noah took the initiative to tweet about how much they missed each other.

In 2017, Noah caused quite a commotion when he tweeted a photo of him kissing his male closest buddy, Chase Austin. Many supporters took the photo to represent Noah’s coming out as gay.

But almost quickly, Noah changed the message to encourage others to “embrace platonic intimacy,” suggesting that he either wanted to dispel the rumors or wasn’t quite ready to come out.

He said in the post, “eliminate the concept that intimacy must be kept for monogamous couples,” and he encouraged his followers to “kiss your friend’s faces more.” At the end of his caption, he encouraged people to embrace their feelings and show their vulnerabilities in order to challenge “a society which teaches you that emotions are a sign of weakness.”

Even if the photo has been erased, the description written by Noah should be printed and hung on the wall.

Noah Centineo has solely been linked to female partners, and his sexual orientation remains a mystery. Fans, though, can’t help but question how he defines himself or if he even cares to do so.

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