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Jimi Hendrix Girlfriend: Know About the American Guitarist Dating Life!

At the time of his passing, American musician and composer Jimi Hendrix had a net worth of just $20,000, which is equivalent to about $150,000 now after accounting for inflation. Jimi Hendrix is regarded as one of the greatest and most influential electric guitarists in music history on a global scale.

He had great success performing with the Jimi Hendrix Experience, and in 1967, his appearance at the Monterey Pop Festival garnered a lot of media attention. He performed as the headliner at the Woodstock and Isle of Wight Festivals before his unintentional drug-induced suffocation claimed his life at the age of 27 in 1970.

Early Life:

The first of Lucille and Al’s five children, Jimi Hendrix was born in Seattle, Washington, as Johnny Hendrix, in 1942. His mixed ancestry comprised Irish, Cherokee, and African-American people. When Hendrix was a young toddler, his father was a US Army soldier stationed in Alabama.

He was put in a stockade to stop him from running away to visit his son. Hendrix’s father failed to find permanent employment after leaving the military, which left the family in a precarious financial situation. In addition, both of his parents battled alcoholism, which frequently resulted in violence.

Hendrix’s three other siblings, Joseph, Kathy, and Pamela, were all given up to foster care and adoption by their parents, while Hendrix and his brother Leon were in and out of foster care. Hendrix was taken into care by his father when he was nine years old, following his parent’s divorce.

Jimi’s Relationships and Hook-Ups

The left-hand guitarist had a long string of relationships with women; some were committed, while others were casual hookups or friends with advantages. Jimi was renowned for his legendary adoration of both ladies and music.

It’s interesting to note that he dated numerous white women because many of his followers, both young and old, were unaware of Jimi’s race. He freely dated anyone, regardless of race, religion, socioeconomic class, or educational background, while the majority of black males at the time were assassinated simply for having an affair with a white woman.

Some claimed that his extraordinary musical ability transcended the color of his skin, while others claimed that the stereotype that black men are disproportionately well-endowed in comparison to other men contributed to his appeal. He was adored by numerous ladies, but he never got around to getting married. Here are some amazing dating tales.

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Lithofayne “Faye” Pridgeon – The Original Foxy Lady (1963)

He fell in love with Lithofayne “Faye” Pridgeon before beginning his journey to become one of music’s most acclaimed musicians. She has been cited as Jimi’s inspiration for the song “Foxy Lady” by various musicologists, despite the fact that one of Jimi’s biographers gave the song to someone else.

Whatever the case, it was undeniable that everyone close to the couple saw how Jimi was really taken with Faye but that she was reluctant to commit to an exclusive relationship.

During the period, she had open relationships with Little Willie, Sam Cooke, and Sly Stone in addition to other notable musicians. Faye described herself as a free-spirited woman who simultaneously loved three men.

During one of Sam Cooke’s performances, Jimi and Faye crossed paths at the stage door of the Apollo theatre. She was there to see Sam, and he was there to demonstrate his guitar skills to the singer. Even the security officer at the Apollo informed Faye that a guitarist was waiting for Sam and that he was her type. Something snapped between them.

They became inseparable after that, but Faye was a free spirit, and Jimi couldn’t bear to share her with other men. It was clear from the numerous letters he wrote to her that he wanted to be her only man. Everyone in Harlem was aware that after a tour, he would visit her usual hangouts and let her know that Jimi was seeking for her.

Jimi was a talented musician who adored Faye to the point of obsession, as a close friend would recall. Jimi allegedly said to Faye, “I’d like to freeze you in a cake of ice, thaw you out when I want, if that was possible, huh?,” according to Faye.

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Devon Wilson – Super-Groupie (1965)

jimi hendrix girlfriend

Jimi had more access to women as he started to experience success. Devon Wilson, known as a “Super Groupie” because of her connections to a number of well-known performers like Mick Jagger, Eric Clapton, and Miles Davis, was someone he met in 1965.

They dated for a few years, but it was a problematic relationship because it wasn’t entirely founded on love impulses. They encouraged each other’s exorbitant habits, and she would gladly procure him drugs and women. Although it was rumored that she was the inspiration for his song “Dolly Dagger,” she received no assistance from his crew. There was a phrase in the song that said, “She takes her blood from a jagged edge,” which was thought to be a description of what Jimi saw when Devon licked the blood from Mick Jagger’s injured finger.

Given that Devon was raised in a dysfunctional, violent, and impoverished Milwaukee home, it was not surprising that she would do all of those things for Jimi. She made it out of hell and had a wandering existence that attracted a lot of men.

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Kathy Etchingham – The Muse of His Many Songs (1966 – 1969)

Jimi dated Kathy Etchingham for a time when his career was at its height.

She was the inspiration for a number of his popular songs, the first of which was “1983…(A Merman I Should Turn To Be),” written in 1968 and featuring a reference to her named Katerina in the lyrics. Even though Kathy was meant to be named in the second song, “Send My Love to Linda,” she told Jimi that she didn’t want to be.

She had a middle name of Mary, and Jimi wrote “Wind Cries Mary” after arguing with her about mashed potatoes; he later clarified that it didn’t refer to a specific individual. The fourth song was “Foxy Lady,” which according to one biographer was written by her because Jimi gestured toward her while performing the song live. “Gypsy Eyes” was the fifth and final song credited to her.

She clearly recalls how the crowd was captivated by Jimi’s performance when he performed at one of the clubs she worked in. He spoke the corny pick-up line, “I think you’re gorgeous,” and because Jimi said it, she responded favorably. They dated for three years after becoming friends.

In an interview, Kathy stated that she had numerous memories with him. When he once made the error of crossing in front of oncoming traffic and came dangerously close to being struck by a vehicle, his mother had to remove him from the busy street.

When a woman once stormed into their hotel room, shouting and wailing, Jimi had to calm her down because his guitar was his only instrument at the moment. She had also threatened to smash it on their heads. He was able to get his guitar after the woman departed the hotel in a Jaguar.

Jimi shared a home with Kathy since he was short on cash. She claimed that one of his routines involved cutting his girlfriend’s hair and stuffing it into his boots so that he could constantly be with her.

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Monika Danneman – The Last Girlfriend (1969 – 1970)

In January 1969, Jimi met German champion skater Monika Dannemann at a concert in Düsseldorf, Germany. She was readily seduced by him and stayed with him for the next few nights. Jimi was a ladies’ guy at the time, and the women he slept with were aware of it.

He was seen having sex outside his hotel on the final night of the tour with German model Uschi Obermaier. But it appears that Monika made an impression on the illustrious guitarist since, on March 25, 1969, she received a letter from Jimi inviting her to visit him in New York City.

She admitted in an interview that even though they were together for a week or so, the next time she saw him was when she traveled to London in April of that year in the hopes of running into him. According to the Danish media, Jimi was also romantically involved with a Danish model by the name of Kirsten Nefer.

Jimi reconnected with Monika after Kirsten left London for work-related reasons, and the pair spent the following four days together before he was discovered dead in her apartment.

According to Monika, she left him laying on the bed early on September 18, 1969, and when she came back, she discovered Jimi unconscious but breathing. He was rushed to the closest hospital after she dialed 999, the UK equivalent of 911 in the US, but doctors were unable to revive him. At 12:45 pm, Jimi Hendrix was declared dead. Monika claimed that he consumed nine of the sleeping tablets she prescribed or almost 18 times the advised dosage.

Kathy Etchingman, Jimi’s ex-girlfriend, spent almost three years looking into the specifics of his last moments because she was fascinated. After she had finished her investigation, something didn’t makeup. When they had only recently met, Monika announced to everyone that she and Jimi were engaged.

The German also accused St. Mary Abbots Hospital in Kensington’s emergency room staff and ambulance crew of carelessness because, according to her, Jimi was still alive when he arrived at the hospital at 11:18 am.

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